The Best Baby Bibs 2022 [To Protect Baby’s Clothes]

While you feed your baby with baby food, you will see how chunks and pieces of food will fall on their clothing no matter how hard you try to avoid such things. Some foods are also known to be staining and hence will completely ruin your baby’s adorable dress. Many people use napkins to stop such things; however, without proper attachment, such napkins tend to fall from your baby’s neck easily. Therefore, you will surely need a baby bib instead of regular napkins.

What Is a Baby Bib?

A baby bib is a piece of cloth that is worn hanging from a baby’s neck. It covers their chest and helps protect that clothing from food that gets accidentally spilled while you feed them. They are frequently used for babies for quite some time in their life. Additionally, as babies also drool a lot, bibs help stop that drool from reaching their garments. This way, you do not get to clean their clothes again and again on the same day. What you have to do is clean and wash the baby bibs.

Baby bibs these days come in different sizes and shapes according to your baby’s needs. They attach well behind their neck and won’t come off even when your baby tries to pull it. With that, you will always get to make your baby eat well that, too, in a clean manner.

Different Types of Baby Bibs

Baby Bibs are a lifesaver especially when your kid is young and have a habit of spreading food. As we mentioned, baby bibs have come in different sizes, shapes, designs and sizes, but what about different types? Only a few people know the types of bibs. Being so selective with baby bibs should be very important. Because here is a question of baby’s skin safety and hygiene. Let us discuss different types of baby bibs.

Differentiate Accordingly Material

  1. Fabric Material – As compared to other materials, the fabric includes cotton or Muslin is too soft and gentle. This absorbent material is machine washable and the material quality makes it so preferable. Talking about flexibility, cotton material is easy to use and easy to carry. Bibs made from cotton are easy to tie and keeping messes to the slightest. Even, the fabric will allow the baby to feel comfortable and breathable. These bibs are best for feeding newborns and infants.
  2. Plastic Material –Bibs made from plastic are even larger than fabric bibs. The shape of these bibs is quite good and has waterproof quality. The thin plastic bibs can hold shape for the long term. They are also come with a pocket for holding crumbs. Scoop bibs and coverall bibs are available in plastic, specially designed for little ones, much easier and comfortable. This material provides maximum protection with their stretchy exposure area without restricting the baby’s array of motion. Plastic bibs are thoughtfully designed for older babies who are creating big messes. They are even large and offer wide coverage protection and they are easy to clean.
  3. Silicon Material – Bibs are made up of silicon material are waterproof. Moreover, they are gentle, soft, cold-resistant, easy to clean, stain-resistant, and flexible. Infect, cleaning silicon bibs is too much easy. These bibs are also dishwasher-proof and take less time for cleaning. The easy to wipe silicone bib are budget-friendly and give great value for money.

Thus, different types of bibs can provide complete protection and comfort to your baby.

Differentiate Accordingly Specific Name

  1. Feeding Bibs – These bibs are an easy way to prevent babies from getting dirty while feeding. It also keeps your kitchen floor clean. Generally, these bibs are made out of silicone, rubber and plastic. This bib comes with a bottom pocket that holds both solids and liquids.
  2. Traditional Bibs – The most commonly used traditional bibs can be easily tied around the baby’s neck. Usually, this bib comes with two strips of cloth and a half-moon shape.
  3. Smock Bibs – These bibs are a bit bulkier and wear like a t-shirt. It is suitable for restaurants and parties gatherings. Because it can keep a baby’s dress neat and clean.
  4. Disposable Bibs – These bibs are only for one time use. While you are on vacation or go for a long drive with your baby, this bib is come in handy. When you will not be able to clean something, use disposable bibs.
  5. Bandana Bibs – These bibs are specially designed for baby’s drooling. It helps to keep your baby’s dry and comfortable.

Today we have got ten beautiful and adorable baby bibs for you. We offered our extensive reviews on them and expressed the things that we liked and didn’t like about each baby bib.

Best Buy Baby Bibs Reviews

Let us discuss them below –

1. Happy Healthy Parent Silicone Baby Bibs

Happy Healthy Parent Silicone Baby Bibs

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Happy Healthy Store has brought a pair of baby bibs in their set. You are going to get two baby bibs of different colors, including the Green and Turquoise colors. However, you can also browse and access other colors of your choice. The price of these baby bibs sounds very effective and economical, keeping in mind that they come in a set of two. With a genuinely exceptional lifetime money-back guarantee, these bibs are something that you will enjoy using on your babies and kids a lot.

