10 Best Double Strollers 2022 [For Infants and Toddlers]

A baby stroller has solved a lot of problems for many parents worldwide. However, when you have twins, you will have a tough time with strollers. After all, you cannot fit them both in the same stroller and make them sit inside it uncomfortably. Hence, you will indeed have to find strollers that will help you carry both your babies with you when you are out of your house. In such things, double strollers are the strollers that are going to help.

Not just in the case of twins, but if you have children who do not have a considerable age gap, a double stroller will take your worries away. You will get to have two seats in such strollers, and most of them are also compatible with baby car seats. Additionally, in such double strollers, the two seats might have different weight capacities to help accommodate both your children, babies, and infants according to their weight.

Best Buy Kids Double Strollers Reviews

Today, we have 10 of the best and most superb baby and infant double strollers with us. They are known to be very safe and are used by many parents across the country. A lot of them are also the ones that are loved worldwide. We have discussed them all by considering their minute as well as essential details. Furthermore, we have also brought what we liked and did not happen to like about a particular double stroller that we chose.

You can find the entire discussion below –

1. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System Infant and Baby Double Stroller

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular infant car seat

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The Evenflo Xpand Modular double stroller has secured the first position here because of several reasons we will discuss with you today. It comes in three different and lovely colored designs, which are all towards the darker end. This is an excellent thing because double strollers with a light-colored design often start looking a little dirty after a while, no matter how well you clean them. Additionally, it is one of the most parent-friendly double strollers ever.

You can make your babies sit in this double stroller is different heights as per your convenience. It is compatible to be used with a baby car seat directly. The restraint’s crotch buckle will also never bother your babies and help them remain seated on their seats without inconvenience. This double stroller has also got so many positive reviews from numerous parents for its easy-to-move and sturdy frame design. You will also come to like it as you start using it.

What we liked:

  • The Evenflo Xpand double stroller offers 22 different configurations.
  • This double stroller can also be folded and made to self-stand.
  • Evenflo is a name that is trusted by customers for over 100 years.
  • The real-life design of this double stroller will surely please you.

What we didn’t like:

  • We happen to like everything about this double stroller, so there is nothing to say here.

2. Baby Trend Ultra Sit n Stand Double Stroller

Baby Trend Ultra Sit n Stand Double Stroller

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This superb double stroller can easily handle the weight of 50 pounds. With such weight capacity, parents to twins will find it more accessible than all the regular double strollers in the local market. Additionally, the overall build and quality of this double stroller are also unmatched. Even when you see it being priced at an economical rate, you will get to use it well for years without any trouble. Its canopies also work very well in blocking the rays of the sun. It is not a wide double stroller and has the same width as a regular single stroller.

We also like how it has got four front wheels and two wheels at the back. Because of it, this double stroller always remains balanced, and you also get to have a better and convenient hold over it. The seats are in a row, and the canopy shields on each one of them are removable. You can fit infant and baby car seats in this double stroller, but you will have to buy them separately. This double stroller will give you numerous riding options and help make your life much more comfortable than before.

What we liked:

  • The canopies of both the seats of this double stroller are removable, and you can get them clean this way.
  • The rear and front positioning of the seats helps maintain the width of this double stroller.
  • It has also got a 5-point safety harness.
  • The brake works very well, and the wheels always keep the stroller balanced.

What we didn’t like:

  • So far, we have nothing on this double stroller.

3. Baby Trend Lite Navigator Double Stroller

Baby Trend Lite Navigator Double Stroller

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Another double stroller that we have with us from Baby Trend is this one with a Candy Apple design. However, you can also try browsing the other design options of this double stroller if you wish. You can use Baby Trend baby car seats on it and use everything for multiple purposes. This double stroller has got three wheels. The front wheel is smaller than the ones that are at the back. Because of this, the height of this double stroller is always maintained.

Additionally, this double stroller is JPMA certified, and it is also free from the toxin called BPA. With such features, you will always get to give your babies a safe ride and overall experience on this double stroller. The weight of this Baby Trend double stroller is 43 pounds, while its dimensions are 32.5 X 43 X 46 inches. The parent tray has got two cup holders which can hold different sizes of cups. For better and optimum transport, this double stroller is the best.

