10 Best Hooded Baby Towels 2022 [To Keep Babies Warm]

Are you willing to give your baby the best protection from climate? It is quite apparent that you want to add the most delicate layer to the protection layer to reduce risk and keep your baby smiling. Among the most significant protections, using a soft hooded baby towel seems like the perfect companion. Choosing any kind of towel won’t be offering the best protection at all. Being selective with the type, quality, and design plays an essential role in reducing trouble regarding the quality and layer of protection.

Why Use Hooded Baby Towel?

An ideal hooded baby towel will give your baby a firm experience. The material is breathable so that baby won’t sweat at all. In addition to that, a hooded baby towel should be warm enough to keep your baby protected from cold weather during the winter season. There are different types based on the weather, and choosing the right type means considering the baby’s climate and age. There are plenty of sizes, and the right size is basically about giving your baby a snug fit into the hooded baby towel.

The fabric used in manufacturing is mostly high quality because if the material is not premium, it might cause quality standards and regulatory issues. However, there is certainly a significant difference between an acceptable hooded baby towel quality vs. the premium hooded baby towel quality. The use of the material is different, and the features you are expecting from the product also differ. The expensive and luxurious material use might provide the best comfort in a towel, but you won’t expect the best value from such products.

Best Buy Baby Hooded Towels Reviews

So, you can say that spending a higher amount doesn’t mean the best deal. To expect a quality product, comparing plenty of brands, their build quality, features, and reviews can help getting more details about the product. After considering all the essential aspects of our buying guide, you can compare and figure out a quality hooded baby towel. On the other hand, we are listing our favorite hooded baby towel in 2022. The list is based on experts’ reviews and suggestions factors.

Let’s dig in and learn about the best choices of all time: –

1. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towel

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towel

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A product made of 100% woven terry cotton to fulfill your need and provide a quality used is Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towel. It is made of superior quality material, and there is 100% cotton used in the manufacturing process. The quality is premium, and you can have quality in hand feeling during the touch.

The key quality is comfort level and its attractive look. Having an elephant colored hooded towel with an animal face makes it pretty. The dimensions of this towel are 33×33 inches, and these are enough to fulfill the basic need. It will be gentle on baby skin, and it will provide the next level of comfort.

It is also an optimal choice for daily use. And if you compare the price, it seems affordable.

What We Liked:

  • The animal face looks child-friendly, and it will be attractive for great use.
  • The comfort level is super-premium and provides value beyond such a price point.
  • It is available for quite an affordable price point over the other options.
  • The dimensions of the towel are 33×33 inches, which are good enough for a newborn baby.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No cons reported yet!

2. Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Hooded Towel

Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Hooded Towel

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Slightly affordable and good looking from our top pick is Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Hooded Towel. This towel set includes several items that will help in day-to-day use and provide the maximum comfort level. The use of cotton polyester ensures better durability, and the soft feel is intact regarding this hooded towel.

The set includes 75% of cotton material pieces, whereas 25% is polyester, which seems perfect. Mainly this set includes five washcloths that are easy to clean. The best part is that these clothes will remain soft and gentle on baby skin, which makes it a highly reliable choice. The affordability factor can ensure that you are getting the best product of all kinds.

What We Liked:

  • The set includes five pieces made of 75% cotton and 25% polyester.
  • The comfort level is adequate and feels reliable considering the quality.
  • The price is very low, as if you compare it to similar quality options.
  • There is a range of animal patterns and color choices available in the market.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Durability might be slightly poor as few negative reviews are there.

3. San Francisco Baby Ultra Soft Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

San Francisco Baby Ultra Soft Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

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If you want something which provides the best use along with a long term warranty, then buying San Francisco Baby Ultra Soft Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel is a perfect choice. It is coming with two years of warranty which ensure the best purchase. The design is cute and cuddly, making it one of the better choices over the other options.

It seems like the perfect present for your loved ones, and you can expect great use. Finishing this towel is adorable, and you can use it for all-day fun for baby. They are going to appreciate it. However, it seems like one of the expensive options among the other ones. It costs double the amount for a single baby towel, which might affect your choice.

What We Liked:

  • The build quality used in this baby towel is extremely premium and highly reliable.
  • The Comfort level of this hooded baby towel is outstanding and undoubtedly the best one.
  • Durability is not a major concern, and you are getting two years of warranty here.
  • The set is too cute and looks pretty on babies, which makes it highly appreciable.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is available for a slightly expensive price point.

