10 Best Baby Bottle Brush 2022 [For Bottle Cleaning]

Bottle feeding is the right solution for working moms, especially when you can’t breastfeed your baby. However, if you prefer bottle feeding more often, then you might have faced some issues with cleaning and sterilizing the bottle. Right? Well, maintaining, cleaning, and sterilizing bottles for bottle feeding is really important because this thing can directly impact your little one’s health. We are saying this because mother milk usually has a thicker consistency, and if you do not wash and clean the bottle after each bottle feeding session, then the milk will be caked on and forms a crust in those tiny nooks and crannies.

And guess what, this would be a perfect place for the bacterias to build up, and we don’t think any mom wants to compromise with his little one’s health like this. Right? Therefore, it would be better if you timely clean and sterilize the bottle to avoid any kind of contamination issue. One thing or tool that we suggest is the baby bottle brush for this task, and this can make your bottle cleaning work way more quick and effective. Just put the baby bottle brush inside the bottle while cleaning it with soapy water, and rub it properly to remove the gunk inside the bottle.

So, now you know a baby bottle brush can come in handy to you if you prefer bottle-feeding more often. But there is one problem that every new mom faces, and it is the find the right type of baby bottle brush, which doesn’t damage the bottle and nipple. Well, it is not that easy task, but we have decided to come up with something special for you in this post. Actually, we have been through in-depth research to look at tons of different options, pick some of those, and list the best one on this post.

Best Buy Baby Bottle Brush Reviews

In simple words, below, you’ll find a list of the ten best rated baby bottle cleaning brush of 2022 that are the options with an impressive price to quality ratio.

1. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush

Dr. Browns Bottle Brush

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For the very first spot of this list, we have decided to include the Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush. It is the highest-rated and the most popular baby bottle brush on our list, and you can get a firm idea about its popularity by just looking at the ratings it got. More than 21 thousand parents rated it with high star ratings. First, it is a pack of three Dr. Browns’ bottle brushes, which comes at a price point of below 15 bucks. Talking about each unit, so each brush comes with the sponge and bristles combination design.

This type of bristles and sponge combination design is quite rare in the market; only a few manufacturers provide this type of bottle brushes. The sponge is present in such a shape that it can clean the bottle’s bottom with higher effectiveness. Along with this, the bristles will make sure to clean the overall central body of the bottle. In short, the overall cleaning performance of this bottle brush by Dr. Brown is just incredible. The handle or gripping section is another section that caught our attention; it has a good grip so that you can hold the brush easily while cleaning the bottle with soapy water.

What we liked:

  • The pricing is pretty aggressive but superb, and this three-piece pack of bottle brush under the price of 15 bucks seems a right deal for most moms.
  • There are the Chevron channels present at the bottom section of this brush, and you can use them to clean the nipple properly.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

2. OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner

OXO Tot Bottle Brush

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Secondly, we have the OXO Tot Bottle Brush With Nipple Cleaner on our list’s second spot. Again, this one is another most popular and highest rated bottle brush on our list, and the best part is that too many parents rated it with five-star ratings. But before anything else, we want to let you know that this single unit of OXO Tot Bottlebrush will cost you around eight bucks. It’s a bristles based bottle brush, and the bristles only present on the top section of the brush.

Another great thing that we found is that this bottle brush comes with an ideal size that fits almost all the bottle sizes. And therefore, we suggest you should choose this particular brush option because of its incredible compatibility. There is a silicone nipple cleaner present in the middle of this brush; you can simply rotate the handle to bring it out. Not only this, but you can also use this silicone nipple cleaner to clean the parts of a breast pump. Other than this, handle gripping is something that plays a vital role as well; while cleaning with water, you can hold this brush firmly only because of the impressive handle grip.

What we liked:

  • Flexible brush head with thin and flexible bristles allow you to reach and clean those tiny nooks with ease.
  • This baby bottle brush unit’s overall material is completely BPA free; therefore, you won’t get any contamination issue because of this brush.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

3. Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush

Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush

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As we mentioned earlier, very few brands are offering the bristles and sponge combination of a bottle brush. Right? But here we are again with another bottle brush option that comes with this fantastic feature, and this time we got the Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush. Before anything else, we want to let you know that it is a pack of two brush units, and the best part is that you can buy this pack at just five bucks. Four different color options make it much easier to choose the right bottle brush as per your need.

Same as the previous sponge and bristle bottle brush, this one also got the sponge on the top and bristles below the sponge. And because these cleaning segments are present on the top of the brush, it would be much easier for you to reach those tiny nooks and crannies in the bottle. However, the nylon-made bristles are not that hard; that’s why it won’t scratch and ruin the bottle’s surface from inside. This thing also makes it ideal for cleaning almost all the glass and plastic bottles for bottle feeding.

