3 Best Portable Baby High Chairs 2022 [For Outdoor & Travel]

Making your baby learn to do things is a tedious and time-consuming task with a happy feeling. Most parents spend months to make their baby learn about sitting methods, eating and a lot more. However, when it comes to making their baby learn using high chairs, they feel confused. Not only does the sitting style take time to learn, but the intense variety of products in the same category.

One can buy a good quality portable baby high chair online and start using it. But, the number of features, using the method and side features can cause plenty of issues during the selection time. A good quality portable baby chair allow babies to sit comfortably, make them have a proper sitting posture and keeps them close to you during dinners, meals and other times.

Portable baby high chairs are lightweight and easy to carry which enhance the overall usability while traveling to places and taking your baby with you. The overall benefit is easy to understand if you travel a lot and need a portable chair mainly. Well, you can choose between a wide range of amazing brands, but the intense variety is somewhat confusing.

To figure out a reliable option for the average consumer need, we did some research and found that most portable baby high chairs are not as safe as they are claimed by the manufacturer. Among all the products we tested, these are the most reliable ones that you can take into consideration after learning about some essential factors.

Different Types of Portable High Baby Chairs

Best Portable Baby High Chairs

There are generally three types of chairs for baby use that are portable and easy to adjust. These include Booster High Chairs, Floor Chair, and Clip-on Chair. Let’s discuss how they have been built and designed.

  • Booster High Chair

These chairs are mounted on top of a simple chair affixed with a strap or clip. Remember, these chairs should be attached to a durable & sturdy chair. After all, it is a matter of the baby’s safety. Moreover, pay attention to your baby’s growth and age before moving on to the booster chair.

For children up to 18 months, this type of chair is perfect, at the same age, older and growing children cannot sit in it. The booster may feature a tray that can be adjustable from the front of the seat like a standard high chair. Some booster model is designed for you to push the chair directly to the table without the need for a tray. These chairs are quite heavy and large, so they aren’t suitable for restaurants chairs, but good for homes.

  • Floor Chair

The floor chair has a tray that, as the name suggests, can sit directly on the floor. The chair shape is close to a standard chair, but not so strong. These chairs are collapsible so not ideal for travel. Since there are different types of floor chairs available in the market with different uses. They are suitable for outdoor use where a standard chair and table may not be able to attach a travel seat.

  • Clip-On Chair

Clip-On Chair, better known as Lobster Chair is usually fixed to the tabletop with a clamp to making ideal for all tables’ size. It is a super compact chair for baby use, and ideal for high-top tables, air travel chairs, and restaurants counters.

Why do you need a Portable High Chair?

Save Space

Undoubtedly, using a standard chair consumes a lot of space. If you are dealing with the small spaces in your apartment, the portable high chair is the perfect option to replace the standard one.

There is no requirement to adjust the dining area and then decide where to eat. Instead, get your hands on the non-folding chair that makes your little one comfortable, but at the same time, it saves A lot of space.

Travel Friendly

The restaurants have great arrangements for sitting. But, what about the other places? For example, suppose that if you want to take your children to the grandma’s house, it requires your toddler to sit.

Even if there is a standard chair, you cannot ask anyone to buy the baby things. Instead, get the comfortable and portable highchair easy to take with you. This keeps the child safe during meal times and gives you a great outdoor experience.


The prominent aspect of the highchair is the baby’s safety. Significantly when you are feeding your baby, do not compromise the safety by feeding your baby on a non-designed chair.

It is effortless to feed them on the chair like swing, bouncy chair, and bumbo seat and ensures the safety of children. This is because the standard choice risk the infants. After all, there are chances they may fall.

Weight Capacity

The highchairs can be used for around six months to 3 years to embark on. Many parents love to get the stuff for their baby that suits them independently. But, their safety matters a lot.

Examining the weight capacity is a must so that you can get your hands on portable design. It needs to be comfortable and also sturdy enough for the heavier child. It will help you use the chair for an extended period. On top of that, it needs to be comfortable for the infants.

Value for Money

The high chair can be used for a distinct purpose for children. Firstly, it is great for meal times such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On top of that, it can be used for various activities.

The tray on the chair helps little ones get their meals properly and sit comfortably. This is a great product with the fantastic features necessary for children. It will be beneficial and give the significant value of money.

Best Buy Portable Baby High Chairs

Here is the list of top portable baby high chairs that you can currently buy for an excellent price point with all the amazing safety features in one place.

1. Ciao Baby Portable High Chair

Ciao Baby Portable High Chair

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This model is a genuine product to embark on, and as the name suggests, it is portable. There are various reasons why this product is known as portable. For instance, it is lightweight and flexible.

Due to these notions, it is quite a breeze to unfold the cheer easily and can be taken in use for a baby anytime, anywhere. Moving further, its notable fact is it locks into the place. So if you want your infant to be safe, the lock system is impressive and folds back in seconds.

There is no assembling required that consumes more time for an owner to adjust the chair properly. Plus, it is made from a material that is top-notch and durable. For example, it is made from durable nylon, and the tray is covered with clear vinyl that can be easily cleaned with water.

In addition, if you are going with your children for travel, picnics, camping, and vacations, this product is portable enough to be taken quickly. It weighs thirty-five pounds, comes with a convenient carry bag, and can be taken for children up to three years old.

It is black and made of polyester, plastic, and metal, considering its genuine features. However, there are unique colours, and people can select according to their interests.

Pros –

  • It folds easily.
  • It is travel-friendly.
  • The material is top-notch.

Cons –

  • The tray slant is due to the weight of the baby.
  • The tray is a little small.