4. Buttons and Stitches Baby Boys Infant Hooded Towels

Buttons and Stitches Baby Boys Infant Hooded Towels

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For an impressive variety, going with a mid-range priced hooded baby towel seems an adequate choice for sure. Well, you can do it with Buttons and Stitches Baby Boys Infant Hooded Towels. It is a widely popular hooded towel made for infants, and it is super absorbent. Drying out skin seems like the easiest thing with the use of this baby towel.

The quality is impressive and eye-catchy. On the other hand, it is available for the mid-range price tag, ensuring a better purchase. It has a perfect size, and it is offering you properties like machine washable properties for easier cleaning. The material is soft, and it has a simple design so you can expect a basic use.

What We Liked:

  • This baby towel provides a higher range of comfort with quality absorption.
  • There is a wide range of options available in the same model.
  • It is a perfectly sized towel to fulfill the need effectively, and the towel is machine washable.
  • Three towels are included in this pack, and the cost per towel seems very low.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Durability is a point of concern.

5. Burt’s Bees Baby – Hooded Towels

Burts Bees Baby - Hooded Towels

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Going with a 100% cotton towel is always the best choice for a better range of absorption and effective use. Comparing a range of options can help you understand that cotton might be the best material, but there are different qualities in it. If you want the best quality and reliable use, then the purchase of Burt’s Bees Baby Hooded Towel seems like the best choice.

There are two towels included in the kit, and each towel is going to cost you quite a high price. You can choose between a wide range of colors and patterns that are pleasant to eyes and feel reliable to use. The perfectly sized hood ensures that your baby feels the comfort and stay away from the direct blow of air. Even this brand is quite popular around the globe.

What We Liked:

  • The hood is providing a perfect fit which ensures a better use for babies.
  • The build quality is premium, as 100% pure cotton is used in the manufacturing process.
  • It has combed and ring-spun cotton used in manufacturing, which provides great durability.
  • There are many color options in the same kind with dimensions of 29″ x 29”.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Comparatively expensive option.

6. Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towel

Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towel

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To wrap your baby comfortably with top-notch care, Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towel might feel overwhelming here. It is made up of 100% Woven Terry Cotton and provides excellent absorption quality here. Some of the best designing work completed by the manufacturer makes it look eye-catchy and attractive.

From absorbing water to wrapping your baby effectively, this animal face hooded towel provides the best in all kinds of use. Some adorable details make it impressive to use. The best part is its long size, which provides you enough space to cover a toddler baby. The dimensions are 30×36 inches, which are quite enough to get started with the use.

What We Liked:

  • It is made up of 100% Woven Terry Cotton which ensures a premium level of comfort.
  • Durability is not a major concern with this animal face hooded towel.
  • The color choice with animal patterns is unique and excellent for first-time buyers.
  • These towels are quite affordable, and support machine washes for ease of use.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No cons were reported.

7. Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Terry Hooded Towels

Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Terry Hooded Towels

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For a genuine quality, spending little extra bucks can ensure that you get a premium quality product. So, the purchase of Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Terry Hooded Towels can offer you the premium functionality. It is made up of cotton polyester material where 100% cotton is used in manufacturing towels, and polyester is for outsider animal design.

There are six different color options, which make it look eye-catchy and highly reliable over the other options. You are getting three towels in one set, which might make you feel that a single towel is coming for a lower price point. The material might feel a bit itchy because 30% of the polyester is used in the manufacturing process.

What We Liked:

  • This set includes three towels that ensure that you are getting value for money deal.
  • There is 70% cotton used in the manufacturing process, which makes it feel comfortable.
  • There is a total of six different color options that you can choose in-between.
  • It is going to be soft and gentle on the baby’s skin, which ensures better use.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The use of 30% polyester makes it less comfortable after a couple of washes.

8. HIPHOP PANDA Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

HIPHOP PANDA Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

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When it comes to choosing between different sizes options, you can look forward to the purchase of HIPHOP PANDA Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel. The primary reason is its size. You can choose between three different sizes, which makes it highly comfortable to use options. From wrapping a newborn to a toddler baby, using a baby towel can fulfill the need effectively.

There is double layer material to provide you better durability and comfort level during the use. This baby towel is made from a rayon, which is extracted from bamboo. In other words, it is a natural and environmentally friendly option. This towel is lightweight and thing even with such an incredible absorption technology.

What We Liked:

  • There are three different sizes available in the same kind with great color options.
  • The build quality is premium, and in-hand comfort is completely admirable.
  • It keeps your baby warm and makes them feel a better range of comfort during the use.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is an expensive option over the other ones.

9. Miniboo Premium Ultra Soft Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

Miniboo Premium Ultra Soft Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

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When it comes to animal looks, the panda is widely popular due to its cute looking eyes and face shape. Well, the same look is offered by Miniboo Premium Ultra Soft Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel for quite a premium price tag. It is made of the most premium quality materials: 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton. The perfect combination of both provides the best quality.

