10 Best Baby Wipe Warmers 2022 [For Warm & Comfortable Wipes]

When it is the time for winter, even the thought of those cold nights will make you start feeling cold. You must also know how different regions of the world have to face the varying degree of cold throughout the year. Even though the adults can bear such seasons, you have to think about babies as winters can be challenging for many of them. Even the slightest mistake will shock their bodies and make them susceptible to various diseases that are spread in the cold seasons.

While you can choose their winter clothes well, bathe them carefully, and feed them warm food, you should also think of buying additional products that will help you on the way. One such product is the popular one known as the baby wipes warmer. In these warmers, you can keep the wipes that you use while you change your baby’s diapers. These warmers can also dispense these wipes easily. However, their primary purpose is that they help with warming the baby wipes to the right temperature.

You have to plug these warmers in the power slots and turn them on for a few minutes. They will bring the wipes to the right temperature in no time, and you can use them efficiently. This way, your baby’s bottom’s skin will never get shocked, and it might also not feel irritated.

Best Buy Baby Wipe Warmers Reviews

Today, we have a few of the best rated wipe warmers with us. We have discussed them all in detail with all their features and working requirements. Let us discuss them all below –

1. Hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmer and Dispenser

Hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmer

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We have the Hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmer with us at first. This wipe warmer is something that comes in two colors, which are Snow and Stone. The Snow version is white, while the Stone version is dark grey. Hiccapop knows that cold baby wipes can surely shock a baby’s skin as it is susceptible. Therefore, it has focused well on developing a baby wipe warmer, which warms the wipes to the perfect temperature and quickly dispenses them.

It has got a silicone seal that locks the moisture in the wipe to not escape while the wipes get heated. When wet wipes go dry, they can also go brown. The wipes which are at the top of the box are very warm. Furthermore, it has got a softly illuminating changing light so that you can change your baby’s diaper and use the wipes even at night. This night light, it left on standby, will turn off right after 10 minutes.

What we liked:

  • The cord in this wipe warmer is detachable and can work with USA power voltages.
  • You can keep almost a week’s wipes inside this wipe warmer.
  • There is a night light in this warmer, which will help you use the wipes when changing your baby’s diaper at night.
  • The refill window of the warmer is large, and it has also got a see-through lens.

What we didn’t like:

  • We didn’t come across that we could mention here.

2. Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer with a Nightlight

Prince Lionheart Wipes WarmerCheck Latest Price

Prince Lionheart has been creating the best wipe warmers ever since 1996. Their wipe warmers are known to warm wet wipes at the right temperature. That way, the wipes remain damp and yet get warm to not shock your baby’s skin. When you are changing your baby’s diapers, warm wet wipes come in handy. They will never make your baby feel comfortable in their bottoms at all. Additionally, Prince Lionheart was the first company to create appliance style warmers for wet wipes for babies’ skin.

You will see how this is the only wet warmer in the market with a patented design. Innovation has always been one of the topmost priorities for Prince Lionheart, so you can already deduce how much they have been focusing on their products. It has got a low voltage system along with an AC/DC adapter. When placed in the warmer, the wipes will never go dry or have any sorts of discoloration. You will be able to store those wipes in the warmer for a long time without any inconvenience. The ever-fresh system will keep each wipe free from germs and also help them retain the moisture.

What we liked:

  • This baby wipes warmer has got a patented design.
  • It is one of the best and easy to use baby wipes warmer.
  • The presence of a night light in it makes it even more impressive.
  • The voltage system of this wipe warmer is safe and efficient.

What we didn’t like:

  • You need to replace the antimicrobial pad in it monthly.

3. GOGO PURE Baby Wipes Dispenser and Warmer

GOGO PURE Baby Wipes Dispenser and Warmer

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The design of the GOGO PURE wipes warmer is highly advanced and improved. You will get to see ample lighting in it, which is indeed higher and brighter than any other local wipe warmers. You will not see your baby crying while changing his/her diaper when you use this wipe warmer. The temperature that the warmer heats the wipes is known to be not too hot. After all, too hot wipes are also as uncomfortable as the cold ones. Furthermore, the GOGO PURE wipes warmer’s customer satisfaction rate is also very high and almost neat 90%.

