10 Best Baby Formula Dispensers 2022 [For Balanced Formula and Water]

It often happens with new moms when they can’t breastfeed their little ones because for some reason. It might be because of the low milk supply, or maybe they are out for traveling or anything like that. In these situations, as mentioned above, formula feeding or bottle feeding seems a great option. Well, indeed, formula feeding is nothing wrong for your baby’s health, but if you often prefer formula feeding over breastfeeding, then it might not be the right thing. But in many cases, it is acceptable, and you should definitely consider talking to a medical professional before formula feeding your baby.

If you prefer formula feeding, then one problem you might always face is properly making the formula or milk, especially when you are traveling. It’s obvious because you can’t just carry a whole pack and some bottles to make the formula to feed your baby. Right? It is where the baby formula dispensers come in, which will make this whole thing quite convenient for you as a new mom. A basic formula dispenser comes with a compact size with multiple compartments or chambers inside so that you can keep the measured amount of formula there. And the best part is that while making the formula for your baby to feed him/her, a formula dispenser allows you to avoid any mess, especially the formula’s spillage.

Best Buy Baby Formula Dispenser Reviews

Now, as you know, what are the key benefits of a baby formula dispenser, now if you want to buy one, then hold on. We are saying this because there are tons of different options and varieties present related to baby formula dispensers in the market right now. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out in this situation; therefore, we have decided to list the ten best baby formula dispensers of 2022 below on this post.

1. Munchkin Baby Formula Dispenser

Munchkin Baby Formula Dispenser

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First up, we have a combo of baby formula dispensers on our list’s first spot. Actually, it is the Munchkin Baby Formula Dispenser combo pack. MUnchkin is a well-known brand in the market for providing the best baby care products with top-notch quality. Like other baby care products, this combo of formula dispensers is also very popular in the market right now. You can look at its ratings on online stores by parents to get a firm idea about how popular this combo is. Over six thousand people rated this baby formula dispenser combo with high star ratings; that is insane.

There are two dispensers present in this pack; one is the smaller one, which has a capacity of 8oz. And another one has compartments inside it, and each of those compartments can hold up to 8 oz of serving. It is why we suggest this dispensers’ set on our list because it can be quite useful throughout the day for a bottle or formula feeding. Not only this, but another thing that we liked the most is that you don’t even need to spend too much time and effort to clean these dispensers. You can simply put it into the dishwasher for sterilizing and cleaning properly.

What we liked

  • This baby formula dispenser’s price point is pretty aggressive but affordable, which influenced us to introduce it on the first spot of this list.
  • Manufacturers claim that they have used good quality of food-grade and BPA-free plastic material for making these formula dispensers.

What we didn’t like

  • None so far

2. Philips Avent Powder Formula Dispenser

Philips Avent Powder Formula Dispenser

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Next, here we are, another most demanded type of power formula dispenser for babies. This time we got the Philips Avent Powder Dispenser, and guess what, this one also got nearly 6 thousand high star ratings on the online stores, mostly from new mums. You can tell it is a tough-built formula dispenser because it looks like it is made up of solid. It is not because of the color combination it comes with; it is only because of the material that manufacturers have used. They have provided high-quality plastic, which is the premium food-grade and BPA-free plastic material, to avoid any kind of contamination issue.

Talking about the specifications, so let’s talk about how useful this dispenser is for travel purposes mainly. So there are a total of three sections present in there, each of them separated. Along with this, each section’s capacity is around 9 ounce, which seems pretty ideal for a one-time formula feed. If you are out for a few hours with your baby, you can easily carry enough formula to feel your baby whenever he/she feels hungry.

What we liked:

  • The cap opening has a perfect size, perfectly fitting most of the bottle for bottle feeding, making it less messy.
  • Build quality of this baby formula dispenser is remarkable, it is well-finished, and no roughness is there, and it seems like it made it to last.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

3. Dr. Brown’s Formula Dispenser

Dr. Brown s Formula Dispenser

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Well, if you are looking for baby care products, then one brand name, you’ll hear multiple times is Dr. Brown’s. If you are looking for a value for money type of baby formula dispenser, you shouldn’t ignore this one. On the third spot, we got Dr. Brown’s Formula Dispenser; the first thing you will notice about this one is its tough build quality. Do you know what the reason behind the tough build quality of this formula dispenser is? It’s the premium quality of plastic material used by manufacturers, which is also contamination-free for additional safety.

