10 Best Sippy Cups For Baby 2022 [For Breastfed Babies & Toddlers]

When your baby is below the age of four months, you have to stick to feeding them with bottles that are made specifically for infants. However, as they grow up, they are ready to switch and transition. Even when they are being breastfed, babies can still try learning to drink without sucking. There are specific types of tiny bottles known as sippy cups that help in the process. You can find a lot of them as you look into the different options on the market.

Sippy cups these days come with some excellent features to make the transition ever smoother and easier for your tiny one! There are sippy cups with handles as well as chewable tops. Some of them even have designs that help you use the sippy cups as both cups and a bottle. You can use them to fill any fluid that your baby needs to take throughout the day. They are tiny, and your baby can lift such cups easily. With this, your baby will learn how to feed independently.

Best Buy Baby Sippy Cups Reviews

As there are so many sippy cups options, you will get confused while picking the right one. Therefore, we tried to bring you ten different sippy cups that are known for their excellent designs and quality in 2022. We decided to describe them all and also mention what we did not at all like about them. This way, we could be more transparent and bring out the honest opinions that we had about each sippy cup. As you read what we have for you, you will find the right sippy cup.

Let us discuss all these sippy cups below

1. Dr. Brown’s Store Wide-Neck Sippy Cup

Dr. Browns Store Wide-Neck Sippy Cup

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When it is Dr. Brown’s products, you can always rely on them for the safety features and safe material availability they will be offering your baby. Today, we have the Dr. Brown Wide Neck sippy cup with us. This 9-ounce sippy cup is available in a beautiful turquoise color, which is a treat to your baby’s as well as your eyes. We have it with us because you can also get it in other colors as well as an 8-ounce variant. However, the most prominent thing about this sippy cup is that it has also got handles on its design.

Both the handles on this sippy cup are sized perfectly for your little one’s hands. This way, there will be very fewer chances of slipping the bottle from their hands. You can also try using it as a regular milk bottle as the design of this sippy cup resembles a baby’s milk bottle. All of that can be done as you remove the handles quickly. You can also try putting this sippy cup in the dishwasher as you move on to clean it. Most people also like sterilizing it quickly and easily in their sterilizer. The BPA free material of this sippy cup will never harm your baby. Get it now!

What we liked:

  • You can choose Dr. Brown’s sippy bottle from turquoise, pink, and blue colors.
  • Its handles and spout are made using silicone.
  • The handles on this sippy cup help your baby to have a better hold of the bottle.
  • You can dish-wash as well as sterilize this sippy cup.

What we didn’t like:

  • We adore everything about this sippy cup, so there is nothing to write here.

2. MAM Trainer Sippy Cup with Extra-Soft Spout

MAM Trainer Sippy Cup

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The MAM sippy cup has been the one sippy cup being loved by parents all over. Not only in America, but you will see the fans of the MAM sippy cup all over the globe. Isn’t that exceptionally amazing? You get to choose it from two versatile colors, which are pink and blue. People like choosing the blue sippy cup for their sons and the pink sippy cup for their daughter. However, you can choose whatever you wish to offer your baby. The transitioning of this cup to a baby’s bottle can also be done quite quickly.

It will be a product that will help your baby to start drinking by switching from sucking. There are both spouts and a nipple in this sippy cup. Additionally, the spout and the nipple is so soft that your baby will never feel like being introduced to something new as he/she transitions. Further, we like the light color tone of this sippy cup a lot. It is known to never seem too flashy when being with other dishes that your baby must be using regularly. The two handles hang from each side and help your baby to hold the cup easily.

What we liked:

  • Both the nipple and the spout of this sippy cup are very soft.
  • The product has a wide top, which allows you to clean it properly.
  • This sippy cup is made in Europe with materials that are all baby-safe.
  • Its nipple will always remain spill-free.

What we didn’t like:

  • The color options of this sippy cup can be made more gender-neutral.

3. Munchkin Latch 4-Ounce Transition Cup

Munchkin Latch 4-Ounce Transition Cup

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This one of the most lightweight sippy transition cups that you will ever have for your baby. First off, it is made by Munchkin, so the quality should not be something to worry about. Over many years Munchkin has worked hard to give new heights to all their products that they manufacture for babies. Even then, the price of many baby products from their exceptional range remains to be fitting in the budgets of many people. You can get the Munchkin Latch 4-Ounce transition sippy cup from two options. In one of the options, you will get to have a single sippy cup.

