10 Best Baby Wipes 2022 [For Newborns Good Hygiene]

Babies would need a diaper change at least a few times in a day. The problem comes when the baby experiences a bad blow out. If you do not have good quality wipes, you are up for a nasty surprise while changing the diapers. If the baby wipes are thin, you will notice that they tear easily and fold while using them. You will end up with a crappy ball with the inferior quality baby wipes. You will have poop on your hands, and we are sure that no one likes to be in such a situation.

Some wipes come with a strong scent, and they can cause rashes to the baby. While buying wipes for the baby, you need to ensure that they are mild, and at the same time, they should be made of good material. To be honest, baby wipes are the saviors when you have to change the diaper. Baby wipes also make it easy for you to change the diaper while traveling with the baby. Baby wipes are going to be your savior on many occasions. You just need to ensure that you buy good quality baby wipes for your baby.

How Many Baby Wipes Should I need in a month?

It is obvious that until the child does not grow up then pee and loo is not capable of doing it himself. In such a situation, take an estimate that the need for wipes will be more. The usage of wipes depends on the baby’s eating habits and requirements. Some parents use over 300 monthly for a one-month baby. The 300 wipes mean a total of 80 packs. As the children grow up, this number comes down to 250 per month. However, this will vary in the case of every age group. This is just a simple estimate that a parent can take.

Best Buy Baby Wipes Reviews

We have been through the dilemma of choosing the right baby wipe, and we do not want you to go through the same confusion. To help you, we have listed some of the good selling brand’s baby wipes that you can buy today online. These baby wipes are of good quality, and to help you further, we have even listed the pros and cons associated with each of these wipes. You can check out the reviews of these Baby wipes for newborns, and we are sure that you will be able to find something useful for your baby.

Here is the list of the ten best rated baby wipes for the money available on the market. Check this also you might need baby wipe warmer and wipe dispenser.

1. Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Wipes

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Huggies is one of the most reputed brands available in the market, and the first baby wipes that we would like to talk about are also from Huggies. These are mainly for babies who have sensitive skin. The wipes are made of plant-based ingredients, and they use purified water during the manufacturing process. These natural baby wipes are also fragrance-free, so you would not have to worry about the unpleasant smell. These wipes are also recognized by the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, and hence the wipes are safe for the baby.

If you are in a hurry and if you do not have time to go through the whole list, then you can simply buy these wipes. There is no alcohol and no non-toxic content in these wipes, so they would not cause dry skin. Apart from this, there are no dyes, chlorine, or MIT in these wipes. These wipes can help you in efficiently cleaning the baby, and they are worth the purchase. You can buy the bigger pack because we are sure that you are going to love this product.

What we liked:

  • The wipes have 99% purified water, and they are fragrance-free.
  • These wipes are made of plant-based material only.
  • They are available in packs of different sizes.
  • Dermatologists have tested the wipes.
  • The wax doesn’t contain any amount of alcohol, paraben, or fragrance.

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing that we could notice.

2. Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Water Baby Diaper Wipes

Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Water Baby Diaper Wipes

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Another reputed brand available in the market is Pampers. It is famous for the diapers, and the brand also manufactures baby wipes. These wipes are based on a simple formula that consists of 99% water and 1% cleanser. The cleanser in these baby wipes has been tested at multiple levels. The ingredients have a neutral pH, and this factor helps in the protection of the baby’s skin. Another nice thing about these non toxic baby wipes is that they do not control parabens, dyes, or fragrance. They are so completely natural, and they do not even contain alcohol.

The primary material used in manufacturing these baby wipes is cotton. It is soft, and the cotton helps you in efficiently cleaning the baby. Cotton is known to be biodegradable, so you would not have to worry about harming the environment. Pampers have always been critical about the safety of babies so you can trust the products from this brand. You will like these baby wipes, and we are sure that you will not have any complaints.

What we liked

  • These wipes are of exceptionally high quality, and they do not contain any chemicals.
  • The primary material of the wipes is cotton.
  • These wipes are available at an affordable price.
  • These baby wipes are unscented ones.
  • The material of the wipes is thick, and hence they do not roll up while you are using them.

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing as such.

3. WaterWipes Unscented Baby Wipes

WaterWipes Unscented Baby Wipes

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Until now, the baby wipes that we have talked about has 99% of water. Some babies may develop rashes with even such wipes, and for such babies, you might want to buy even better baby wipes. Well, here is one brand that takes care of your need. Yes, we are talking about the baby wipes from WaterWipes, and these wipes have 99.9% water content. These wipes are the purest wipes that you can buy in 2022. There is nothing better than these wipes available in the market. In terms of the content, these baby wipes have a drop of fruit extract to them, and this is it. There is no other chemical or ingredient in these baby wipes.