What we liked:

  • More than 6 thousand parents rated this bottle brush with high star ratings, mainly because of the highly affordable price point.
  • There is a hidden nipple cleaner present at the bottom of each brush unit, which can also easily clean the nipple.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

4. Boon Cacti Bottle Cleaning Brush Set

Boon Cacti Bottle Cleaning Brush Set

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If you take the bottle cleaning thing seriously and you want something really effective, then make sure to give a shot to our list’s next product. On the fourth spot of this list, we got the Boon Cacti Bottle Cleaning Brush Set. We liked the most about this set because it doesn’t look like a bottle cleaning brush set at first. Instead, it seems like a showpiece that you can use for decoration, but that’s not the actual use of this set. There are a total of 4 bottle cleaning tools that come with this set.

There is a bottle brush, straw brush, nipple, and a detailed cleaning brush present in this set. But keep in mind that all the brushes got fine bristles, making cleaning things more effective. Along with the cleaning section’s versatility, one more thing that caught our attention and it is the handle parts. Each brush comes with an impressive grip of the handle that is easy to hold while cleaning the bottles or other parts or bottles and breast pumps.

What we liked:

  • One organizer unit comes out of the box, in which you can keep all the bottle brushes maintained in one place.
  • The nylon bristles are completely BPA free; therefore, you won’t get any water or milk contamination issue because of this brush set.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

5. Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush

Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush

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If you are reading this post with full focus, you may know we already added a Munchkin’s bottle brush to this list recently. But this time, we got the Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush on the fifth spot of our list. It’s a single unit of bottle brush that will cost you around five bucks, but the overall price to quality ratio seems very nice here. The bristles are present on the top of this brush’s neck, making it easy for you to control this brush easily.

The bristles are the nylon made ones, but they are not that hard in the texture; therefore, you won’t get the scratches issue with this bottle brush unit. However, these bristles are not that soft, which makes them capable of removing gunk inside the bottle. Manufacturers have offered the rubber gripping on the handle section of this brush, which is making it perfect for holding while cleaning the bottles with soapy water. In this way, you can have better control over the brush, and therefore you can clean the bottles effectively without leaving those gunky spots.

What we liked:

  • The bristles are planted so far on the neck of this brush that will help you clean those hard to reach nooks very easily.
  • There is the suction cup preset on the bottom of the brush unit, which will help you stick this brush in one place.

What we didn’t like:

  • This brush’s neck is not that long and flexible; therefore, you might see issues while cleaning small-sized bottles.

6. Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush

Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush

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If your primary motive is to clean a few large bottles, you should probably try this particular brush option. Next, we got the Philips AVENT Bottle And Nipple Brush, which is a fully plastic built brush. Talking about the design, so there are bristles present on the top of the brush unit. However, the bristles are only present on one side of the brush; therefore, you can rotate it within the bottle to better clean. The nipple cleaning section at the bottom of this brush unit works as an additional bonus.

The bristles are exceptionally durable and present in high density on the brush; therefore, you can expect a far better cleaning experience from this one. And because the head of this brush is a bit in the curve shape, therefore, you can expect it to clean the bottle very effectively. We are saying this because, in this way, the bristles will contact the bottle surface properly, and when you rub it or move the brush, the bristle will easily remove the gunk.

What we liked:

  • The pricing of this bottle brush cleaning unit is pretty aggressive and affordable; therefore, it seems a very nice deal in our view.
  • You can clean this bottle brush easily by just putting it into the dishwasher, which is another considerable plus here.

What we didn’t like:

  • You could get issues while cleaning the small-sized baby bottles with this brush unit.

7. Playtex SmartSpace Baby Bottle Brush

Playtex SmartSpace Baby Bottle Brush

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Brushes that come with the cleaning head in the shape of a bottle that fits perfectly inside the bottle are not that common. But it is a very effective way to clean a bottle; therefore, we have decided to come up with this Playtex SmartSpace Baby Bottle Brush on the seventh spot of our list. This one comes with an ergonomic design and perfect bristles placement; that’s why the cleaning efficiency is superb here. Talking about the bristles first, so these bristles look like spikes planted for every angle cleaning.

The bristles are not that hard, and it is why people won’t complain about the scratch issues after using this particular brush option. However, the bristles’ density is considerable here, which also plays a significant role in enhancing the overall cleaning experience. Talking about the handle part, as we mentioned earlier, comes in an ergonomic design that is easy to grip and hold. Even this brush won’t slip while you are cleaning bottles with soapy water.