The absorption rate is pretty impressive to expect, making you fall for these towels over the other options. The towel is designed for newborns to toddler babies, and there is only a single size available in it. The problem is the price tag, which might feel slightly or significantly higher than the decided budget.

What We Liked:

  • The comfort level is excellent due to the use of bamboo and cotton.
  • Get great durability with the fabric extracted from bamboo material.
  • It is extra soft and thick for effective use during the wintertime.
  • You can choose different designs from a similar brand in the same budget.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There are no color or pattern choices available.
  • The price tag is significantly higher here.

10. JJ Cole Hooded Baby Towel Set

JJ Cole Hooded Baby Towel Set

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The last product on our list is JJ Cole Hooded Baby Towel Set. This set includes several items with different color and pattern options to get you the right type of towel set. It is made of 100% cotton, and the price is slightly into the mid-range category. There are four different color and pattern options which are almost similar in term of the price tag.

The size is adequate to wrap your baby perfectly and giving them a perfect layer of protection. Drying out your baby’s skin will feel easy with this towel because it provides better absorption and quality use rate. The material might be soft; it has only a single issue with the overall durability. Well, most reviews are positive and heartwarming about this deal.

What We Liked:

  • The material used in manufacturing is 100% cotton, which seems credible.
  • The build quality is impressive, and you can expect a reliable in-hand feel during the use.
  • The soft material with easier machine wash is ensuring the best use over the other options.
  • There are four impressive color options available in this kind for sure.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not available.

How to Choose a reliable Hooded Baby Towel?

Best Hooded Baby Towels

Comparing the essential features can reduce cluster and help you narrow down the list to a few products. You can use the below-given factors and compare them with all the products to find which one can suit your need. Important factors are listed on top, whereas less important factors are on the list.

Let’s begin:

Fragrance-Free Options

Most brands claim to offer quality Hooded baby towels, but they add a little fragrance to make it feel comfortable. However, having fragrance means your baby might feel discomfort. There are many reasons that baby towels with fragrance are bad for your baby. Companies are using a spray that can irritate while breathing, and they can have a bad effect on the skin because these fragrances are produced with chemicals. It would be a better alternative as if you choose a product which doesn’t have any fragrance in it. Artificial fragrance is bad; that’s why you can choose natural scenes and use a little to reduce any kind of bad odor from the towel.

Go with Premium Quality Fabrics

Several types of fabrics are available during the selection of a hooded baby towel. While selecting the right one, looking at their quality is important. You should go with cotton made hooded baby towels because they are good absorbent, and they are also comfortable to use. The best part is, pure cotton can provide an enhanced level of comfort. Checking the towel in-hand gives a better experience during the purchase because you can feel the quality. The right type of fabric might not last long, but it will give the best use. Durability is slightly poor with extremely premium and luxurious baby towels, but they offer the best comfort level during the use.

Quick Water Absorption

A genuine quality baby towel can absorb water at a faster rate, and it can provide you a comfortable use. The credit goes to better design and the right amount of thread count. When you are using cotton made towels, you can find that they are offering great quality absorption. Pima and Turkish cotton are two popular names. Both have their key advantages and the significant price difference that you can compare and figure out the best one. Egyptian cotton is also great, but this one is widely preferred for bedsheets instead of making towels. So, you should compare the quality and type of use before finalizing the best one for your specific need.

Comfort Durability

Few brands use chemicals to make a towel look premium and enhancing the comfort level. However, these towels are not that good after a while. The comfort level starts going down, and you can have a feel of scratchy material. To increase comfort and expecting a premium user, looking for a slightly expensive priced towel would be a better deal. You can consider mid-priced hooded baby towels because they are slightly better in terms of design and comfort. On the other hand, you can expect better durability from such options to effectively fulfill your need.

Hypoallergic Quality

Babies’ skin is so sensitive that using a little poor quality towel can easily scratch them. To reduce damage, using a hypoallergic quality hooded baby towel will be a better option. Going with the inferior quality product can reduce rashes and irritation of any kind. Even using the hypoallergic product would be a better option for mother earth because such products are eco-friendly and reliable. They are not going to cause any side effects on the environment. You can buy organic hooded towels, and the same goes with hooded bamboo towels. These are bio-degradable, and these are not going to cause any side effects as other materials are doing so far.