These baby wipes are suitable for babies with sensitive skin, but they are also ideal for premature babies. According to one of the surveys, over 95% of the healthcare workers prefer the baby wipes from WaterWipres.

What we liked:

  • These wipes have 99.9% water and just a drop of fruit extract.
  • These wipes can even be used to clean the premature babies.
  • The wipes are available at an affordable price.
  • There is a texture on the wipes which aids the cleaning.
  • These wipes do not cause dry skin, as well.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some people do not like the textured surface of the wipes.

4. Amazon Brand Baby Wipes

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

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If you are looking for baby wipes that are affordable yet reliable, we recommend you to buy these baby wipes from Amazon Brand. The brand offers an affordable alternative to the overhyped brands. Talking about details, these baby wipes have been tested by pediatrics, and they are free from alcohol, fragrances, dyes, bronopol, phthalates, and parabens. They clean the baby gently, and you can even use it for the face, hands, and bottom. All the ingredients used in these baby wipes are derived naturally from the plants.

The material that is used in manufacturing these baby wipes is soft and stretchy. It would not tear apart while you are using it to clean the baby. The baby wipes have aloe as well as Vitamin E. Both these ingredients are going to help you in moisturizing the skin of the baby. It should be noted that these baby wipes should not be flushed. You must only dispose of them in a dustbin.

What we liked:

  • Amazon offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of these baby wipes.
  • The baby wipes are available at an affordable price.
  • The quality of these baby wipes is excellent, and they contain only natural ingredients.
  • The baby wipes are enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.
  • The material of these baby wipes is soft, durable, textured, and stretchy.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some parents complained of rashes after the use of these baby wipes.

5. Huggies Simply Clean Unscented Baby Wipes

Huggies Simply Clean Unscented Baby Wipes

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Here is the second product from Huggies that we are going to review today. These are one of the most affordable baby wipes, and they are also fragrance-free. These baby wipes are perfect for cleaning the bottom, face, or even hands. These wipes can clear up the mess from almost anywhere, so you do not have to worry about the poo or the baby covered with food. The wipes are safe as they do not contain alcohol, fragrance, or parabens. Technically, they are the worry-free baby wipes.

You can even use these wipes to clean the surface. Since they are available at an affordable price, you will not hesitate to clean the surface using these wipes. They are safe yet effective enough to clean the kitchen top or any other surface. The water used during the manufacturing process is triple filtered water, and they constitute 99% water. These wipes are also pH balanced, so do not worry about them, causing any kind of rashes to the baby. The brand takes care to keep the chemicals and scent away from the baby wipes.

What we liked:

  • These baby wipes are safe for use at any surface, as well as the baby.
  • The wipes are unscented, and they do not contain any other chemicals, either.
  • The material is tough, and it will not break easily.
  • These baby wipes are also available in the scented variant.
  • All the ingredients in these baby wipes are derived from plants.

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing that we could notice.

6. The Honest Company, Baby Wipes

The Honest Company, Baby Wipes

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At number 6, we have baby wipes from The Honest Company. These are also plant-based wipes, and they have 99% ofthe water in them. The wipes are durable, and they are also gentle on the sensitive skin of the babies. The material is thick, which is why the baby wipes turn out to be a lot more durable than other brands in the market. It has been tested for allergens, and the wipes have been declared safe by the dermatologists. Apart from all these things, these baby wipes are fragrance-free as well. The material is not processed or bleached using chlorine, and the baby wipes are free of parabens and alcohol as well.

These wipes are durable enough to deal even with the messiest diaper change. These wipes can easily clean everything from the bottom of the baby to the dirty counter. These wipes are designed to ease off your stress by cleaning all the mess.

What we liked:

  • The material is very thick, and hence it is durable.
  • The wipes are available in 4 different patterns.
  • The only aim of the brand is to create a safe and honest product for the babies.
  • These baby wipes are free from chemicals as they only contain plant-based material.
  • These baby wipes have been tested by the dermatologists as well.

What we didn’t like:

  • The baby wipes are slightly expensive when compared with some other brands available in the market.

7. Babyganics Baby Wipes, Unscented

Babyganics Baby Wipes, Unscented

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The next product on our list is from Babyganics, and these baby wipes are also very safe for the babies. These wipes contain Avocado oil along with Aloe and Calendula Extracts. All these ingredients ensure that the baby doesn’t experience dryness or rashes on his skin. You would have noticed that these baby wipes are made only using the plant derivative. A lot of dermatologists, as well as pediatricians, have tested the baby wipes, and they have declared it safe for the use. There are no traces of dyes, fragrances, parabens, or phthalates in these baby wipes.