In case you already have considered some formula dispensers before heading towards this one, then you may know most of them comes with multiple but separated sections. Right? And don’t worry, this one is no different too, there are three sections present inside this formula dispenser, and each of them can hold enough powder for making an 8 oz of the bottle for feeding. Therefore, we can tell that this formula dispenser by Dr. Brown would be a great option for traveling purposes, and because of its compact design, you can easily carry it inside your purse.

What we liked:

  • The lid’s snap is the rotating one, so you can easily switch between the different compartments and make the milk without even spilling a little amount of powder.
  • Two-color options related to this formula dispenser make it much easier for you to choose the right one as per your need.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

4. Tommee Tippee Baby Formula Dispensers

Tommee Tippee Baby Formula Dispensers

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At the fourth spot, we got the Tommee Tippee Baby Formula Dispenser for all of the parents reading this post. First of all, we want to let you know that it is not a single formula dispenser; surprisingly, you are getting six of them. Yeah, you got it right; this one comes with a total of six formula dispensers and milk powder out of the box as well. And we are presenting this pack in front of all our readers because this won’t cost you way too high. Believe it or not but, you can easily buy this pack of baby formula dispensers with powdered formula or milk at seven bucks only.

Now let’s talk about the dispensers a bit more, so there are six same sized dispensers present out of the box. And each of them fits and seems perfect for making a 9-ounce bottle for the bottle or formula feeding. Apart from this, because all of these formula dispensers are very compact, the manufacturers have labeled them a travel-friendly option. The closure type is also different from the other formula dispensers on our list; these come with the normal bottle closures.

What we liked:

  • If you want to feed a newborn, then this would be the safest option you could find because of the BPA and phthalate-free material used by manufacturers.
  • This pack’s price point is way too aggressive and affordable this baby formula dispenser pack, which influenced us to introduce this in our post.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

5. OXO Tot Baby Formula Dispenser

OXO Tot Baby Formula Dispenser

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When it comes to the value for money type of baby formula dispensers, we can’t just let this one go. On the fifth spot of our list, we got another value money type of dispenser; it is the OXO Tot Baby Formula Dispenser. First of all, this dispenser is a budget-friendly option; you can easily buy it for under five bucks. Like the other options of our list, this one also got three separate sections inside. And thankfully, each section’s capacity is around 9 ounce, which seems nice for a single feeding session.

Another special thing that we want to point out here is the lid that this dispenser comes with. It is a rotating or swiveling lid with another lift opening on the top, from where you can pour out the formula to the bottle. The size of the opening at the top is perfect, and it fits nicely to the standard bottle-feeding bottles, which makes it very convenient to use. In this way, you can avoid any kind of powder spillage on the table, and you won’t end up making the space messy.

What we liked:

  • Nothing is challenging to clean this formula dispenser; you can simply toss it into the dishwasher for regular cleaning.
  • The size of this dispenser is very compact, that’s why you can carry it in a purse without having any issue.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some mums reported that the finishing of this baby formula dispenser could be better.

6. Formula Dispenser By Kidsmile

Formula Dispenser

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Now it is time to talk about our post’s most versatile dispenser but keep in mind that you can’t just assume it as a typical formula dispenser; it is more than that. So, here we are at the sixth spot of our list with the Formula Dispenser by Kidsmile. There are a total of four containers this dispenser is made of. Moreover, each container’s capacity is around 65 grams, making it perfect for holding enough powdered formula for multiple feeding sessions. All the containers come together, one upon another one and this thing decrease the overall portability.

But if you want to use this formula dispenser option for traveling, you can do it. You can prefer carrying one or two containers separately inside your purse, of course, this would work for you. In case we talk about the specifications, each container comes with the twist closure; therefore, you can expect almost zero spillage issues with our list’s particular option. And because the manufacturers have used a safe and contamination-free material to make it, that’s why you can ensure your little one’s safety too.

