10 Best Baby Floor Seats 2022 [To Support Your Baby Sitting]

When you have a baby, you have your eyes set on many different things that you are supposed to buy. Some of the things are meant to be bought before your baby is born. This may include their clothes, a cradle, baby blankets, and even a baby car seat. The other products come later, and you have to buy them as your baby grows up. At every age, you will get to see your baby using different things that help them a lot in the whole process.

One of the things that people usually buy after their baby is 6-9 months old is a baby floor seat. However, some parents stick to considering whether or not their baby can adjust neck or not. If yes, they go on to buy a baby floor seat. Such seats will help your baby slowly transition and learn how to sit without needing any amount of support from you or a pillow. Baby floor seats will act as a trainer for their soft little backs.

Best Buy Baby Floor Seats Reviews

Your baby is not supposed to use such seats for long. However, for the time being, that baby uses it, the seat will help them sit comfortably in a position that will allow their backbone and spine to develop the right amount of strength. We have chosen and brought ten amazing baby floor seats in 2022 for you to pick for your little one today. We have given all the insights that we had on each one of them. let us discuss everything below –

1. Fisher-Price Sit me Up Baby Floor Seat

Fisher-Price Sit me Up Baby Floor Seat

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We could have chosen nothing but this baby floor seat by Fisher-Price to be on the topmost position on our descriptive list. We have picked another Fisher-Price baby floor seat as well, but that will come up later. So, let us first shed some light and discuss this baby floor seat by them first. We actually like how they have chosen a light-colored grey design for it. Most parents do not wish to have brightly-colored stuff for their babies, especially when they will keep it in their nursery.

Therefore, the Fisher-Price Sit-me-Up has been in the mind of most of the people in America. Not only has it got a comfortable design buy, but you will also find toys dangling in its design to help keep your cute little one occupied and focused. By giving support to your baby while he/she sits in the upright position, this is the baby floor seat that you must think of choosing. Its base is sturdy and plush, so that it does not create any discomfort.

What we liked:

  • The neutral design of this baby floor seat is quite minimalist.
  • It has got a structure that supports your baby the best.
  • The linkable toys in the seat are so good for playtime.
  • You can also fold this baby floor seat flat.

What we didn’t like:

  • We happen to like all the things about this baby floor seat, so there is nothing we could mention here.

2. Bumbo B10099 Soft Foam Baby Floor Seat

Bumbo B10099 Soft Foam Baby Floor Seat

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Next, we have another one of the softest and most comfortable baby floor seats that you can get right now! We have to bring that this baby floor seat has got the most minimalist design. Most of the parents in America have also reviewed it on sites like Amazon. You will see how it has got more than 4/5 stars on a trustable e-commercial site like Amazon. Furthermore, its seating surface is quite deep while its leg openings are elevated. With such a design, you will see how your baby will remain seated in a reclined and comfy position.

One cannot easily get such kinds of comfortable seating positions in the local baby floor seats, which you often see in the market. Other than such superb design features, you will also get to clean it quite easily and quickly. Its outer foam is leather-like, which will allow you to wipe and clean it using a damp cloth. One could also see a harness in the seat, which you can use to make your baby sit in the seat without falling out. This harness is a 3-point safety harness that will never put extra pressure on your baby when used.

What we liked:

  • We liked the smooth design of this baby floor seat without any hard and bulging edges.
  • Its shape will help your baby recline comfortably.
  • You will also see a harness in it, which can be used to prevent babies from falling out.

What we didn’t like:

  • You cannot fold this baby floor seat.

3. Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat

Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat

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The Ingenuity baby floor seat can be chosen from eight different colors. You can easily see thousands of reviews of this seat on the internet, which will help you understand how qualitative and long-lasting it is. After your baby is done learning how to sit using this baby floor seat, you can also begin to use it as a regular toddler seat. You can use the tray in its design for mealtimes to give your baby a convenient space to eat.

As its tray is washable, hygiene is never going to be an issue in your house. Other than that, the foam insert in the seat is also removable. Once your baby grows, you can remove the foam, which will allow you to make more space in the seat and use it as a toddler chair. Most people tend to love the design of this product as they find it highly convenient. The fact that this seat will last for years is also appreciable.

What we liked:

  • The tray in this baby floor seat can be removed as well as put in the dishwasher.
  • The foam insert of the seat can also be removed as your baby learns how to sit.
  • You can also use this as a toddler chair when your baby grows up.