The product’s quality is highly tested, and you will get to see how amazing it is when you start using it regularly. There are four bright LED lights in the warmers design because of which we mention how exceptionally illuminating it is. This way, you won’t have to wake your baby by turning the room’s light on, and the warmer’s light will be sufficient to change their diapers using the warm wipes. Moreover, you can use this warmer in two heat settings. The higher one can be used in winter, while the lower settings can be used when it is winter.

What we liked:

  • You will get to see four bright auto lights in this wipe warmer.
  • This wipe warmer has also been tested for its utmost safety guarantee.
  • The compartment of this product is also large enough to hold many baby wipes.
  • It has got two heat settings, which helps you use it in both winter and summer.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some people do not think that the low heat setting is warm enough.

4. GOGO PURE Wet Wipes Dispenser, Warmer, Holder, and Case

GOGO PURE Wet Wipes Dispenser

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Everything is more accessible when you have the GOGO PURE Wipes Dispenser. It will act as a case for the wipes that you use while you change your baby’s diapers. It also retains its moisture very well. Dry wipes only harm your baby’s skin and can give them rashes. With the GOGO PURE wet wipes warmer, your baby will never have to bear that. It comes with an easy to press on and off switch. You can quickly get it on Amazon, where it is exclusively sold and distributed by many reputed sellers.

While having a large size, it will let you have 100 wipes in it that too very conveniently and quickly. Even in low voltage, while you have plugged in the warmer, it will continue to warm the wipes very well. Additionally, the look of the warmer is also very adorable. It will look good with all of your baby’s belongings in the nursery. Other than that, if you remove its plug, it will become a regular wipe dispenser and holder. With such features, you can use it for a long time until your baby stops using diapers.

What we liked:

  • This wipes warmer always delivers wipes at the perfect temperature.
  • It has got a silicone seal and can hold up to 100 wipes in it.
  • If you remove its plug, you can easily use it as a regular wipes holder and dispenser.
  • It can also be used efficiently when the voltage is low.

What we didn’t like:

  • The plug adapter that you might need while traveling does not come in the deal.

5. Prince Lionheart Compact Grey Wipes Warmer

Prince Lionheart Compact Grey Wipes Warmer

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We have another Prince Lionheart product with us now. We have loved their innovative designs when it comes to wipes warmers. Besides being highly accessible and unique, their wipes warmers are also the ones that you can easily get at the most affordable prices. The one that we are about to discuss here comes in a grey design; however, one can also get it easily in the green-colored version. It is made using hard plastic, which will maintain its looks for years. This plastic is also PVC and BPA free.

Because of that, you can be sure that the wipes that you are pulling from it are entirely safe. With a lightweight design, this wipes warmer can easily hold up to 30 wipes. It can also fit a diaper bag quite conveniently. You will be surprised knowing that a car adapter also comes in the deal. This way, you can use it even when you are in the car with your baby and make the diaper changing experience bearable for them. This wipes warmer by Prince Lionheart only weighs 14 ounces and can be used as you like.

What we liked:

  • You will like the grey design of this wipes warmer however you can also get it in green color.
  • Its price is comparatively less than other wipes warmers that we have included.
  • The elegant design of the warmer is also a win-win.
  • You will also get a car adapter with it to warm wipes even when you are in the car with your baby.

What we didn’t like:

  • One can only fit 30 wipes in this wipes warmer.

6. Munchkin Mist Wipe Warmer with Huge Capacity

Munchkin Mist Wipe Warmer

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Munchkin has offered some of the best baby products that many parents swear to not be able to live without. Munchkin is also known to hugely focus on the quality of the product that they make for babies. One can look at the care they take while manufacturing each product by looking at the smooth design of this baby wipes warmer by them. It has got round edges and a top lid that opens quite easily. It has got a misting system in it, which will spray water on the wipes every time you close the lid.

With this, the moisture of the wipes is always locked. However, the best and the biggest advantage of this baby wipe warmer is that it can easily store 100 wipes of all types of common wipes sizes. This is the capacity that one cannot find in many wipes warmers. In most of them, you can only save up to 50 wipes or even lower than that. With the Munchkin Wipes Warmer, you get to have as many wipes as you want while changing your baby’s diapers. This also saves time when you are busy and cannot even think of refilling the wipes warmer.