What we liked:

  • Impressive versatility is the most liked thing that influenced us to list this formula dispenser on our post.
  • Each container’s capacity is more than enough, so you can have enough powdered formula with you while traveling.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price point might seem slightly higher for this baby formula dispenser to some mums because it is.

7. Nuby Baby Powder Dispenser

Nuby Baby Powder Dispenser

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Did you like the second spot of baby formula or powder dispenser on our list? If yes is your answer, then make sure to have a look at this one because we are damn sure you’ll love this one too. We got the Nuby Baby Powder Dispenser for all the new mums looking for something quite convenient and practical in the seventh position. Same as the others, this dispenser also comes with the three separated partition design. However, the best thing is that manufacturers also have listed a dispenser with four partitions; you can check out that too.

The manufacturers claim that you can, for sure, use this particular powder dispenser for newborns. And the reason why they are suggesting this is because they have used high quality and contamination-free material to make this dispenser. In short, while using this specific baby formula dispenser, you don’t even need to worry about any contamination issue, and the good thing is that your baby won’t end up sick because of this product. The next thing we liked the most is its compact design, making it a travel-friendly baby formula dispenser.

What we liked:

  • The swiveling cap moves very smoothly, and it has a snap-on closure on it, which helps you keep control over powder spilling.
  • Along with the compact design, another thing that caught our attention is this dispenser’s high-quality plastic-made body.

What we didn’t like:

  • As compared to the other baby formula dispensers, this one might seem a little bit of an experience.

8. Zooawa Baby Formula Dispenser

Zooawa Baby Formula Dispenser

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Like the multiple container dispenser, we brought this one for you at the eighth spot of our list. It is the Zooawa Baby Formula Dispenser, which comes at a surprising price point of below ten bucks. Other than the insane price point, one more thing that caught our attention towards this option is its versatility. Like we mentioned earlier, this formula dispenser comes with multiple containers, which means you can store or carry different food items in them. In this way, this dispenser becomes the most versatile one on our list automatically.

All three containers come with separate closures and not the normal closures. Each container of this set comes with a twist closure so that you can ensure that the food items stay inside the container until you open them. Now let’s take a look at the capacity of these containers; so as per the claim of manufacturers, each container comes with a capacity of 60g powder. That seems more than enough to use this dispenser for multiple feeding sessions, especially when traveling.

What we liked:

  • If you are specifically looking for a dispenser’s great capacity for storing more formula or powder, then make sure to give a shot to this one.
  • The silicone plug opening on each container’s size will let you pour out the formula or food without dropping a little amount of formula or powder.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

9. OsoBaby Baby Formula Dispenser

OsoBaby Baby Formula Dispenser

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If you don’t want to compromise with the quality of a formula dispenser, make sure to look at this one. At the ninth spot, we have got something special for you; this time, we are introducing the OsoBaby Baby Formula Dispenser. You could tell by the time you see this dispenser that it comes with really tough build quality. Indeed, the manufacturers have tried their best to offer the best possible build quality that you could ever find in the market with any other option.

Behind that tough and robust build quality, it is the material that manufacturers have used. Here we are talking about the plastic material but not the normal one; they have provided the top-notch food-grade plastic material quality. The bottom and the cap section of the dispenser has used a bit of firm plastic for additional appearance. Along with this, it is quite a versatile dispenser as well, mainly because you can literally use it for various food items for your little one.

What we liked:

  • The plastic material used by manufacturers is completely recyclable; that’s why this baby formula dispenser becomes the Eco-friendly one.
  • This dispenser’s non-slip design will let you hold this compact container correctly; that is another plus we found here.

What we didn’t like

  • None so far

10. Dreambaby Formula Dispenser

Dreambaby Formula Dispenser

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Did you notice that we are on the last spot of this exciting list? And don’t worry, again we are here with another value for money type of baby formula dispenser. This time we have given a chance to the Dreambaby Formula Dispenser, which is the one that you can buy for under five bucks. The first thing that caught our attention towards this dispenser is its sleekness. The manufacturers have tried their best to make it as simple and premium looks as they could.