What we liked:

  • Another small-sized brush comes out of the box, which you can use to clean the nipple and other breast pump parts.
  • You can expect a way better cleaning experience with this bottle brush because of the bristles’ presence in such a perfect way.

What we didn’t like:

  • This option’s neck is not that flexible; that’s why you might get issues while cleaning a bit long bottles.

8. MoomooBaby Triple Brush

MoomooBaby Triple Brush

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Undoubtedly, sponge bottle brushes also perform exceptionally well, and the best part is that they don’t leave any scratches at all. So, if you were looking for a perfect sponge headed bottle brush, then here you have one in front of you. This time we got the MoomooBaby Triple Brush. The first and biggest benefit of this particular brush is that you can use it with almost all the baby bottles from any brand. And the primary reason behind this is that the sponge is quite flexible and fits inside any bottle size, whether you have a large bottle or a small one.

The MoomooBaby manufacturers did something special for their customers by providing the nipple shaped little brush. This small brush perfectly fits the nipple for cleaning it properly, which parents most liked about this bottle brush set. Going down to the handle section, so the handle is pretty long of the primary brush. Not only this, but it is a polypropylene handle that comes with a firm grip. And this combination of impressive flexibility and incredible grip works perfectly and helps clean the bottle quickly but effectively.

What we liked:

  • All materials that manufacturers have used to make this set of brushes are completely BPA free, that indicates that there is no contamination issue you’ll face.
  • That little nipple shaped brush is like an impressive bonus here that makes the nipple cleaning very easy.

What we didn’t like:

  • The sponge starts getting uneven and rips very fast.

9. Kiinde Twist Pouch Baby Bottle Nipple Brush

Kiinde Twist Pouch Baby Bottle Nipple Brush

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The Kiinde Twist Pouch Baby Bottle Nipple Brush set is the most versatile brush pack on this list. We are saying this because you can use this bottle brush set to clean bottles, nipples, and most of the breast pump attachments. Whereas other brush options only allow you to clean the bottle, not the other attachments you use for bottle feeding. In case we talk about the bristles, the bristles are present in the spiral shape or pattern on each brush’s head. And this type of bristle placement making it super efficient to clean the tiny and hard to reach nooks inside the bottle.

The head and handle are two different sections and separate ones in this brush. The handle comes with an ergonomic design, which is wider from the corners and thinner from the middle part. This type of design makes it super easy and comfortable to hold while cleaning bottles. People ask questions about baby bottle brushes like will it scratch and ruin the bottle if we use it more often for cleaning? Well, it mostly depends upon bristles’ texture and how hard bristles are. Thankfully, there is no such case with this Kiinde Twist Pouch Baby Bottle Nipple Brush.

What we liked:

  • This pack of two ergonomic and very effective bottle brushes will only cost you six bucks, which looks like an excellent deal.
  • The bristles’ unique placement is only to enhance the effectiveness of each brush unit of this pack.

What we didn’t like:

  • None so far

10. Medela Quick Clean Bottle Cleaning Brush

Medela Quick Clean Bottle Cleaning Brush

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Finally, we are on the last spot of this list, but again we are here with another quality-oriented bottle brush. This time we have given a chance to the Medela Quick Clean Bottle Cleaning Brush. In our opinion, if you were looking for a brush to clean a bit large size of glass bottles, then make sure to give a try to this brush. As you can see, it is a typical bristle oriented brush, which makes it suitable for cleaning all types of bottles. Along with this, there is a nipple cleaning unit present on the bottom of this brush.

The bristles present on all 360 degrees; that’s why you can expect it to clean every corner of the bottle from inside. The bristles are also not that hard; that’s why you don’t even need to worry about the scratch issue with this brush specifically. Now it is time to look at the middle section, which also plays a vital role in cleaning. It’s the handle section, which is long and flexible and comes with a reasonably good grip.

What we liked

  • There is a whole present in the handle section, which lets you hang this overall brush when you do not use it.
  • The bottom nipple cleaning section is present in a shape that exactly fits with the bottle nipple to clean it.

What we didn’t like

  • Some users complained that the price to quality ratio of this baby bottle brush is not that great.

How To Choose The Best Baby Bottle Brush

Best Baby Bottle Brush

It is pretty understandable to use how hard it is to choose the right type of product for your little one. It is also a good thing to compare products and then make a final purchase decision, especially when you are buying it for your baby. So, if you feel unable to decide in favor of a baby bottle brush, this detailed buying guide will be all about you. Below we will be covering some highly important points that you shouldn’t ignore while choosing the right bottle brush.