What we liked:

  • This double stroller has got sturdy pneumatic bicycle tires.
  • The ratcheting shade canopy is available for both seats.
  • Both of the seats of this double stroller can be reclined in multiple positions and ways.
  • The covered storage compartment and the parent tray make this double stroller more convenient.

What we didn’t like:

  • The baby car seats to be fit in this double stroller must be from Baby Trend.

4. JOOVY Caboose Too Graphite Double Stroller

JOOVY Caboose Too Graphite Double Stroller

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Next, it is the JOOVY Caboose Stand-On Tandem double stroller that we have brought for you. It also comes in red/black design, but most people go with the entirely black one as it indeed looks classier. With four front and two rear wheels, this double stroller is the deal that you were looking for. This double stroller’s entire design is so unique that you will not find even a single flaw in it. From the handle to the canopy, everything looks remarkable.

Additionally, this double stroller’s front seat can accommodate a baby aged three months, having a weight below 45 pounds. The rear seat can carry a six-month-old baby, and its weight capacity is the same as that of the front seat. However, the best thing is that the adapter of this double stroller is built so that it helps you fit baby car seats manufactured by many different brands. Other than that, parents also tend to appreciate its safe and expandable canopy a lot.

What we didn’t like:

  • The car seat adapter will come along with the double stroller in this deal.
  • Your older child can also stand on the platform as you move the double stroller with your younger one sitting in it.
  • The steel frame of this double stroller is known to last long.

What we didn’t like:

  • An in-built organizer in this double stroller would help a lot.

5. Evenflo Double Stroller Wagon for Infants and Toddlers

Evenflo Double Stroller Wagon

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The Evenflo double stroller is going to be a solution to the problems of a parent. Over the years, Evenflo has worked a lot in this stroller, and that indeed reflects from its qualitative build and design. Whether you push this double stroller or try pulling it, you will have to use minimum force, and the stroller will always glide smoothly no matter what. Additionally, you can have it from three different design options, which include the Adventurer, Wayfarer, and Gypsy designs. All three of them are highly loved by many parents all over the world.

This double stroller has got all-terrain wheels, which offer you the freedom to pull the stroller in pavements to beaches and even beyond. With a spacious storage design, this double stroller also comes with an easy access basket where all your baby care essentials can be put in place. People use it to keep their baby’s bottles as well as diapers. Furthermore, the canopy of this double stroller is made in such a way that it will protect your baby from harmful UPF 50+ rays. All in all, this double stroller is the real deal.

What we liked:

  • The canopy of this double stroller is quite challenging and long-lasting.
  • You can get this double stroller from three high-end designs.
  • It has got an easy-access basket in its design where you can store your baby care essentials.
  • The all-terrain wheels will move smoothly everywhere.

What we didn’t like:

  • The stitching of the storage basket can be made stronger.

6. Kolcraft Lightweight Double Stroller

Kolcraft Lightweight Double Stroller

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While looking for the best double strollers, we had the criteria to follow where we kept the quality of the double stroller as the first standard that the product must meet. Other than that, we had our eyes well set on all the unique features that a double stroller might have. We have undoubtedly seen many double strollers until now but never have we ever seen a double stroller with as advanced features as this one by Kolcraft. Everything about this double stroller screams excellence, and that is indeed what we are always here for.

In this advanced double stroller, you will get to see a reclining seat design that comes with a restraint system and can accommodate 80 pounds of weight in each seat. As compared to other double strollers, the canopies of this one are quite large, and they also extend. With that, your kids will never have to face the harmful rays of the sun at any time. The stroller also has a parent tray where two drinks can be easily carried. You will find all the regular features of a double stroller as well in this product.

What we liked:

  • With a convenient self-standing folding design, this double stroller is highly accessible.
  • It has got extra-large canopies for better sun protection.
  • The seats of the double stroller are reclining and can bear 80 pounds of weight easily.
  • The red and black design of this double stroller also looks classy.

What we didn’t like:

  • The kid’s cup holders must be a little larger to hold sippy cups.