The other option is a pack of two sippy cups, which many people buy when they have twins. The Munchkin Latch sippy cups are going to make your life with your baby go easily. It will help your baby move from bottles to glasses as they learn to drink without sucking. Furthermore, since this sippy cup weighs less, your little one will never find any discomfort holding it ever. It is a superb product for babies above the age of four months. With a silicone spout and BPA-free material, you should try this sippy cup now!

What we liked:

  • The handles of this sippy cup are ergonomic and removable.
  • You can buy a pack of two Munchkin Latch sippy cups if you have twins.
  • Its snug-fit top lid will always prevent spills when you are on the go.
  • This sippy cup has got anti-colic valves which prevent air bubbles that cause gas and fussiness in the bottle.

What we didn’t like:

  • You can only choose this sippy cup from a single look and design.

4. Philips Avent Soft Spout and Spill-Proof My Easy Sippy Cup

Philips Avent Soft Spout and Spill-Proof My Easy Sippy Cup

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Philips Avent is one range where you can buy all the superb products for your baby right now! This range has impressed so many parents that you will only get to see the most positive reviews about it on the internet. Today, we have their spill-proof and a soft spout sippy cup with us. This sippy cups became one of our choices because it has got a spill-proof design. Let us remember how crucial it becomes to have spill-proof bottles and sippy cups when you remain to be on the go with your baby. Additionally, you get to have two Philips Avent sippy cups when you purchase a single pack.

We thought that because of a 2-pack deal, the price of these sippy cups would surely be high; however, with Philips Avent, that is not the case. Sippy cups from the same color pack will be from the same tones yet be slightly different. For example, if you go with the pink pack, you will get a pink and a purple sippy cup. On the other hand, if you ever go with the blue pack, you will get a blue and a green sippy cup. To change the look of the sippy cup of a pack, you can try interchanging the lids, and there is a new look!

What we liked:

  • The shape of this sippy cup looks rippled so that it is easy to grab.
  • The soft spout and no-spill design of this sippy cup make it even better.
  • You get to have two Philips Avent sippy cups in one pack.
  • You can wash these affordable sippy cups in the dishwasher.

What we didn’t like:

  • The size of these sippy cups won’t suffice sometimes.

5. NUK Simply Natural Learner Sippy Cup

NUK Simply Natural Learner Sippy Cup

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With a good sippy cup, your baby will readily learn how to start drinking something without sucking. As your baby is learning and growing, he/she would only be able to suck while drink. Because of this, most of the baby bottles have nipples on them. However, they cannot continue like that their entire lives and have to learn how to drink appropriately. In situations like that, the role of a sippy cup comes into a huge play. However, the sippy cups that you get to see in the local market are undoubtedly the ones that are made using poor materials.

Additionally, we shall always keep in mind how those local sippy cups have got toxins like BPA and phthalates. There are many studies on them showing how the chemicals can be harmful to babies. Therefore, we have the NUK Simply Natural Learner sippy cup with us. It has got a clear design, and it is made without the use of any BPA. Moreover, its spout is known to be 45% wider when compared to other sippy cups. Because of this, the NUK Simply Natural Learner sippy cup is also easy to clean and care for.

What we liked:

  • The NUK Simply Natural Learner sippy cup has a clean design.
  • Its spout is 45% larger than regular spouts of sippy cups.
  • Its handles are curved for a better and softer hold.
  • For independent feeding, this sippy cup is the best. It also features an anti-colic air vent.

What we didn’t like:

  • If you do not wash this sippy cup well, it will start looking dull.

6. Philips Avent Blue/Black My Little Sippy Cup

Philips Avent Blue-Black My Little Sippy Cup

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You must already have known how much we adore the range by Philips Avent. This became the reason why we chose another sippy cup by them to discuss and review here for you. With this Little sippy cup by Philips Avent, you will get to have two sippy cups in the same pack. Each one of the sippy cups weighs very little and can hold 200 ml of fluid very well. We love that the sippy cups have their caps in different colors. Because of this, your baby will get to have a new look of the cup each time.

Additionally, two sippy cups allow you to be fexible. If one of them is already used, you can easily grab the other one, which you must have cleaned and stored already. Even though the Philips Avent sippy cups are made from plastic, they are still safe as they do not have even the littlest amount of toxins. The product being compatible with Philips Avent Bottles makes the deal shine even more. With Philips Avent sippy cups, your baby will always have an easy-going journey as he/she starts learning how to drink without sucking.

What we liked:

  • You can mix and match the cup and top parts of these sippy cups.
  • The deal is quite affordable as you get two sippy cups for less than ten bucks.
  • The trainer handles on these sippy cups are very soft.
  • You will not ever find any rough edges on the cup.

What we didn’t like:

  • The capacity of these cups should be increased a little for prolonged use.