Eye-Catchy Designs

Choose baby towels that have eye-catchy designs because these are going to look pleasant. Your baby would love to wear the hooded baby towel. The best quality is, these towels have animal characters that make them look attractive. Choose colors that are pleasant to eyes also because going with shiny color means your baby might have problem opening eyes. It is the worst issue that you can find regarding the use of too bright or shiny colors. This might feel like a less important factor, but do not ever try going with poor color options like shiny red, blue, or orange. Choose the faded version of each color.

Size and Shape

The common size of a hooded baby towel is good enough to wrap him/her completely. But, for a toddler, you can find slightly larger sizes. The shape also varies a little from brand to brand. Due to this, you should compare all the available sizes and shapes to avail the best quality product and never facing any issue with durability. Even you can check for the rest of the features like the type of hood and attractiveness.

Reputed Brands

Choosing well-liked brands will serve you the best need because such brands can provide quality products. They have a market value and reputation to protect or improve. So, they will be trying to get you the best quality possible. Look for some of the reputed brands and choose any of the hooded baby towels from them to reduce clutter. On the other hand, if you are still confused, then you can check out the most liked products and choices of professionals which we listed on our list. These methods are pretty easy and helpful, figuring out a reliable deal over the other options.

Customer Feedback

Comparing most of the reviews regarding a well-liked product allows you to figure out a well-made hooded baby towel. You mustn’t choose a low quality product, but you would expect excellent quality if you are paying a higher price. The scenario is not the same with every product because it isn’t the right approach. When you check customers’ reviews and ratings, you can make decisions more quickly. Figuring out a reliable hooded baby towel seems more comfortable by reading plenty of reviews.

How To Keep Your Baby’s Towels Soft?

Here are some useful tips that can help you keep your baby’s towels soft:

  • You should always add only one tablespoon of detergent soap to the baby towels. That means, one load needs only one tablespoon. Anything more than that can make them feel slimy and hard.
  • You need to make sure that you are drying them only as much as needed. If you overdry them then they are going to make the towels hard. So, remove them from the dryer on time and if required you can dry them under the sun or fan for a few hours.
  • It is always good to use warm water when you are washing baby towels, as that will help in keeping them soft by removing dirt quickly.
  • Try to get a dryer that comes with a moisture sensor. When there is no moisture left in the towels, the dryer will automatically stop and that does not make them overdry and hard.
  • Do not use any whitening agents for washing the baby towels. They can damage the material of the towels and hence you should try to avoid adding such chemical-based detergents to baby towels.

Hooded Baby Towels Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons to purchase and use hooded baby towels, one of the main reasons is that they could protect a baby from head to toe. Apart from this hooded baby towels are designed in such a way that they could protect and offer a special level of warmth to the baby, which could make the baby comfortable.

The number of hooded baby towels that you need to buy should be based on the climate, traveling, and bathing frequency. If the climate is too hot, instead of wearing some clothes, you could simply loosely wrap the baby in a hooded towel or more comfort and less irritation. At the same time, having more than one or two hooded baby towels could reduce your daily laundry load, you could simply limit your laundry to once a week. As the number of hooded baby towels you have increased, you could have more freedom and the baby could have more comfort.

Hooded baby towels are available in different sizes and as for the age, I don’t think there is an age limit. As far as I know, even 6-year old kids use hooded baby towels. Yes, there are hooded baby towels for 6-year old kids available on the market today, they are large and they are good.

No, hooded baby towels could be useful on a sunny day, summer, winter, or cold day. On a sunny day or in summer, it helps to absorb sweat and to keep the baby comfortable, on a cold day or winter, it helps to protect the baby or kid from cold. Unlike other towels, hooded baby towels are designed in such a way that they could protect the baby from head to toe.

Yes, of course, but it requires skill and patience. While stitching and making a hooded towel might be easier, the overall quality and style might not the comparable to the readymade hooded baby towels available today.

A hooded baby towel should be cleaned based on the material. There are different types of hooded baby towels available on the market based on the material alone. Some hooded baby towels are very soft and some of them are comparatively hard. Both soft and hard hooded baby towels should not be washed in the same way, remember, always know the material of your hooded baby towel and use the suitable washing method to increase the lifespan of the hooded baby towel.


The best hooded baby towel is always the one that packs all the essential features instead of few best features. When you compare products, don’t look for a particular feature only, always consider if the other aspects are getting checked. When you compare and select the best one, you expect the best quality deal, which will help you save money from poor quality options.

Keep it in mind that reviews are always helpful, but some companies go with online reputation enhancement services to get positive reviews. Due to this, look for all kinds of reviews. Checking a little negative review will help you know what kind of problem other people are facing. This method can serve the best need and help you avoid facing problems with durability.

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