Baby Gears

From getting pregnant till giving to birth the child, a mother is always ready for being protective. During this period, a wide range of baby gears products always comes in handy. Some popular baby gears include a changing table, car seat, stroller, slings & carriers, a mattress and crib, play yards, and many others. But make sure these gears are meeting CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) Standards.

A complete list of Baby Gears

Best Baby Gears

1. Baby Carrier

Baby Carriers are also known as baby backpacks or baby slings. It allows you to carry your child on your back or chest safely. A significant key advantage of a baby carrier is that it eliminates reflux and make a strong bond between you and your child. However, depending on your holding style and material need, you can consider different types of baby carriers. There are five types of baby carriers. Take a look:

  • Ring Sling

It is the easiest way for baby carriers; to make a ring sling, you need around a 2-meter long piece of fabric. Make sure the fabric has two rings at one end. However, it looks like pouches that assemble from one shoulder to the reverse hip. Making this ring sling helps you to lift the baby in front of you. Usually, the rings are built-up of stretchy fabric like cotton or linen, even luxurious silk.

  • Wrap

Traditionally used wrap baby carriers is not ideal for babywearing beginners. It is a bit similar to a ring sling as it is made from a long piece of fabric. At the very first time, you might be a little confused figuring out the exact tying method of the wrap. Choosing a wrap can be easy because it comes in different sizes and fabrics. Some wraps are made of cotton, wool, linen, knit, and gauze; making wrap ideal for hot weather use.

  • Buckle Carrier

It is the most popular carrier type, having the first choice of every parent. These carriers are designed in such a manner to make baby & mother feel relaxed and irritation-free, as it is equipped with better cushioning, has padded shoulder straps & waistband. The space where the baby sits is enough wider, giving complete support for the baby’s legs & hips. It allows every parent to allocate baby’s weight, easy to carry and slightly lighter than other carriers.

  • Mei Tai Carrier

It is thoughtfully designed to carry toddlers, but some models of this carrier allow you to carry smaller infants. The structure of the carrier is a mix of buckle and wrap carrier. They come with a long piece of fabric & two shoulder straps but are significantly similar to the soft structured carrier.

  • Backpack Carrier

These types of carriers are best suited for long walks and hiking. It looks like a backpack can be used for a baby who has good neck control and can sit by himself. It comes with padded additional straps and shoulder straps. It helps in the proper weight distribution of your child, also a completely safe option for your child.

2. Infant or Baby Car Seats and Accessories

A car seat is an essential baby gear item, especially when your baby is a riding enthusiast. Taking a baby in the car for long rides has now become easy with baby car seats. They are not only convenient and safe for your child but also makes the baby ride memorable. Baby car seats are ideally designed, compact and have sturdiness. Installing a car seat inside the vehicle can be easy. No doubt, it is designed in a manner to fit onto the seat. Some car seats feature performance chest pads, side-impact protection, pitch control system, removable pillow, and headrests, so on.

Car Accessories – In car seat accessories, you can find a seat mirror, Car Seat Monitor, Travel Snack Pouches and various others items.

  • Baby Car Seat Mirror

An ideal option would be the car mirror to keep the child away from the weird or loud noise during a ride. It is must-have baby gear that gives your child a way to keep an eye on them. In addition to this, it gives you the best possible view of your child. But remember, not all car seat mirrors are tough and created similarly. Staying connected with your child, and watching their adorable face while travelling can be made possible through a car seat mirror.

  • Travel Snack Pouches

Travel Snack pouches are a handy option when it comes to packing food items for a little kiddo. These small pouches allow you to carry fruit, and raisins along with you which are easy to access in the car. They are environment-friendly and lightweight.

3. High Chairs

In this list, the high chair is the next safety gear that makes your feeding task easier. It is a very convenient and safest option to feed your baby. Infect, you need not bend at the time of feeding, hence it is best suited for both mother and baby. Usinga high chair to feed a baby can avoid the mess created fall over food. Additionally, it makes your baby connected with another family member at the time of dinner or lunch. These chairs are a bit expensive but can be the best solution to make the baby independent.

4. Strollers and Accessories

Stroller plays a vital role in the development of a baby. However, it ensures safety and gives you ease when carrying a baby outside the home. A stroller makes your baby enthusiast and gives you a chance to explore the world. Carrying a baby on the shoulder might cause aches and muscle pains. Thus, it is highly recommended to choose the right stroller. Depending on your budget and baby’s age, you can see varieties of strollers in the market.

Accessories: Stroller accessories make every ride easier and simpler. This can include – baby toys, Stroller organizers, etc.

  • Stroll Organizer

Managing all essentials of your and baby can be difficult when going outside carrying a baby stroller. But thanks to the stroller organizer, as the name implies, it lets you keep your essential item like keys, cell phone and wallet. Along with this, it enables you to bring baby cups and bottles safely. There are two types of stroll organizers called structured and unstructured organizers. The structured Organizer is equipped with several pockets and compartments. On the other hand, an unstructured Organizer is designed with small and fewer pockets.

5. Diaper Bags

It is an essential baby product that makes your and baby long drives and travels comfortable. Diaper bags have enough capacity to store feeding bottles, diaper pouches and sanitary items. Additionally, it enables you to put your mobiles, keys and essential gadgets inside it. They come in different sizes and designs.

6. Shopping Cart Seat Covers

Shopping Cart Seat covers are becoming an important safety gear. It is designed in such a manner to help brace babies up. It comes along with soft padding that gives support & comfort around a child’s front, back and side of the body.

Each safety gear has its importance and benefits. They are becoming an important part of day-to-day life. As a mother, there is a big responsibility on your shoulder to choose a complete range of baby gear for keeping the baby safe and secure.