If ever you find yourself or your child being unsatisfied with the bibs, you can quickly return them to the Happy Healthy Parent store, and they will give back your money. As these bibs are made out of silicone, they are quite soft and do not develop any hard stains. The pocket in front is quite big, suitable for catching both small and large chunks of food that fall accidentally from your child’s hands. These food grade baby bibs are also known to be free from PVC as well as BPA.  Its adjustable neckband will never cause any discomfort in your child’s neck as well.

What we liked:

  • The colors of these bibs are adorable and bright.
  • You will get a pair of bibs if you buy a pack.
  • The bibs are made of silicone and can be rolled up for easy storage.
  • They are waterproof and stain-resistant.

What we didn’t like:

  • We have nothing to say in this section so far as we like everything.

2. Bumkins Waterproof and Washable Baby Bibs for 6-24 months babies

Bumkins Waterproof and Washable Baby Bibs

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Bumkins has been known to create truly fantastic baby bibs for quite some time. When it comes to baby bibs, we like how some people prefer the ones that come in printed options. Those kinds of prints are what you will get to see in these baby bibs by Bumkins. Additionally, these baby bibs come in a set of three. Even then, their price is lesser than the ones we mentioned before. This is why people prefer it over the others. As their child becomes less fond of using the same bibs, again and again, they can also try buying the other printed versions of the same baby bibs.

The prints that are quite famous in these bibs include quill, feathers, and arrows. They look baby-friendly and adorable at the same time. All three bibs in the set are water-resistant. They are also known to resist false odors and stains pretty well. To use them, again and again, you can wash them in your washing machine. Furthermore, these bibs are tested in the lab rigorously and are proven to be the safest for babies. The product’s single-ply construction also allows you to never worry about the icky stuff that often grows between fabrics of local baby bibs.

What we liked:

  • The printed options of these baby bibs are highly extensive and unique.
  • You will get three baby bibs in a pack at an affordable rate.
  • The bibs have single-ply construction, which will never let the icky stuff settle.
  • All three baby bibs are machine washable, stain-resistant, and odor resistant.

What we didn’t like:

  • These baby bibs won’t last as long as silicone baby bibs.

3. Luvable Friends Cotton Terry Baby Bibs

Luvable Friends Cotton Terry Baby Bibs

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We are now happily going to bring to you the Cotton Terry Baby Bibs by Luvable Friends. Cotton Terry Baby Bibs are more affordable than the ones made out of waterproof fabric or silicone material. They are very soft and act as a napkin for your babies while they eat. One can also use such bibs to wipe their baby’s face as they continue to eat. The cotton will never cause redness on your baby’s skin and damage it. One can choose from the Luvable Friends Baby Bibs’ design options for their baby aged between 6-24 months.

The back of these bibs is waterproof. Therefore, they will indeed last more than the regular baby bibs you might get from the local market. All of them come with the loop and hook closure, which makes putting them on your baby’s neck relatively easy. In a single set of these baby bibs, the customer will get seven pieces of the product. This way, your baby can get to use a different baby bib every day of the week. Luvable Friends is known to never compromise their baby products’ quality and still make them suitable for their customer’s budget.

What we liked:

  • These bibs have a waterproof back for a longer and better lifespan.
  • The closure on each baby bib is very easy to use.
  • You can wash these baby bibs in the washing machine.
  • The cotton-polyester fabric is strong and soft at the same time.

What we didn’t like:

  • The life of these bibs is comparatively lesser than the ones made out of wholly waterproof material.

4. Green Sprouts Hook and Loop Closure Baby Bibs

Green Sprouts Hook and Loop Closure Baby Bibs

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The Green Sprouts baby bibs are quite the deal of the year as they come in a fantastic set of 10 baby bibs. All ten of them are made out of Cotton Terry, which is known to be highly absorbable. This way, whenever your baby drools or spits the food while eating, you will not have to run for a napkin. You can just use the baby bibs to wipe their mouth. For an easy on and off from your baby’s neck, the bibs have the hook and loop closure. We also like how their colors are from the same color family.