What we didn’t like:

  • Storage can be a problem as this baby seat is also not foldable.

4. Fisher-Price Giraffe Baby Floor Seat

Fisher-Price Giraffe Baby Floor Seat

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Fisher-Price has been coming up with many baby floor seat designs, which are known to suffice the needs of many parents. They make neutral as well as aesthetically pleasing baby floor seats. In this seat, you will get to see the adorable side of their design approach. The giraffe-like design of this baby floor seat makes it look so cute that you will have a hard time ignoring it and moving towards other baby seats.

The color combination used in the seat is also very nice. We also like how the seat has two footpads with snail and butterfly designs. For young babies, you might want to have softer versions of baby floor seats. All those needs will be met with this seat, and your baby will not feel uncomfortable ever. Squeaky sounds coming as your baby hits the footpads will let you know that they are having a good time even when you are in another room.

What we liked:

  • The weight of this baby floor seat is very less.
  • It can be quickly folded to minimize the space it takes in your home.
  • The footpads make squeaky sounds and can make your baby feel very fascinated.
  • There are two linkable toys in the design of this baby floor seat, which are not hard or sharp.

What we didn’t like:

  • For some babies, this baby floor seat might be a little large.

5. Skip Hop Baby Chair in Silver Lining Cloud Design

Skip Hop Baby Chair in Silver Lining Cloud Design

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Don’t you just love the design name? We do. And that is not just with this design as you get to have this baby floor seat by Skip Hop in four fantastic and lovely designs. This baby seat acts more like a chair for babies and can bear 25 pounds of weight, equivalent to almost 11.3 kg. It has also got a tray and toys in its design, which you can rotate as per your baby’s requirements. You can serve food to your baby in the tray and help them have their time sitting on the seat as if it is a chair.

We can already imagine how adorable your baby is going to look while doing so. The cover of this floor seat is removable and can also be washed in the washing machine. The legs are made wide so that the product can always offer the right amount of support. It will help encourage your little one to start sitting and interact with you more comfortably. The three toys you see in the chair are highly engaging and will surely occupy your child’s mind even when you are busy doing your work.

What we liked:

  • The three toys are moon bead mover, star spinner, and the sun rattle.
  • The tray can be rotated easily so that the toys can be brought forward.
  • The base of this baby chair is so wide that it will offer a lot of support.
  • You can wash the cover of this baby chair in the machine.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of this baby floor seat is a little high.

6. Hugaboo Infant Sitting Chair

Hugaboo Infant Sitting Chair

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Hugaboo has been making baby floor seats in different colors as well as designs. Therefore, you will see a lot of color and design options when it comes to this infant sitting chair by them. This is one of the most easy-to-use baby seats that we were able to come across. Not only does it help your baby’s back stabilize, but it also helps keep their legs straight and comfortable. You must know that a baby’s legs might feel pain when bent for a long time. However, this infant sitting chair will help avoid that.

With comfy support in 360 degrees, you can quickly and safely wrap your baby in this plush comfort that this sitting chair offers. Its bottom is attached to the seat so that your baby does not slide on the floor. Because of its lightweight nature, you can take it to any of the rooms and have your baby around you. But you should not try to leave your baby for a very long time in it as the seat can strain their back and thighs when used for extended periods. But if you take care of that, you will find this infant sitting chair truly amazing.

What we liked:

  • You can buy this baby floor seat from different and colorful designs.
  • Its base is attached to the seat’s main design so that your baby never slips while using it.
  • Your baby will get to keep his/her legs straight, which will strengthen their back.
  • This baby floor seat gives a 360 comfy support to your baby.

What we didn’t like:

  • Prolonged use of this baby floor seat will make your baby feel uncomfortable.

7. GSCH Infant Support Seat for Learning to Sit

GSCH Infant Support Seat

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You can get this baby floor seat in three different colors and designs, including pink, blue, and black design. All of them are priced in the same range; however, the black design will surely cost you a little lesser. This product’s outer material is made using velvet while it is filled with PP Cotton to make it more comfortable. With the approx size of 50 X 50 X 30 cm, it will help your little one start sitting in the initial stage of their growing years.