What we liked:

  • For keeping the wipes full of moisture, there is a water reservoir in this baby wipes warmer.
  • Every time you close its lid, water will get sprayed on the wipes.
  • The heating system is carefully housed in the top lid of the warmer.
  • It can hold up to 100 baby wipes easily.

What we didn’t like:

  • The lid of this baby wipes warmer might go loose.

7. NCVI Wipes Warmer with Three Heat Settings

NCVI Wipes Warmer

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It often happens with some babies that the wipes get too hot for them. Additionally, every baby might also have different sensitivity towards heat. Therefore, having a wipe warmer with a single setting might not be beneficial for many people. In such situations, as a parent, you must think of investing in wipes warmers that come with different heat settings. Keeping that in mind, we have the NCVI Wipes Warmer here with us. It is one of the most fantastic wipes warmer that one can get for their baby.

It has got three heat settings in it, which will help you personalize it according to your baby’s needs. Other than that, settings like that also help you control the wipe warmer as per the weather conditions and seasons. You can switch to higher heat in winter, while in summer, you can think of using the lowest setting. Your baby will always be wholly protected from the shock that cold wipes give. Furthermore, this wipes warmer is known to circulate the sterilized water vapors inside it in order to effectively circulate the heat in the wipes.

What we liked:

  • You can use and operate this wipes warmer in three different heat settings.
  • It is also known to consume less energy than other wipe warmers.
  • It circulates sterilized water vapors inside it to dissipate the heat into the wipes.
  • It also has a silicone seal that locks the moisture of the wipes.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of the item is higher than the average price of wipes warmers.

8. Bubos Upgraded Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser and Wipe Warmer

Bubos Upgraded Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser and Wipe Warmer

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With an upgraded and sleek design, the Bubos wipe warmer has become the choice of many parents across the United States of America. Many people have bought this wipe warmer online and also left many amazing reviews. If you look it up on various e-commercial websites, you will find how its ratings are very high and, on average, is near 4/5 stars. From that, you must know that this wipe warmer has got a top-notch quality that is not going to ever disappoint you.

The wipes that are at the top of the box remain the warmest. This way, the heat is not distributed unnecessarily, and you still get to use the warm wipes when you one the lid. The soft light in its design illuminates the area when it’s dark for an easy diaper change. Other than that, this diaper warmer has also got a silicone seal for locking the moisture of the wipes well and keeping them fresh. It has also got a window that will let you see whether the wipes are about to be over or not. You should indeed give the Bubos Wipe Warmer a fair try.

What we liked:

  • Even when the voltage is low, this wipes warmer will work very well.
  • The silicone seal in its design is patented.
  • The illuminating light of the product is very soft.

What we didn’t like:

  • This baby wipe warmer’s design and accessibility can be made better.

9. Lucina Baby Wipes Warmer and Dispenser

Lucina Baby Wipes Warmer and Dispenser

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This wipes warmer’s internal size is 4.5 X 8 X 4.5 inches, which is enough to accommodate baby wipes of any brand. After the heating is done, you will find how it is close to your baby’s body temperature. This way, the warmer does not let the heat level exceed that much and never hurts your baby as even exceedingly heated wipes can easily shock your baby’s skin. Additionally, if your baby already has rashes, hot wipes might burn the skin, and your baby will feel very uncomfortable.

It has a flip seal design, which will protect the temperature inside the wipe warmer and make it need less power to generate more heat. You will also get to enjoy the three-level temperature adjustment in it with a touch on its panel. Inside the wipes is a plastic spacer plate, which will help prevent the yellowing of the wipes that lie at the bottom. Other than using this wipe warmer for your baby, you can also try heating your facial mask in it and get to enjoy it easily when it is winter.

What we liked:

  • The plastic spacer which is there inside this wipe warmer will help protect the wipes that are at the bottom from yellowing.
  • It will help bring the wipes to babies’ normal body temperature—it only consumes the power of 0.6 kiloWatts in an hour.
  • The weight of this wipe warmer is also not too much.

What we didn’t like:

  • It only comes in an orange design.