You can use it to clean the hands, feet, and even the bottom of the baby. Be assured about the quality and the safety aspect of these baby wipes. We assure you that you will not face any complaints in terms of quality. If you have not tried these baby wipes yet, then it is worth a try. The non-fragrant seed oil makes a lot of difference as it nourishes the skin of the baby.

What we liked:

  • The baby wipes contain tomato, cranberry, sunflower, black cumin, and red raspberry oils.
  • There is no fragrance added in the baby wipes, and they are safe for sensitive skin.
  • The baby wipes have been tested for allergies, and they came out clean.
  • These baby wipes not only cleans the baby, but it also nourishes the skin of the baby.
  • They are available in different pack sizes.

What we didn’t like:

  • Check the expiry date before buying.

8. Burt’s Bees Baby Chlorine-Free Wipes

Burts Bees Baby Chlorine-Free Wipes

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A lot of brands use chlorine to bleach the fabric that is used to manufacture the baby wipes. The use of chlorine can be a problem for babies, which can often result in rashes. If you are looking for baby wipes that are safe and free of chlorine, you can look at this option available from Burt’s Bees Baby. These wipes are made of 99% water, and they also have Vitamin E and Aloe extracts. Both these ingredients are known to soothe your skin. The baby wipes are safe, natural, and effective when it comes to clean the messy bottom.

Apart from all this, the baby wipes are made without phthalates, parabens, and petroleum. The brand doesn’t even use SLS in the whole manufacturing process. Since the constant cleaning can cause dry skin, the brand has added traces of Soybean oil to ensure that the skin stays moisturized. Do not worry about the safety as these baby wipes have been tested and approved by pediatricians.

What we liked:

  • The baby wipes are made of 99.2% natural ingredients, and they are free of chlorine.
  • The baby wipes contain Aloe, Vitamin E, and Soybean Oil as well.
  • These wipes can help you in gentle yet effective cleaning of the baby’s bottom.
  • The wipes do cause dry skin or irritation to the baby.
  • The wipes are also thick, and they do not tear.

What we didn’t like:

  • These wipes are slightly more expensive than other brands in the market.

9. Johnson’s Gentle All Over Baby Wipes

Johnsons Gentle All Over Baby Wipes

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At number 9, we have another famous brand in the market. This time we are talking about Johnson’s, and it is a brand that is widely recognized. In recent times, the brand has revised all its formulas, and they have made their products safer than ever. This particular pack of baby wipes comes with a total of 672 wipes, and it has 12 individual packs. The self-dispensing pack ensures that you get only one wipe every time you try to pull out a wipe. This feature also reduces wastage. The baby wipes are good enough for cleaning everything from the bottoms to hands and face.

It should be noted that you must not dispose of these baby wipes in the flush as it can result in a blockage. The safest way to dispose of them is in the dustbin. The lid is easy to open, so you will be able to take out a wipe even with a single hand.

What we liked:

  • Johnsons is a reliable brand, and these baby wipes have good quality.
  • The baby wipes smell very good, and they can be used for sensitive skin.
  • The wipes are available in easy to remove the package that comes with a lid.
  • These wipes from Johnsons are also available at an affordable price.
  • You can use it to clean the bottom, hands, and face.

What we didn’t like:

  • These are scented ones, and you must also check out the ingredients before buying these baby wipes.

10. Dove Baby Wipes Rich Moisture

Dove Baby Wipes Rich Moisture

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We have reached the last product on our list. This option is available from Dove, and everyone knows that Dove is a synonym for gentle & moisturizing products. These baby wipes are one of the safest options in the market, and it is for the people who would like to try a different brand. It should be noted that these baby wipes contain water, Parfum, Castor Oil, Propylene Glycol, Zinc Sulphate, and some other ingredients. These are not the natural baby wipes, but these are good in quality. You can try one on the baby before purchasing them in bulk.

The zinc sulfate in the baby wipes discourages pathogens’ growth, reducing the risk of injection. Many pediatricians, as well as dermatologists, have tested the formula. Apart from all this, these baby wipes are going to moisturize the skin of the baby. The formula is mild, and it doesn’t contain harsh Dye, Parabens or Phthalates. The pack can be resealed after use, and easy to pull packing ensures that it dispenses only one baby wipes. Overall, this is a very reliable product from Dove.