This makes the bibs look relatively unified and adorable. You can go with sets of bibs that come from the same color shaded designs. One can choose from the blue, aqua, pink, and white versions. If you choose the white set, you will have all the ten bibs in white color only. While choosing the pink set will let you have baby bibs that have pastel-colored designs. As the bibs are waterproof, any spill on the bib will not reach your baby’s clothes. Their size is perfect for small babies as well as kids. Furthermore, these baby bibs are quite practical for everyday use.

What we liked:

  • These baby bibs stay dry as they have a waterproof layer inside them.
  • The outer layers are soft and made using knitted terry.
  • The color options are quite bright, fun to use, and easy to match with baby outfits.
  • The Velcro closure of the bibs is also quite exceptional.

What we didn’t like:

  • The life of these baby bibs won’t be more than a year if you do not wash them with care.

5. Upsimples Baby Bandana Bibs for Teething and Drooling

Upsimples Baby Bandana Bibs

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We also see how some people want to have bibs that are not that thick for their baby. Therefore, we now have the Upsimples Bandana Bibs with us. They come in a set of 10 pieces of bibs having different designs and prints. The sets as a whole also come with different design options with names of the ocean set, the fox set, the solid set, the assorted set, and much more. As your baby drools, his/her clothes might get wet and sticky. What this does is only increase the washing load in your laundry. With these bibs, such things can be avoided.

You can put this bib around their neck while they sleep or play. It will soak the drool easily and not let your baby’s clothes go dirty and wet. One can also use these bibs as napkins while their baby eats food. The snaps on the bib can be fastened quickly and are also known to be free of nickel. This way, your baby will be safe from such metals, and you will get to adjust the bib according to your baby’s neck size. One can also pick these baby bibs for their friends who have recently become parents. They will truly love having it!

What we liked:

  • These bibs have a nickel-free closure, which can be easily adjusted.
  • They can be used as baby bibs as well as drool clothes.
  • They do not fit tight around your baby’s necks.
  • You can choose the bibs from different set designs and prints.

What we didn’t like:

  • These baby bibs are not waterproof; hence a little drool may reach your baby’s clothes.

6. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Bibs

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Terry Drooler Bibs

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You can buy these baby bibs for a baby boy as well as a baby girl as they come in a unisex design. Over the years, Hudson Baby is known to make highly qualitative products, and their baby bibs are no exception. In this baby bib set by them, you will get to have ten pieces of baby bibs, all of which have fiber filling. Because of this, they are softer than the regular baby bibs you see in the market. The blend of Cotton and Polyester in the fabric is 13:7. This ratio makes the bibs soft and yet remain strong without shredding easily.

The bibs have multi-layers, which help in absorbing drool and bits of liquid food easily. You will get to see adorable embroidery and sayings on the bibs from any set you pick, which makes them all look so cute. You will love having to pair the bibs with your baby’s clothes. They are all lightweight and can be easy pit on your baby’s neck every time they eat. They are plenty big and will suit the needs of a baby as well as a kid. The material is not going to disappoint you even after multiple washes in the washing machine.

What we liked:

  • The embroidery on the bibs has intricate and beautiful detailing.
  • Babies of both genders can use it.
  • Other than embroidery, you can also find adorable sayings on the bibs.
  • They all have fiber filling, which makes the bibs soft and absorbent.

What we didn’t like:

  • The bibs do not have waterproof material, so your baby’s drool might reach and wet your baby’s clothes.

7. Simple Joys Baby Bibs – Pack of Seven

Simple Joys Baby Bibs

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These baby bibs by Simple Joys are made out of 100% cotton. They can be used as Teething Bibs quite easily. Their quality is imported type, and they have a snap closure, which helps you wrap them easily around your baby’s neck. They come in two designs, out of which one is the blue design while the other one is the multi colored design. One can see stripes as well as prints in each bib. To clean these teething bibs, you can directly put them in the washing machine.

However, you are required to use non-harsh detergents; otherwise, the bibs won’t last that long. Each bib comes with a three-layer liner, which also has a single waterproof barrier. Such barriers are not usually seen in baby bibs that are made out of fabric. With the help of these baby bibs, the drool of your child will not reach his clothes. The styles are created exclusively for baby boys, and the price is also quite low. You can use these baby bibs every day.

What we liked:

  • The design on the baby bibs includes both printed and striped designs.
  • The closure of each bib is situated on the shoulder region and has a snap-button.
  • There is also a waterproof barrier in these baby bibs.
  • The packaging of the Simple Joys baby bibs is also hassle-free.