It is the lightest formula dispenser on our list because the manufacturers have used the plastic material behind its lightweight design. Along with the lightweight design, it is compact as well; therefore, ultimately, it seems a nice option for traveling purposes. And mums who are specifically looking for travel-friendly dispensers would love this one. Now let’s head over to the specification section, so we want to let you know that this dispenser comes with three large powder or formula holding compartments/chambers. And each of them can hold enough powder or formula for making an 8 or 9-ounce bottle for a single feeding session.

What we liked

  • We liked the most about this baby formula dispenser option because it is a travel-friendly design, and you can simply carry it inside your purse.
  • This specific option’s price point is way too affordable than the other standard formula dispensers, but it offers good specifications.

What we didn’t like

  • None so far

How To Chose The Best Baby Formula Dispenser

Baby Formula Dispenser

Are you still feeling confused while making the final decision in favor of a baby formula dispenser? If yes is your answer then don’t worry, you don’t even need to explain why, because we understand all the parents want to buy the best product when it comes to their baby. It is why we have decided to come up with this detailed buying guide on formula dispensers. Below we will be listing some of the highly essential points that you shouldn’t ignore while making the final purchase decision.

Choose The Right Type

From this point, we mean that you should pick the right type because there are three different types of formula dispensers present. The first and most common one is the one that comes with multiple compartments or sections. And we suggest you better pick this type of formula dispenser because they are the most convenient and practical ones.

Other than this, you can also find the formula dispensers with single cup-sized, and without any compartment. You can choose this type of formula dispenser when you need something highly portable. Moreover, the third and less common type is the one that comes with multiple containers. Of course, the overall portability is not going to be the same as the other two types, but the multiple dispenser containers allow you to store more formula.

Material Type

Material type of a formula dispenser is the factor or point that you shouldn’t ever ignore because it has a direct connection with your baby’s health. If you want to buy a long-lasting formula dispenser, then also this is the point you should keep an eye on. We suggest you should go with an option that comes with high-quality plastic material, but check the fact that it is food grade plastic material or not. If not, then it would be better for you to skip that and look for something that comes with food-grade plastic, which must be BPA-free one.


Capacity also matters a lot while choosing a baby formula dispenser, no doubt about that. And if a dispenser option doesn’t come with enough capacity to store or carry powdered milk or formula, you should skip that one and look for something worth purchasing one. In our opinion, you should always look for a dispenser that comes with more than enough capacity to store formula to make enough milk for a single feeding session. In case you need guidance in that, then don’t worry; we have already listed multiple options that offer what you are looking for.


Undoubtedly, the lid of a baby formula dispenser is the most used section or part; that’s why it must be tough, well-built, and easy to use. We are not talking about those dispensers that come with the formula dispenser that twist closure; here, we are typically talking about dispensers with a swivel lid. So, if you are going with this type of dispenser, then make sure that it is smooth and easy to swivel. Otherwise, you’ll end up messing up your table or space where you are making food for your little one because every time you open it, you end up spilling powder.

Price Point

Of course, we know the price point is a pretty subjective topic, and surely no one can tell you which price range is perfect for you. It’s because eventually, this all depends upon the budget you have finalized to buy a baby formula dispenser. If you are dealing with a strict budget issue, then don’t worry because we have already listed some options that come at a reasonable price point but offer the most value as premium ones.

So make sure to check out every single baby formula dispenser that we listed above to find out the perfect one as per your needs.

How To Clean Baby Formula Dispenser

Best Baby Formula Dispensers

Before actually trying to prepare the formula for the baby, it is important to clean a baby formula dispenser. Additionally, it can be stashed properly at a designated location. Your baby can become ill if a formula cannot be stored or prepared properly.

 The Parents must be aware of the dangers of trying to make formulas and should keep their supplies in a cool location. There is no doubt that a newborn baby or a young child requires excessive attention, whether it is linked to eating, bathing, or sleeping. That is why this post is created, which will walk you through the process step by step.

Parts and equipment of baby formula dispenser must be cleaned.

Before actually preparing any baby formula, you will ensure that the dispenser is clean and sterilized, according to manufacturer specifications. Listed below are some of the most important steps you should take when cleaning dispensers and their components:

Step 1: Before actually cleaning dispenser parts, make sure your hands are clean and free of dirt and debris. Hand sanitizer and soap can be used to disinfect your hands.