7. Baby Jogger LUX Double City Select Double Stroller

Baby Jogger LUX Double City Select Double Stroller

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One of the most significant issues and problems with a double stroller is that it is very wide. Because of this problem, you will always have a tough time moving a double stroller inside the small entrances of many public places and shopping malls. Because of this, many people choose single and separate strollers for their babies and infants that each parent has to move separately. Everything about what we brought until now has been a hassle for parents of twins or siblings who do not have a high age gap.

Therefore, we have the Baby Jogger Double Stroller with us right now. This double stroller has got seats that are placed so that it does not affect the stroller’s width. The width resembles that of the single stroller, yet you get to have two seats – one at the front and the other seat behind that. Both of these seats can be parent facing, front-facing, or sibling facing. The stroller’s swivel wheels will always let you have control and yet move the stroller with ease without extra push and force.

What we liked:

  • The canopy of this double stroller has got a peek a boo window.
  • The handle of this double stroller is telescopic and adjusts according to the needs of who is pushing it.
  • The width of this double stroller is not high, yet you get to have two seats.
  • The seats can be made to face in any direction you wish.

What we didn’t like:

  • It is the price of this double stroller, which we did not like that much as it is relatively high.

8. Graco Uno2Duo High-Quality Double Stroller

Graco Uno2Duo High-Quality Double Stroller

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With a 5 point harness and a weight of 22.75 pounds, this double stroller has been the number one need for many parents across the United States. The most significant advantage of a double stroller is that you get to carry both your babies in a single stroller. With that comes security as well as safety all over. We like such things because it makes the life of a single parent relatively easy. And even when you are not a single parent, you will love taking turns moving the stroller with your partner as you will be getting breaks in between to relax your arms.

This particular double stroller by Graco has been in our focus for quite some time, and hence we have it with us today. The upper seat rests on a sturdy platform and the lower seat on a standing platform. Additionally, the second seat has also got integrated adapters. As soon as your family grows, you can extend the size of this double stroller and start using it to move both your children with you. One will rest at the top while the second at the bottom. This way, you can start with a single stroller and later convert the design of the stroller as a double stroller.

What we liked:

  • This double stroller has got special features such as the one-hand fold, an extra-large basket for storage, and much more.
  • You can use this double stroller as your family grows.
  • The frame of this double stroller is highly robust.
  • The child’s tray in its design can be easily removed.

What we didn’t like:

  • Sometimes the child sitting in the bottom seat may feel a little claustrophobic.

9. Contours Elite Tandem Infant and Baby Double Stroller

Contours Elite Tandem Infant and Baby Double Stroller

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You are not going to have any other double stroller with a design as classy as this one by Contours. This is why it carries the word ‘Elite’ in its name. with versatile seating configuration options; you can adjust the seats of this double stroller in seven ways. It will keep you as well as your babies happy whenever you take it out. Its seats are reversible, and the lift-assist mounts are simply superb. Other than that, we like how this double stroller’s frame is made using aluminum. It is why the weight of this double stroller is quite low, and you get to push it smoothly.

You can fix two infant car seats on it very easily. However, if you wish to have adapters for the car seats, you will have to get them separately. The brake pedals are sandal friendly while the handle of the double stroller is very smooth. You are not going to find it ever hurting your arm or loosening its grip. The canopies have got amazing mesh panels as well as tiny peek-a-boo windows. The black design of this double stroller is not going to make it look dirty that easily. You should get the Contours double stroller now, especially if you have twins.

What we liked:

  • The handle of this double stroller is quite comfortable.
  • The frame of this double stroller is made using lightweight aluminum.
  • It has also got lift-assist for seat dismount.
  • There are a different number of car seats from different brands that you can attach to this double stroller.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of this double stroller falls in the high-end.

10. Chicco Cortina Ombra Double Baby Stroller

Chicco Cortina Ombra Double Baby Stroller

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We have got another double stroller for infants and babies that has a width that resembles the width of a single stroller. Chicco is the name that one can hear while coming across a variety of baby products in America. Over the years, Chicco has surely built its reputation in such a way that people worldwide have come to trust it a lot. Therefore, we found it highly compulsory to bring this amazing double stroller by them in front of you. With six wheels in its design, this double stroller is not going to disappoint you and always remained balanced no matter what the surface beneath it is.