What we didn’t like:

  • The manufacturers of these baby bibs have mentioned that they are made for baby boys.

8. Maiwa Bandana Drool Baby Bibs for Girls

Maiwa Bandana Drool Baby Bibs

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You will get eight baby bibs in the Maiwa Bandana baby bibs sets. Toddlers, as well as infants, can use it as it is suitable for children of 0-3 years of age. With a highly adjustable popper fastening, these baby bibs’ opening and the closing procedure becomes very easy. All eight of them are very soft and known to be very easy to clean. They have also got a 100% absorbent fleece lining, which can absorb liquids and baby drool. As per the washing is concerned, you can hand wash as well as machine wash these bibs.

The snaps are so good that they will make room for any neck size of babies and toddlers. Many customers have reported how amazing the absorbing nature of the bib is. Even though it looks light, it will still absorb more than the napkins that you might have at your home. When a bib is there around your baby’s neck, you never have to keep reaching for the napkins that do not even absorb well. You are surely going to love these baby bibs a lot.

What we liked:

  • The color of these bibs is trendy and light.
  • They are all known to be highly absorbent.
  • The price of these bandana baby bibs is also very less.
  • It is suitable for babies as well as toddlers.

What we didn’t like:

  • As they are light in color, the bibs might look and get dirty easily.

9. Amazon Essentials Baby Bibs Sets

Amazon Essentials Baby Bibs Sets

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Amazon Essentials is known to manufacture a huge variety of utilitarian products for people of all ages. These baby bibs are known to work well for young babies and toddlers. In a pack of these one size bibs, you will get six baby bibs. They look so sweet and are available in designs like the fruit, striped and neutral motifs. All the bibs are regularly fine-tuned as Amazon listens to the customer’s needs very well. You can surely stock up on the product if you wish.

The color of the bibs does not fade even after multiple washes. Even after multiple uses, the size of the bibs will neither shrink nor enlarge. For closure, the bibs have a Velcro back, which will never let your baby feel any discomfort. They are thick and absorbent. Additionally, they are big, unlike the baby bibs that are triangular. Many people have loved its neutral prints and look that happen to go with a variety of baby outfits.

What we liked:

  • The quality of these baby bibs is sky-high.
  • As they are from Amazon Essentials, you can know how finely tuned their design must be.
  • You get to have them in pastel as well as neutral-colored options.
  • They cover your baby’s front pretty well.

What we didn’t like:

  • You only get to have six of these baby bibs in this set.
  • Even though they are absorbent, the bibs are not waterproof.

10. Simple Joys Bib Set and Burp Cloth

Simple Joys Bib

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Last we have the Simple Joys Baby Bib set with us. We have discussed one of the baby bib sets from Simple Joys before, so we might as well bring another baby bib set by them for you. In this set, you will get to have four baby bibs and four burp cloths. The task of feeding your baby well will hence be sorted. The burp cloths come with bound edges that help stop the absorbed liquid and from dripping down. They are also printed, unlike the regular baby burp cloths.

On the other hand, the baby bibs are made in a shape that helps cover your baby’s neck as well as the front. These bibs are made using soft cotton, which is not blended with any other fabric and material. The back of the burp cloth, however, is made using 17% polyester and 83% cotton so that it does not get torn easily after numerous washes. The fun slogans and sweet prints on the baby bibs will surely become your favorite.

What we liked:

  • In this set by Simple Joys, you will get four baby bibs and four burp cloths.
  • The burp cloths are made using a blended fabric, while the baby bibs are made out of 100% cotton.
  • The edges of the burp cloth are bound to keep the absorb liquids from dripping.
  • The baby bibs come with sweet slogans and adorable prints.

What we didn’t like:

  • The baby bibs have a button closure, which might turn out to be a bit of a hassle sometimes.

How To Choose The Best Baby Bibs

We have the following factors today for you. You can read them and then consider them while you buy baby bibs for your baby.

Have a look at all the factors below

1. Material of the Baby Bib

Baby bibs come in different types of materials these days. There are the ones that are made out of silicone, which is equipped with a food catcher in the front. They are soft and usually free from BPA and PVC. Other common materials of baby bibs include cotton mixed with polyesters. Such baby bibs are strong and soft at the same time. However, if you wish to have the softest baby bibs, you must go with the bibs made out of 100% cotton.