7. Nube No-Spill Tritan Sippy Cup with Hygienic Cover

Nube No-Spill Tritan Sippy Cup

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There are not many sippy cups that will offer you weighted straw in their designs. With straws in the sippy cup, your little one will find it easy to switch from sucking to drinking something properly. The straw regulates the flow of fluid so that your baby can take it up little by little. Hence, we now have the Nube No-Spill Sippy Cup with us. Its spout is made using silicone, and from that, you can see how convenient it will be for your baby.

It has got twin handles, which will allow your baby to maintain a good hold over the cup. Additionally, the silicone spout is manufactured in a way that it will never cause any spills no matter what. This way, a parent can easily carry this sippy cup in their bags and handbags. As your baby’s teeth emerge, the silicone spout will be gentler than spouts made using other hard materials. This sippy cup by Nube also has the touch-flo feature, which will always maintain the intake of the sippy cup.

What we liked:

  • You can get this sippy cup in different colors.
  • Its silicone spout is so soft that it will never hurt when your baby’s teeth are growing.
  • The straw in this sippy cup by Nube always maintains the fluid flow.
  • This product is made with crystal clear and ultra-durable Tritan material.

What we didn’t like:

  • A few buyers complained that this sippy cup’s plastic smells a little bit.

8. Tommee Tippee First Sips Sippy Cup

Tommee Tippee First Sips Sippy Cup

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This 5-ounce sippy cup by Tommee Tippee has been a good choice for numerous buyers from different places. It has got a spill-proof design while its spout is always exceptionally gentle on the gums. When your baby starts growing teeth, his/her gums start itching. In the final stages of the eruption of teeth, the gums will hurt a lot. Hence, the spout of their sippy cups must be made softer. Otherwise, the spout will result in even more inflammation in the gums of your baby.

Tommee Tippee became our choice because they have always cared about the stages of your baby’s growth. They have unquestionably put lots of effort into this sippy cup, and that surely reflects in its overall design. In the set of the product, you will get to have an offset soft spout and a medium flow nipple. You can use them as your baby transitions smoothly. Other than that, this sippy cup is one of the safest as it is free from all sorts of BPS, BPA, and even phthalates.

What we liked:

  • The 150 ml capacity of these sippy cups is amazing for young babies.
  • You will get a nipple and a spout in this deal.
  • The spout will not hurt your baby even while teething.
  • 4+ months old babies can use this sippy cup regularly.

What we didn’t like:

  • The color of the sippy cup can be made more trendy.

9. The First Years Teethe Around Sippy Cup

The First Years Teethe Around Sippy Cup

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While you choose anything for your baby, it is its quality that you must be keeping at the top. However, there are many manufacturers who sell their products at a high rate even when the quality resembles most of the standard sippy cups. This sippy cup by The First Years is high on its quality and yet comes at a rate known to be near average and affordable. Its cup has got a design that comes with different textures. Hence, it proves to be more of a sensory cup for all babies.

As your little one gets to experience a lot of tactile sensations on the cup, he/she will develop a sense to identify different objects by the touch. Additionally, the lid of these sippy cups is chewable. As your baby chews it, he/she will get to strengthen the jaw muscles as well as the tongue. This feature of this sippy cup by The First Year will help your baby in better and easier speech development. For having the spill-proof feature, this sippy cup has a soft spout cover. It will also help keep the spout hygienic.

What we liked:

  • This sippy cup comes with an amazing sensory design with different textures.
  • Its lid is chewable, which helps in better speech development.
  • The spout cover will help contain the spills and also keep the spout clean.
  • You can quickly store this sippy cup in your bag when you are out.

What we didn’t like:

  • The lid may pop off a little from the cup at times.

10. OXO Tot Transitions Sippy Cup 6-Ounce

OXO Tot Transitions Sippy Cup 6-Ounce

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The OXO Tot Transition sippy cup has got an almond shape spout, which will fit in the mouth of your little one very well. Because of this, sipping will always be comfortable. There are many local sippy cups that have spout designs that are not well-thought. However, with the OXO sippy cup, you will always have the ease of giving your baby the best product. Its capacity is near 6 ounces, which is obviously more than any other sippy cup that you can have.

Furthermore, the OXO sippy cup also maintains the natural flow of fluid from the cup. It has got a well-contoured and gripping design that, too, with adjustable handles. This is also one of the few sippy cups with markings. Hence, you can always be sure regarding the amount of fluid that your baby has taken up. Its lid fits well and makes the sippy cup easy to carry when you are on the go. We love this sippy cup for its amazing design and special offerings.