As babies tend to lie down after they are full, they can use this seat as a chair to not have any issues such as acid reflux. It has got an overall soft texture, which will never itch their skin or feel rough. The back of the product is made firmer so that your baby is always well-rested and comfortable. You can have this in your home if your baby is aged more than three months. As your baby’s legs will be out, they will not have a tough time adjusting in this seat.

What we liked:

  • The outer cover of this support seat is made of velvet.
  • It is a suitable support seat for babies up to two years old and older than three months.
  • The animal-inspired support seat looks quite adorable with other baby toys.
  • The chair is filled with PP cotton, so it is never going to feel hard.

What we didn’t like:

  • The seams of this baby seat should be sewn more firmly.

8. Fisher Price Sit Me Up Deluxe Floor Seat for Babies

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Deluxe Floor Seat

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The red design of this baby floor seat has got a look of a monkey. This can be fascinating for many babies as animal-inspired things are always the ones that they tend to love the most. You will also see how two toys are linked in the seat and help invite your baby to sit on it. With a soft outer fabric and a sturdy seam build, this is a baby floor seat that will last so long that you will be surprised by its performance. Additionally, the maximum weight recommendation is also 25 pounds, which is superb.

Other than that, the buyers of this baby floor seat can also try checking out its silver-platter design, which has all the features like the red design of the same product. However, you are not going to see the monkey stuffed-design on it. But even then, the sliver-platter design will be suitable for parents who do not like to have bright colored things in their baby’s room and like going with the minimalist things and designs more than anything else. For them, this baby floor seat will work wonderfully.

What we liked:

  • The dangling toys will help keep your baby entertained.
  • The base of this baby floor seat is sturdy and wide.
  • You can also try folding the silver platter design of the seat for compact storage.
  • In the monkey design, you will see how the footpads will get activated as your baby kicks.

What we didn’t like:

  • The squeaky sound from the footpads might be annoying sometimes.

9. Summer 2-Position Learn to Sit Baby Floor Seat

Summer 2-Position Learn to Sit

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Everything will become so easy and smooth with the Summer baby floor seat that you will start recommending it to your other friends and family who are also parents to a baby. It can be easily adjusted in two positions so that it helps your baby sit according to their stage of growth and age. Position 1 is supposed to be used for babies who can easily hold their heads up. Furthermore, position 2 of this baby floor seat will be beneficial and useful for babies who are beginning to learn and understand how they can sit up.

We also love the idea that this baby floor seat can be easily folded. This way, you can also try traveling with it and help your baby relax and sit even when you are outdoors. The foldability will also solve major problems of storage for many parents in their house. The fabric seat is very soft, and you can also easily remove it when you want to wash it in the washing machine. Additionally, one can see two rattle toys in the seat design, which will never fail to keep your baby entertained.

What we liked:

  • You can easily fold this baby floor seat for good storage.
  • It can be adjusted to two different positions as per your baby’s age and growth stage.
  • You can get it in two different and adorable designs, which include the Funfetti Pink and Funfetti Neutral.
  • The rattle toys in the front of the seat do not have rough and sharp edges.

What we didn’t like:

  • This baby floor seat might not work that well for big babies.

10. Alpacasso Comfortable Infant Push Soft Floor Seat

Alpacasso Comfortable Infant Push Soft Floor Seat

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Whether it is us, adults or babies, we all know the fascination of many people with unicorns. Even when they are fictional, unicorns make everything look so adorable that you will get obsessed with whatever they are associated with. This baby floor seat has a design that makes it look like a unicorn. Image the amount of attention that this baby floor seat will catch from your baby. Other than that, it is not just the looks of this baby floor seat. It is also the comfort that it offers all the time because of its soft design and build.

Like most of the high-end baby floor seats, this floor seat has also got the PP cotton filled in it. It will always help stabilize your baby’s back and never cause any pressure, pain, or strain to it. However, you should not let your baby sleep on it as it is not meant for that. We will agree that price-wise is a tiny bit higher than the average, but Alpacasso has not jeopardized the quality in any sense, so we will surely give them that. If your baby is more than four months old, you should choose this baby floor seat for them.

What we liked:

  • This baby floor seat will always help stabilize your baby’s back.
  • It has a design inspired by unicorns, making it ten times more adorable than other local baby floor seats.
  • The PP cotton which the product is stuffed with is very soft and qualitative.
  • The non-slip bottom will never let your baby slide.

What we didn’t like:

  • For some babies, this baby floor seat will not be as plush as claimed.