2. Waterproof baby bibs

For people who are fed up with baby bibs that do not help control the baby drool from reaching their clothes, waterproof baby bibs might help. These baby bibs are made out of fabric but have a waterproof layer inside them, which helps stop the drool on the baby bib. They are easy to wash and are known to be long-lasting. However, the icky stuff on such baby bibs easily develops, so you will have to wash them often in order to keep them fully clean and hygienic.

3. Design of baby bibs

Many people like to have baby bibs that suit with their baby’s apparel. For them, the baby bibs that come in a range of designs and colors might be suitable. One can find such baby bibs on our list and choose them. Some people like neutral baby bib designs while others like the ones that have adorable prints and sayings on them. Additionally, there are also people who want plain baby bibs only. All of those baby bibs are what we have included on our list. You can easily check them all.

4. Number of baby bibs

Baby bibs come in a set usually. Therefore before buying them, you should look at the number of bibs you will get to have. More number of bibs will mean you will have access to clean bibs even when the one that your baby wears gets dirty. But do not just go by the baby bibs’ number as you should also consider how useful and long-lasting they are. If you do not consider such aspects, the ones that you buy will only turn out to be useless after a few months.

5. Closure of the Baby Bib

The closure of the baby bib is what will make it easy to put on your baby as well as off your baby. It will also help you adjust the size of it according to the size of your baby’s neck. Generally, people prefer Velcro closures on baby bibs that are present behind or on the shoulder of the bib. There are also bibs that have buttoned closure, but you will not like them as they take extra seconds to be fixed and passed through the buttonhole. Their size can also not be adjusted that easily. So try avoiding baby bibs with such closures.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions for a baby bib. Go ahead and check out the details now.

Baby Bib Frequently Asked Questions

Baby bibs sound like a harmless accessory, but that is not at all true. The baby bib can be dangerous if you leave your baby unmonitored. In some cases, the baby might try to pull the baby bib, suffocating the baby. In such a case, never leave your baby unsupervised with a baby bib on. You should ensure that the baby is only wearing a baby bib when it is necessary to wear one. This will ensure that the baby doesn't suffocate and stays safe during and after the feeding.

Many people feel that the newborn baby shouldn't need a baby bib. The fact is that the newborn baby does need a baby bib. The infant baby often spits the milk after feeding. The bib can help you in containing the milk split by the baby. You can start using the baby bib as soon as the baby is born. In addition to this, once the baby starts eating solid food, it becomes even more necessary to use the baby bib. The baby bib can also help you when the baby is teething. During the teething, the baby would often soil the clothes with various fluids, and the baby bib can save you from washing clothes all the time.

For a newborn baby, ensure that you have at least 10 to 15 baby bibs at home. Do not get the cotton baby bibs but buy the ones that have a plastic backing. The plastic backing will ensure that the liquid doesn't pass through the baby bib to the clothes. The plastic at the back will ensure that the baby stays dry. In addition to this, having 10 to 15 baby bibs will ensure that you do not have to wash them daily. Do not reuse the baby bib without washing it. In addition to this, always soak the baby bib in the antiseptic liquid to keep the bib clean.

There are two options in terms of material that would prove to be very useful. The first option is the silicone baby bib. The silicone baby bibs are very durable, and they are also excellent in keeping the baby clean. These bibs do not let the moisture pass, and they have a cavity that can store any solid or liquid that falls. These are easy to wash, and silicone is also resistant to pathogen growth. The second option that you can consider is the regular cotton baby bibs.

Yes, you should use the baby bib while breastfeeding the baby. Even during breastfeeding, the baby would split the milk. Using a baby bib will help you in containing the liquid. In addition to this, it will also give you an area to wipe. Using the baby bib will also ensure that your clothes do not get spoiled while breastfeeding the baby. It is one of the most important parts of feeding the baby, and you will keep using the bibs until the baby turns 3 or 4 years old.

Wrapping Up

Baby bibs are really essential as they act as quick-access napkins as soon as your baby drools or burps. There are different sizes and shapes of baby bibs available; however, the ones that we picked for you are known to be perfect. Many of them are also suitable to be used on kids and toddlers. For new parents, the buying guide will help a lot. We can be quite sure that you will end up liking at least a few baby bibs that we have selected today.

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