What we liked:

  • These baby wipes have a mild fragrance, and the formula is safe for the babies.
  • The baby wipes contain Zinc Sulfate, and it is known to discourage the growth of bacteria.
  • The baby wipes also moisturizes the skin of the baby.
  • They do not cause any irritation, and they are suitable for cleaning the bottom of the baby.
  • It is safe for the babies, and multiple institutes have tested it.

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing as such.

Disposable Wipes vs. Cloth Wipe

It is important to check the fabric of the wipes before using them as it concerns your baby’s skin and safety.Whether using Disposable wipes or Cloth wipes, make sure it will be baby-friendly and eco-friendly. Most parents love to use cloth wipes for various reasons as it is cheaper, help you escape the use of harsh chemicals on your baby’s soft skin.

Talking about cloth wipes, it plays an important role in the prevention of infections in different area like residential homes, clinical centre, care homes, hospitals and others. A significant key feature of using cloth wipes is that you need not spend a lot on them.

On the other hand, disposable is made for several uses like feminine, baby care, personal cleaning, removing makeup and applying products, among other uses. They are ultra-thin and even not safe for the environment. If you expect protection from these wipes, then forget it. A plus point about disposable wipes is that it has the more absorbent capacity, which will lead to the use of fewer wipes and more savings.

According to health experts, cloth wipes are far better than disposable wipes as it is skin-friendly, prevent causing rash and itchiness to baby skin.

How To Choose The Best Baby Wipes

Best Baby Wipes

Buying a product for the baby is very complicated. You have to take care of the baby’s needs as he cannot tell you what he likes. You need to ensure that the brand is safe for the baby, and it doesn’t use harsh chemicals. We have listed some of the points that you must take care of while buying baby wipes.

Go ahead and check out the details below.

  • Unscented or Light Scented

The first thing to look for while buying baby wipes is the fragrance. Most of the babies do not like the scented baby wipes, and they can even cause rashes. The best bet is to buy the unscented baby wipes or the ones that are lightly scented. You can check if the baby wipe has any kind of chemicals in it or not. Buy the natural ones.

  • Number of Wipes

The next thing is the number of packs and the number of wipes in each pack. If you are trying a baby wipe for the first time, it would be best to buy only a single pack. If you like it, you can purchase more. This approach will safeguard you from buying the baby wipes, which are not good. Another thing that you must take note of is the type of packing it is available in. Are you willing to buy a container pack or a refillpack?

  • Brand

Pay attention to the brand of the baby wipes. Stay away from the brands that do not have a good reputation in the market. The shady brands are known from unethical marketing practices, so you must avoid those brands. It is best to go with the established brands which are known for baby products.

  • Material of Wipe

The next thing to consider is the material of the baby wipes. Buy something very soft. You can even buy baby wipes that are made of biodegradable material. This factor will help you in ensuring that the baby wipes do not end up in the landfills. Another thing to consider while looking at the material is the thickness of the material. The thin baby wipes will tear or roll while you are cleaning the baby.

  • Moisturizing Wipes

Cleaning the baby, again and again, may lead to dryness. In such a case, you can buy moisturizing baby wipes. These moisturizing baby wipes would also help you in preventing rashes. Many brands offer moisturizing wipes and do not worry as they do not leave your baby uncomfortable. They are reliable, and they are certainly worth the purchase.

  • Price

The last thing is the price of the baby wipes. Buy an economical brand but stay away from cheap products. Buying baby wipes in bulk may save you some money as well. Some of the products are available online at a discounted price.

How To Use Wipes On Babies Properly

Dry skin, diaper rashes, and Heat rashes are just a few of the issues that your baby may encounter during the summer months. Moisture can jam up pores of your infant’s delicate skin, making him or her uncomfortable. In this situation, baby wipes can be extremely useful for a speedy clean-up.

Experts tips on using baby wipes

It can be very uncomfortable for your baby during the summer months because it is hot, dusty, and sweaty. However, it may not always be possible to bathe the infant regularly; especially if you are outdoors so don’t have the right to better and clean bathroom facilities. So, what can you do to keep your baby’s skin looking young? Make use of baby wipes.