You can also try folding this double stroller conveniently when you wish to store it. The storage of the double stroller will be needed when you have just come back from your ventures with your baby. Each seat of this double stroller can easily hold 40 pounds of weight. It accepts Chicco Fit2 and KeyFit car seats, and the attachments are also quite sturdy and strong. It is a great double stroller for younger/older siblings or twins. It will always give the parents quick and safe maneuverability and has also got an accessible basket beneath it.

What we liked:

  • When this double stroller is folded, it looks very compact and sleek.
  • The six wheels of this double stroller help it remain balanced all the time.
  • Each seat has got footrest, armbar as well a harness.
  • The canopies of this double stroller are independent, and the adjustable handle of the stroller will always offer added comfort to parents.

What we didn’t like:

  • For some people, this double stroller might be a little heavy.

How To Choose The Best Double Stroller

We always ask our readers to consider the following features when you are about to purchase a double stroller for infants and babies. You can find them all discussed below –

1. The weight capacity of the double stroller

It will often happen that you will carry the stroller as you carry both of your children. Therefore the weight capacity of the double stroller becomes hugely important. You will have to look into the weight capacity very well. Some people use a double stroller for their children who are not aged that apart. In this case, the elder child will surely have greater weight. When you see the double stroller’s details on its weight capacity, you can try matching it with your child’s weight and get the best double stroller in your house.

2. Frame Material of the double stroller

Out of all, the double stroller frame material, the one that we like the most, is aluminum. Aluminum is quite sturdy and robust. Furthermore, it is also lightweight, and that surely enhances its advantages. Therefore, when you choose a double stroller, try looking for such frame material. Other than that, there are also many hard plastic materials being used, which are not only light but also known to never corrode and give up on the strength. Such frames surely last longer than the other ones made out of heavy metals.

3. Seat Positions in the double stroller

In most of the double strollers, you will get to see the two seats being attached side by side. While these double strollers are capable of distributing the weight very well, they have also got a huge weight. Therefore, when you use them to carry your babies while shopping, you will have a hard time as the space that they will take will be too much. To avoid that, you can try using the double strollers that have front and rear seats. You can position the seats in such a way that your babies either face each other or both of them face you. You will surely find that being much better.

4. Weight of the double stroller

The weight of the double stroller is something that many parents do not ever worry about. However, when they get the stroller, they realize that they are incapable of moving it well on different surfaces. Pushing such double strollers will drain excess energy and strength from you. Hence, the weight that you should go for should be such that you can push the double stroller freely without straining your arms and lower back. The weight of the double stroller can also be easily seen when you are looking at its weight capacity.

5. Accessibility of the double stroller

These days one can get to seriously enjoy a lot of accessible features in a double stroller. From storage baskets to child trays and cup holders, you will see everything in a double stroller for babies and infants. In the storage basket, you can carry all your baby care essentials and keep your hands and shoulders free. Other than that, we consider the double strollers, which come with compatibility with different baby car seats. This way, you do not have to look up for baby car seats from the brand that the stroller is from.

Baby Strollers Safety Tips and Guidelines

Best Double Strollers

With your first kid, there is indeed a lot to remember.  Buying a stroller is almost certainly going to be on your list, so here are a few safety measures to keep in mind when shopping for and using one:

Here are some safety tips:

  • Keep a close eye on things

 Don’t leave your child unsupervised with her or his stroller unless you are nearby.

  • Take care when playing with toys

 If you attach toys from the bumper bar of your stroller to keep your baby entertained, please ensure that perhaps the toys are firmly attached to the bumper bar.

  • Fasten your seatbelts

When taking your baby for a stroller ride, make sure that his or her strap and seat belt are properly fastened.

  • Make use of your brakes

 When you come to a complete stop with your stroller, engage the stroller brakes. Never leave the stroller parked on a sloping surface.