1. Choose The Right Type

There are three different types/categories present related to baby bottle brushes; the first one is a bristle-oriented brush. This type of brushes are the most common and popular in the market, and if you want to clean glass bottles, then just go with this type. The second type is the sponge-tipped bottle brush; this type of bottle brushes are an excellent option for those parents who don’t want any scratch issue from a bottle brush. The third type is the sponge plus bristle combination bottle brushes. This type of brush is not that common in the market, but yeah, if you are getting under your budget, just go for it.

2. Flexible Neck

A flexible neck is characteristic of a bottle brush with highly effective cleaning performance. You’ll mostly get the flexible neck in bottle brushes that come with a long length; however, it is not necessary. With the help of a flexible neck, you can easily move the bush inside the bottle to clean those tiny nooks and crannies. If you are getting a brush that doesn’t have a flexible neck, you should probably skip that one and look for another with a flexible neck this time.

3. Overall Length

Yeah, the length of a brush matters a lot, especially when it comes to cleaning a bit longer length of baby bottles. And it is very clear that if you have a short length of bottle brush, it won’t work with the deep bottles. Therefore you should always choose something that comes with an overall long length. Many manufacturers and experts recommend buying a bottle brush of at least 10 inches in length.

4. Handle

If the handle of your chosen bottle brush is very slippery, then, believe it or not, you will struggle to clean the bottles every time. That’s why the handle section of a baby bottle brush ultimately becomes the section that requires attention. There are tons of different options present in the market that offering non-slip and rubber gripping handles. But we suggest you look for something that comes with an ergonomic design and rubber grip. We are saying this because this combination will perfectly work with this type of brushes, and you’ll find the cleaning process super easy.

5. Other Considerable Things

There are some other things or sections also present that you should look at. Like it would always be good for you to pick or buy a baby bottle brush with another accessory or unit to clean the nipple and other bottle attachments. Thankfully, on this list, we have added all the option that features this thing so that you can pick or buy any of them as per your requirement.

How to Clean a Bottle Brush?

Commonly, we all use bottle brushes for cleaning bottles, but it is also important to clean the brush. In case you are not cleaning it regularly before using it for cleaning any bottle, then here is how you should do it:

  • The first step would be to fill your sink with hot water. Just block the outlet of your sink and fill it with hot water.
  • Now you need to add one to two spoons of your general detergent that you use for cleaning your bottles or dishes in the kitchen.
  • You should now dip the brush into the hot water sink and let it soak for at least 15 minutes to 20 minutes. If the debris stuck to the bristles of the brush does not come out, then you can leave the brush soaked in the water for a little longer.
  • Now take the brush out of the sink and with the help of a plastic comb, you should comb the bristles of the bottle brush. That will help in removing the dirt, food, or any debris stuck to the bristles of the brush. You need to make sure that you are using a new and clean comb for this purpose.
  • You should again rinse the brush in fresh hot water post combing its bristles.
  • Once it is done, you will have to place the brush on a clean and dry plate or bowl.
  • On the brush, you need to pour hydrogen peroxide. You need to be very careful in this step and make sure that the solution touches the bristles of the bottle brush.
  • You should the hydrogen peroxide solution in the bottle brush for at least 15 minutes. This process will help in sanitizing the bottle brush.
  • After 15 to 20 minutes, you should take the bottle brush and place it under the running water or a tap in your kitchen. That will help in cleaning off the hydrogen peroxide that you poured into the brush.
  • You should now dry the bottle brush in the sun or under the fan until it is completely dry.
  • Now you can store it for your next use.

This way you will be able to keep the bottle brush clean and also ready for the next use. This step is very important especially if you are using the brush for cleaning baby feeding bottles. Any dirt or debris on the brush can cause a problem for the baby.

Bottle Brush Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. Cleaning on regular basis is an important part. You can easily clean every area of the bottle with an easy. All thanks to the soft bristles and excellent design of the brush. It also gets rid of milk stains from the bottle.

Usually, an average brands baby bottle brush has a 6 to 8 month life period. Otherwise, the product working capacity fully depends on its bristles quality. You can get better ones for an expensive price which will last more than a year.

There are so many brands available that you can choose from. The famous ones are-

  • Dr Browns
  • OXO
  • Munchkin
  • Boon Cacti
  • Playtex
  • Philips and more


Plenty of different baby bottle brush options that are present in the market are more than enough to confuse any parent or mom. But we know you always look for the best one while making the buying decision about any product that you want to buy for your little one.

It was the main reason which influenced us to come up with this fantastic post where we have listed the ten best baby bottle brushes of 2022 after conducting in-depth research on this topic.

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