  • As an alternative to bathing, they are effective. They keep your child’s skin moisturized and soothed during the hot summer months by keeping them free of dust and perspiration.
  • If you want to keep your baby’s irritation to a minimum, ensure the wet wipes you are using are free of alcohol and fragrance. Test out a few different types to ensure that they are not irritating your baby’s sensitive skin before using them.
  • You can choose environmentally friendly baby wipes that are made from natural additives like plant fibers. There are also a few wipes that have a water content of approximately 98 percent rather than alcohol and contain no toxic products for perfumery. In this way, you can ensure that your baby is safe from skin allergies.
  • You must always keep wiping front to back when changing a baby’s diaper and this is especially true when changing the diaper of a little girl.
  • Keeping shit out of the genital or penile area is essential to avoid a UTI.
  • You must also take good care to wipe the entire diaper area gently but fully, making sure to get into any skin folds where dirt can collect.
  • Many wet wipes are perfectly safe for newborn skin, but if you’d rather be certain that you’re buying ones that aren’t going to infuriate or retain water baby skin, take a glance for packs that are categorized as “sensitive,” “fragrance-free,” and/or “alcohol-free.”
  • Chemical-free, and water-based wipes, which are 99.1 percent water, extra-sensitive, and packaged in 100 percent recyclable packaging, are highly recommended by parents in this “sensitive” category right now. It is recommended to use sensitive, and fragrance-free wipes for very young babies whenever possible; water-based wipes are likely even better in this case.

What is the best way of disposing of used wet wipes?

Do not flush them down the toilet; instead, place them in the trash. In addition, baby wipes should not be flushed and, perhaps if they are biodegradable, they must not be positioned in your compost.

However, if you’re concerned about the environment, biodegradable wet wipes are still a good option to consider. Because they’re usually made of plant-based materials rather than plastic, they’re less harmful to the environment during manufacturing, and, once thrown away, they’ll have less of an environmental impact as they deteriorate and decompose over time.

Do Baby Wipes Expire?

Actually No, but they lose their moistness after about 1 to 2 years. The Baby wipes are one of those baby products used daily till the baby is young. Baby wipes offer by many brands and companies. They contain a lot of moisture as they are ideally designed for babies delegate skin. Placing them in cool unopened and dry places will enhance their durability and usage. However, the maximum shelf life can vary from brand to brand. How do you store the wipes? How long-lasting should it use? All aspects are a matter of their effective use.

Baby Wipes Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you ask such a thing, does your baby have allergy issues? If your baby is allergic, then before using the baby wipes you need to consult a doctor and find out if you could use a baby wipe. Apart from such cases, baby wipes are generally good for all babies. As of now, there are no issues in using baby wipes as they are said to be the best and safe in cleaning a baby.

In fact, baby wipes are one of the best wipes in the world. They have no harsh formula. They both men and women could use it without worry. Some wipes especially come for women. However, some experts recommend baby wipes over such feminine hygiene wipes as they are more better. Yes, even old people could use a baby wipe. Remember, baby wipes are designed for babies as they have very sensitive skin, so the formula is very efficient and less dangerous.

There are two types of conditions when a baby wipe should not be used. First, if your baby is allergic and already has allergic rashes, in such cases, baby wipes should not be used. If you use baby wipes on allergic babies, it could trigger more extreme allergies. Second, if your baby has dry skin then do not use baby wipes. Using baby wipes could increase the friction between the diaper and skin, which in turn could result in rashes. Therefore, try to avoid using baby wipes in these two conditions.

Yes, in fact, baby wipes might be more efficient and safer. However, in practical is it possible to use baby wipes instead of toilet paper? Compare the price of a roll of toilet paper and baby wipes. It could be very expensive. In terms of safety and cleaning, baby wipes are good, but, financially, I don’t think so.

No, in general, urine does not irritate the infant’s skin. Therefore, there is no need to use baby wipes to wipe an infant after he/she pees. Today, all the diapers are super absorbent, and therefore, using a baby wipe to wipe clean the private parts frequently unnecessary.

No, the majority of the baby wipes do not have alcohol in them. But, they have a formula that could get rid of germs, bacteria, and sanitize the sensitive baby skin. However, some baby wipes might have alcohol in them. Therefore, you need to check the product specification while purchasing it. While there are some people who consider baby wipes without alcohol inefficient, in fact, it is not true.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of options available in the market when it comes to baby wipes. You have a lot to choose from, but ensure that whatever you choose is safe. Some of the parents prefer buying biodegradable baby wipes as they are safe for the environment. You can surely select these environmentally friendly baby wipes. If you are trying any product for the first time, then restrict your purchase to a single pack. If you like it, you can buy a bigger pack as well.

You can always keep a pack of baby wipes in your diaper bag, and it will help you ensure that you can change the soiled diapers whenever required. You might also experience a situation when a particular baby wipe causes rashes to the baby. The rashes can be normal, and it can be because of higher moisture. You can try changing the brand. It can also be because the baby might have very sensitive skin. So, before you log-off, do let us know about your experience with the baby wipes and share your favorite brand. For any query about the baby wipes, you can write to us, and we will help you find the answer to the question.

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