Step 2: Allow them to dry completely or clean your hands with a napkin.

Step 3: After that, thoroughly clean and sterilize the dispenser’s surface.

Step 4: Use warm, soapy water to thoroughly clean all bottle components. Remove any old feeding items from the dispenser and then thoroughly clean the dispenser’s exterior structure.

Using bottle brushes clean all of the bottle nipples and the inside of the structure.

Step 6: Finally, wash the dispenser sections with cold, clean water to ensure they are completely clean.

Disinfection of Baby Dispenser Parts

By following the steps outlined below, you can easily sterilize the dispenser’s parts or equipment:

Step 1: Upon cleaning the dispenser parts, place them in a water jar and cover them with a protective shield to prevent them from being damaged.

Step 2: After that, you’ll put them on the burner and start boiling them, and you’ll make sure that the pan you’ll be using to roll the bottle is wrapped with a protective cap or lid.

Step 3: Check to see that no air bubbles have become lodged in the equipment.

Step 4: Finally, allow them to dry on their own, or you can utilize clean paper or a towel to speed up the process.

Step 5: Keep the flask and nips in a designated area where dust and fumes will not be able to get to them.

Water Purification and Sterilization

Following are a few simple steps to take when purifying water:

Step 1: Fill up the container half-full of water.

Step 2: Bring the water to a rolling boil for at least 1 minute.

Step 3: Once mixing in the powdered formula, make certain that the water is hot enough to dissolve it.

In Step 4, thoroughly combine the ingredients, and if you are unsure of the amount of powered formula to use, read the entire instruction and consult with your family doctor.

Baby Formula Dispenser Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing a milk formula for your baby without wasting any time is now an easy task. It is very useful especially at that time when you are travelling or while going shopping. You can just carry a single formula dispenser to feed your baby without doing any mess.

Just take hot water and then rolling the nipples and bottles in it for at least 5 minutes. You can also use a microwaveable sterilizer. If you don't want to do sterilizer then you will wash bottles and nipples using soap water for its cleaning. Now the bottle is ready to use.

Absolutely No, because after 1-hour formulas taste got change, which means bacteria will start growing. It may cause an intestine infection in the baby's body and this infection causes inflammation around the brain.

According to the health authorities, Enfamil (CBS/AP) infant formula did not create bacterial infections.

There is a major difference between both of them.

  • Enfamil Formula - This formula is gentler on kids tummy, which includes hydrolyzed non-fat proteins, palm olein oil.  It helps in the development of the brain and eye of the little one.
  • Similac's Sensitive Formula – It contains more added sugar and Linoleic Acid. The formula can trigger allergies and indigestion in kids.

If we compared both then Enfamil is the best option just because of the ingredients. But one more thing both offer similar proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Moreover, both come with corn syrups that can help the baby to easily digest cow milk.

Yes, you can but if you stored it in a refrigerator. But the formula should be used within 24 hours. If you keep the formula in a chilled and cool bag with ice cubes then it should be used within 4 hours. If you keep the formula at room temperature then it should be used within 2 hours.

Here are some top brands-

  • Munchkin Baby Formula Dispenser – It has top-notch quality. It is a well-known brand with a high star rating.
  • Philips Avent Powder Formula Dispenser – it is made up of solid material. You can easily carry enough formula in it.
  • Dr Browns Formula Dispenser – it is one of the most popular brands and made of premium quality.
  • Tommee Tippee baby Formula Dispensers – This dispenser are very solid and made of BPA and Phthalate free material.
  • OXO Tot Baby Formula Dispenser – it is a budget-friendly option and it is very compact.
  • Formula Dispenser by Kidsmile – when it comes to versatility, it is the best choice.
  • Zooawa Baby Formula Dispenser – it has great capacity features for storing.


We agree that it is tough for you to select or buy something for your little one because you always want to buy the safest and best product. Right? If this is the case while buying a formula dispenser for your baby, then congrats, you clicked on the right post. Actually, before writing down this post, we have been through in-depth research to find and list the ten best baby formula dispensers of 2022 that you can buy right away within a few clicks only.

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