2. Summer Pop’n Sit SE Highchair

Summer Pop’n Sit SE Highchair

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If you are searching for a product that makes the meantime easy for your infant, this option is fabulous. It is probably because of its dining future. The chair can be used for both indoor and outdoor dining.

This chair is a fantastic option whether you want to let your child eat snacks indoors or play. But, of course, every parent looks for their child’s comfort level, and it is suitable for the six-month child. The chair’s design is outstanding and innovative, which results in a compact fold.

The folding can be done fast, easy, and within seconds. Plus, it saves a lot of space in your apartment if you deal with a shortage of space. Undoubtedly, children make things messy but, the chair is made up of a convenient material that can easily be cleaned.

The chair is removable, which helps remove all the waste material. In addition, you can also wash the tray from the dishwasher as that will make the process quite a breeze for a person to manage.

It also includes a three-point safety harness and a carry bag that makes it convenient to maintain things appropriately. The product’s weight is 1 lb, and the colour is Aqua sugar. This is perfect for the toddler.


  • The fold is compact.
  • Cleanliness can be done easily.
  • It can be used for indoor/outdoor dining.


  • A little bit tiny in size.
  • The height is inappropriate.

3. Regalo My High Chair Portable

Regalo My High Chair Portable

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If you want a good space for your infant, this option is incredible for you. It works on the criteria of fold and goal. This is the perfect height suite oversized and consists of a removable tray for extra space.

You can remove it as per your requirement. This chair can be used for many activities such as parks, camping, grandma’s house, and beach. The height of the seat is 24″ tall. The other features of the chair are portable and durable.

The chair’s design is fantastic that can be folded and go-to design. There is no setup required, and the assembling is relatively easy. You can store it and go for both indoor and outdoor use.

This is made of non-skid and scarf design at each foot. The fantastic feature of the chair is it is quite a breeze to clean because of the design. It is made of mesh walls and nylon bottom that can be cleaned readily.

Simply hand wash can be done and wiped down if some mess has been created. This also ensures all infants’ safety, which is perfect for 6 to 36 months and carries £45 easily. If you have safety lock features and safety standard that easily helps the child.

Pros –

  • It is comfortable and safe.
  • The tray is easy to clean.
  • The safety lock system is excellent.

Cons –

  • Slightly tricky to adjust the thighs of a baby.
  • The tray is not adjustable.

Features To Consider While Shopping A Portable High Chair

A portable high chair seems like a simple product with a mesh net, hard frame and lightweight design. But, there are some side aspects that most people end up avoiding. A good quality portable high chair must have all the safety features so that your baby has safe use of the product and you don’t feel any hesitation also. While comparing the top products and talking to the experts, we learned about a few things that you should consider before getting started with the purchase. Let’s get started –

– Reputed Manufacturer

Among all the features, how it could be possible that choosing a reputed manufacturer can get you the best product? Well, it can’t, but the selection process is easier with a well-known brand and you are somehow avoiding the selection of choosing a completely bad product.

There are a few reputed brands in the portable high chair industry and all these brands at least over all the safety features at one place. A good brand will try to enhance its product quality and services to stay competitive in the market. So, you won’t be able to find any major flaw while getting started with a well-known name.

– Safety Features

You can’t deny the fact that every parent wants to buy a safe product for their baby, whether it is a chair or a moving kart. You can find a range of safety features in a portable high chair like a stable stand, high adjustment and locks. A safety restraint system is essential while making your baby sit safely.

When brands offer a safety restraint system with a five-point harness, you can at least ensure that your baby will be having a safer use as compared to any other product. These things can help you understand why most safety features are necessary to take into consideration. However, some brands fake about their features and you should try to stay away from those products.

– Certified Options

There is nothing as reliable as a certified portable high chair and you can at least expertise better usability over the other options. You can choose certified products from ASTM international or JPMA. The assurance that you get after choosing from a certified brand and certified product is overwhelming in all these cases.

The level of guarantee regarding the safety features and no defects in the manufacturing is a good assurance to parents. On the other hand, you can expect that there are no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing of such products.

– Return Policy

Once the product delivers to you, you can assemble it and have excellent use. In case, you have bought a specific product with a design of choice but after using it, you find flaws, then you can return it under 10 or 15 days return policy. Well, the policy days might vary based on the manufacturer, e-commerce platform and more.

Meanwhile, you are taking a look at the return policy, you can also consider the reviews. By learning about reviews of the customer regarding the specific portable baby high chair, you can know all the pros and cons more easily. These methods help in figuring out a highly reliable product that is currently available in the market to choose from.

– Second Hand might be Risky

Some people choose to buy a used baby high chair excepting it to be a money saver deal. However, there are many times when most old products don’t have the same level of safety that you can get in the latest one. Buying a second hand portable high chair is a lot riskier when you are not sure that what you are currently buying, how old the product is and other factors.

A close look at all the safety features, build quality and other aspects might come in handy at such places. But, being careful during the purchase time is necessary.

– Type of High Chair

High chairs are available in a wide range of colours, designs and other options. Choosing the right one is all about your preference and your specific need. If you are looking for the best portable baby high chair, then consideration of a simple design is a way better choice. You should consider a lightweight design due to the portability factor.

The chair must be easy to assemble, compact and easy to install without having any issue with the carrying option. If the baby high chair is heavy or large in form factor, then you can’t expect the portability advantage from such options. You must stay selective while choosing such products.

The Final Verdict

Portable high chairs are highly reliable when you want the baby to be nearby while working, eating or playing. Portable high chairs provide excellent ease by carrying the chair from one room to another. On the other hand, you can choose to travel with a compact and portable baby high chair. Make sure that you compare all the reliable options currently available in the market, and learn about the essential features from the buying guide to eliminate all the major issues. We hope, this guidepost will come in handy during the purchase of an excellent portable baby high chair.

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