  • Keep your belongings in a safe place

Do not mount a backpack from the handlebar of the stroller, as this can cause the stroller to tip over.

  • When folding, exercise caution

 Maintain a safe distance between your baby and the stroller while you access and fold it. Small fingers can become entangled in the stroller’s hinges. Before you keep your kids in the stroller, double-check that the door is locked open.

  • Hold out of the direct sunlight

 Don’t leave your baby’s stroller out in the sun for extended periods during hot weather conditions. If you plan to leave the stroller out in the sun, make sure to check the temperature of the stroller’s surface before putting your child in the stroller.

DO’s of baby stroller

  • Maintaining your stroller regularly will make your daily walks a breeze!
  • Maintain a constant physical presence with your children.
  • Hot liquids should not be transported in your stroller’s cup holder.
  • Before using a basic stroller seat, make sure your child has a complete and independent head and neck control, which should be around 6 months old. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular stroller.
  • When strolling, always make sure that your child’s safety harness is buckled and tightened properly.
  • To avoid rusting, keep your stroller indoors or in a cool, dry environment away from wet floors and away from radiators.

DON’TS while using a baby stroller

  • Bags or purses should not be hung from the stroller to prevent inappropriate balancing or tipping.
  • It is important to remember for using your stroller brake pedal when halting or standing to prevent the stroller from falling backward.
  • Carry not more than 1 child in a stroller seat at a time.
  • Do not jog while pushing a stroller that has not been approved for jogging use.
  • Avoid pushing your stroller up and down escalators.
  • Use a newborn car seat only if the seat belt adapter for your stroller is compatible with the infant car seat.

Kids Double Strollers Frequently Asked Questions

Just remember when your baby should be able to hold up himself/herself and can sit up then you would choose the double stroller. In case, you have two children then you will get to have a double stroller. The baby should be 5 to 6 months old to use the stroller. Your double stroller must offer adequate back support for your young one and your elder one.

A wide variety of range is available in double strollers. The prominent benefit of a Double stroller is that if you have two kids that are similar in age, then a double stroller is a good choice. If you are choosing top-notch brands and models they do often have given additional features to you like adjustable feature, multiple seats, large undercarriages, accessories and more time while cheapest strollers brands offer less feature. So, you do not need to spend extra money on another stroller for a long time

Yes, it can be convertible. Infect, it may allow you to attach an additional stroller seat or infant car seat and bassinets.

Most strollers are washable but also you can check the manufacturer's instructions to know about the entire cleaning process. You should keep it clean regularly just follow a few steps-

  • Step 1. To clean the fabric areas you can use a vacuum cleaner on – Daily basis.
  • Step 2. If the fabric is washable then you can use non-chlorine bleach and cold water for cleaning – Once a week.
  • Step 3. You should also use soap water to clean the stroller and then clean it with cold water or rinse it.
  • Step 4. At last don’t forget to disinfect the stroller.
  • Step 5. For wheeling cleaning you can use a small brush.

Taking a baby in a crowded area is not that safe so with the help of strollers you can take your baby anywhere you want. You can take your child to go shopping in a stroller. Not just in the case of a single child, but if you have twins, a double stroller will help you. They are also useful if you go for a walk with your baby. You don't need to carry your baby all-time in your arms.

The most famous baby double stroller is-


1. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System Infant and baby Double Stroller.
2. Baby Trend Ultra Sit and Stand double stroller
3. Baby Trend Lite Navigator Double Stroller
4. JOOVY Caboose Too Graphite Double Stroller
5. Evenflo Double Stroller Wagon for Infants and Toddlers
6. Kolcraft Ligh weight Double Stroller with Extendable Canopies and Reclining Seats
7. Baby Jogger LUX Double City Select Double Stroller
8. Graco Uno2Duo High- Quality Double Stroller
9. Contours Elite Tandem Infant and baby Double Stroller

Bottom Line

We have tried well to discuss only those double strollers that have captured our minds and souls with their optimum quality and specifications. Hence, when you choose anything from the ten double strollers that we have put forward, you won’t have to worry about them being of cheap and low quality. Your baby’s safety and comfort are also our priorities, after all.

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