How To Choose The Best Baby Floor Seat

Best Baby Floor Seats

We have a few factors of a baby floor seat that will refine your search and help you end up with the right one. All of them are discussed thoroughly below –

1. Consider the baby floor seat’s size

The size of the baby floor seat must come to your mind first before you even start thinking of anything else. If the baby floor seat is too big, your baby will keep slipping, and that is not going to help them learn how to sit without support. In contrast, smaller baby floor seats will never make your baby feel comfortable. They will also tend to create pressure on their torso and lower back. For knowing the size, you can look at the baby floor seat’s dimensions.

2. Consider the baby floor seat’s comfort

Many people go to buy the baby floor seat, which is quite tough and last long. We have also noticed parents liking baby floor seats that can also be used as toddler seats by removing some parts. We have also mentioned such baby floor seats. However, if your baby is just a little above the age of three months, you should only go with baby floor seats that are soft and plushy. These baby floor seats are often filled with PP cotton, which is very light and comfy for babies.

3. Consider the toys of the baby floor seat

You are also going to find some toys dangling from the seat. The manufacturers’ main motive to add toys in the seat is because these toys help divert your baby’s mind easily. As a baby floor seat can be new for them, toys help them adapt to it without fuss. We have also seen babies having the best times on a baby floor seat because of these toys that dangle from the product. However, you have to make sure that they are not sharp and free from all sorts of toxins.

4. Consider the other features of the baby floor seat

  • Squeaky Foot pads: One of the features of baby floor seats that we often come along with is the squeaky footpads. These foot pads help you know that your baby is doing well and enjoying the time on the seat.
  • Tray: Some baby floor seats also come with trays where you can put some snacks for your baby and help them learn how to eat.
  • Non-Slip Base: The right baby floor seat will always have a non-slip base, which will help keep your baby in place and never make them slip unnecessarily.

5. Harness on the baby floor seat and the leg opening

We have come across a few baby floor seats that have harness and belts in them. These things help you to make your baby be seated on the seat. However, they can also be quite uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to get the ones that come with a softer harness. You can also ignore the ones that come with harnesses. Other than that, the leg openings of the baby floor seat should also be built in such a way that they never make your baby feel uncomfortable or cause any strain in their legs and other body parts.

Baby Floor Seats Frequently Asked Questions

You can start using a baby floor seat from the age of six months. Usually, babies will be able to sit up right with a little support from the parents between the age of six months to nine months. But after nine months to twelve they will be able to manage in their own. So, you can get your baby a floor seat at the age of six months and not below that.

You will be able to find two different types of baby floor seats. One of them can be easily folded and place in any corner of the room or under the bed as well. And some of them are not foldable. So, based on the space that is available in your room or in your baby’s room, you will have to make your choice. You cannot just buy anything that is available in the market. There are many models that are available in the market that can suit your space requirements as well. Check them out.

They are made for providing comfort to the babies when they sit on it. But when talking about comfort, it differs from person to person. So, when you are planning to a baby floor seat, you will have to make a note of things that you wish to have in your baby’s floor seat so that it is comfortable for you and your baby as well. You should choose a floor seat that comes with soft cushioning to provide maximum comfort to the baby sitting on it.

As the baby floor seat is placed on the floor not hanged to anything, the weight of the baby does not play a very important role. But if your baby is too healthy and chubby, then make sure that you consider something that suits their weight.

Yes, you should always pick a baby floor seat that comes with a good headrest. You cannot buy anything that does not have good headrest for kids below one year of age. It is very important to provide enough support to the baby’s back and neck as well.

Yes, when picking a baby floor seat, you will have to consider the seat straps as well. the safety of your baby is very important and if you do not consider that then the baby floor seat is of no use. You just need to make sure that the straps are fixed properly. They help in keeping the baby in place. They do not let the baby to move or fall to the front as they will not be able to balance themselves while sitting without proper support.

Bottom Line:

Baby floor seats will train your babies slowly into learning how to sit. However, you should not make them sit on it for a very long time. Other than that, you can also think of considering talking to your baby’s pediatrician when you are very worried about having a baby floor seat. But we do have to say that we have only mentioned the comfiest ones here! Again, we would like to still make you understand to keep the doctor’s opinion above anyone else’s. Apart from everything, you must also look at the buying guide that we have offered right above. We hope a baby floor seat helps your baby in every way!

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