What we liked:

  • The almond-shaped spout of this sippy cup will comfortable comfort to a baby’s palate.
  • The well-contoured design of the sippy cup makes it easier to hold.
  • It has markings on it for better measurement of fluids.
  • It is a leak-proof sippy cup.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of this sippy cup is a little high.

How To Choose The Best Sippy Cup For Babies

Best Sippy Cups For Baby

We have a few factors regarding sippy cups for you today. We took our time to line them well for you. Let us discuss them all below –

1. Consider the spout of the sippy cup

As your baby’s gum must be extremely soft and sensitive, you only should focus on buying sippy cups with a soft spout. These spouts should almost be as soft as the nipples of baby bottles. Additionally, soft spouts of sippy cups will help your baby transition easily from sucking to learning how to drink the right way. A softer spout will make them feel as if they are still sucking on a baby bottle’s nipple. Soft spouts will never feel hard on their gums. So, the pain will also not be an issue here.

2. Consider the size of the sippy cups

Many people buy sippy cups for their babies and try filling them with milk and baby formula. However, many parents have their babies use sippy cups even when their babies drink water. For such usage, a big sippy cups with a capacity of around 250 ml will work well. However, the size should not exceed a lot as it will make the sippy cups be very difficult to hold for your baby. Their tiny arms won’t be able to bear the weight of the cup, and your baby will not like drinking from that sippy cup. So, go with the right capacity.

3. Consider the handles of the sippy cup

The handles of a good sippy cup make it very easy to hold and grab. When a sippy cup comes without handles, you will surely see it slipping from your baby’s hand as he/she tries to drink from it. With handles, the grip becomes better. When these handles of a sippy cups are removable, you will get to use the cup as a regular bottle. This serves the purpose very well as you wish to use the cup in many ways.

4. Consider the material of the sippy cup

No matter what you are willing to get for your baby, you must see and check the product’s material carefully. Whenever you see a good product that your baby can use, you should focus on its build, quality, and material first. Therefore, we suggest that the sippy cup you pick must be free from toxins such as BPA. If they are made from light plastic, you should check the material of the cup and only then add it quickly to your cart for your purchase.

5. Consider the quality and rate of the sippy cup

There are many sippy cups that come in packs. Hence, people buy them just for the number. However, the sippy cups’ quality should be your priority, among other things. You should check its build and see for any rough edges as you touch it properly from all sides. Other than that, we urge you not to just go with the ones that have an extremely low or extremely high price. These sippy cups are good, but you will get even better options if you consider the factors given above when you make your purchase.

Baby Sippy Cups Frequently Asked Questions

Usually kids will be able to drink the breast milk from the sippy cups from the age of three months itself. But the pediatricians refer sippy cups from the age of nine months. From the age of 12 months the babies will be able to drink milk from the sippy bottles very easily. You can either talk to your pediatrician or try after six months of age.

As this is a product for the babies, you will have to be very careful about the quality of the product. The material used in the making of the sippy cup is very important. You should always make sure that the material is BPA-free only. The grip also should be perfect for the baby to hold. The design should be anti-slip so that the baby will be able to use it easy.

Yes, you can definitely add formula to the sippy cup if you are giving it to the baby after the age of six months. Depending on the age, you can add anything to the sippy cup like fruit juice, normal milk or anything that baby likes to drink.

Both straw cups and sippy cups have their own pros and cons. If your doctor recommends your baby one of them, then you should go for it. Usually, straw cups are referred to babies with speech issues. So it all depends on the requirements of the baby.

It all depends on at what age you are going to introduce sippy cups to the baby. You should also make sure that you are supervising your baby. They will easily learn how to hold a cup in their tiny hands with the help of this sippy cup. But if you don’t take extra care, then it can be as dangerous as a bottle for the babies.

There is no specific number on how many sippy cups you will need for your baby. You can get as many as you need like a few to use at home, a few to place in the diaper bag and a few can be kept as side as you can use them when the others are cleaned and kept for drying. At least six is a good number that you can buy for your baby.

When looking for the best options, it is always good to check out the sippy cups on the internet. You will be able to find several options on the internet. All the latest and best sippy cups are available online at a very low price. So, get the best one from the online market if possible.

Bottom Line:

There are a lot of sippy cups options that you can easily see in the stores and markets near you. However, to know all the details about a sippy cup, we did the work for you. We have picked all the sippy cups today after discussing them with experts and forums with expertise in baby products. Whatever we have picked for you today comes with usable and amazing features.

As you go through our description of every sippy cup, you will see how we have tried to discuss every detail about them so that you can pick them online.

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