10. Jool Baby Products Baby Wipes Dispenser and Warmer

Jool Baby Products Baby Wipes Dispenser

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Like many other superb baby wipe warmers, this wipe warmer also comes with LED lighting in its design. When you have woken right up at night to change your baby’s diapers, you won’t have to worry about them getting irritated because of the flashy room lights. You can easily use the LED of the warmer and change your baby’s diapers. And don’t worry, the light is enough to help you finish the entire changing process within a few minutes. It has got a solid design that is not going to crack or break at any time.

You will get to use this wipe warmer for years without facing any problems. Once your baby grows up, you can use it as a regular wipe dispenser without the heat. In those years, it will help you dispense the wipes that you might need as regular wipes for wiping your baby’s face and hands. the front window of the warmer is there to help you monitor the number of wipes left in it beforehand. With that, you will quickly be able to maintain the supply of the wipes always. Its adapter is portable and easy to store as it is removable.

What we liked:

  • The user panel of this wipes dispenser and warmer is very advanced.
  • The quality and design of this warmer are one of the sturdiest we have ever seen.
  • The LED nightlight fit in it is of very high life-quality.
  • The adapter is removable easily, so you can use the dispenser as you want to.

What we didn’t like:

  • Many people have reported how the warming should be enhanced a little.

How To Choose The Best Baby Wipes Warmer

Best Baby Wipes Warmer

We have brought some of the primary and crucial factors that you must think of when you look at the various baby wipe warmers that we have discussed. Let us have a look at those factors below –

1. Power Consumption

There are many babies wipes warmer you can get these days; however, the best ones are those that do not consume high power and yet warm the wipes enough. We would suggest you go and choose the wipe warmers that consume less than a kilowatt of power in an hour. Such wipes warmer do not spike the bill of electricity and can be operated continuously without any trouble. Other than that, if such wipe warmers can seal the heat, then that will be even better for you.

2. Look at the inner-size of the wipes warmer

While many wipe warmers may look huge in pictures, their actual size is lesser. Apart from that, we also know how their inner size is even lesser. Therefore, looking at the inner dimensions of the warmer will help you a lot. It will also let you known whether the warmer will be able to fit the brand of baby wipes that you use while changing your baby’s diapers. Most of the time, parents end up with wet wipes warmers that do not fit their baby’s wipes perfectly. So make sure you look well into the details of the inner dimensions.

3. Material

These days you are only going to get many wipe warmers that are made using tough plastic material. However, only knowing that the material is plastic is surely not enough to continue buying the wipes warmer. When you are buying any baby product, you also have to see if it is free from harmful chemicals like BPA and PVC. From what you have picked, you will get to see many of the safest babies wipes warmers ever.

4. Extra Features

When wipe warmers have lighting in them, you get to enjoy using them conveniently. When you are in a low light situation in your baby’s room, the wipe warmer will make sure you do not have to turn the flashy lights on. After all, such lights wake your baby completely, and they find it difficult to slip into sleep again. With the advanced lights of the baby warmer, you can quickly change your baby’s diapers and help them fall asleep soon after that.

5. The price

Most people only use wipe-warmers in winter. Others only use it in other seasons when the warmer has got different heat settings. However, we have seen many parents still sticking to using the warmer when it is winter. Therefore, investing in such products when you are not going to be in long-term use should make you careful. Apart from that, many wipe warmers also come in use when your baby gets the diaper dirty frequently. We would suggest you buy wet wipe warmers that have an affordable price but are still high on quality.

Baby Wipe Warmers Frequently Asked Questions

This was one of the most common problems faced by many people in the past. But that is not the case now. The latest baby wipe warmers are different from those that were available in the past. They do not take away the moisture from the wet wipes. But if you are leaving the warmer on for a long time like four to five days, then you need to be careful. Even in that case, only the first few will get dry and the rest will be fine.

If energy consumption is the major problem, then you need not have to worry at all. They do not consume a lot of energy. Keeping them on all the time can be helpful as you will not have to wait for the wipes to become warm all the time. You can use them whenever you wish to use. They switch off when they reach a certain temperature automatically and hence you need not have to worry at all.

Rashes on the skin are caused due to many other reasons like infections, sensitive skin, new baby products, irritation and other reasons. The baby wipe warmers will not cause any such rashes. But if you are choosing wrong baby wipe product then that can be a problem for you.

This is not definitely possible if you are able to keep the wipe warmer clean. Usually many people have a misconception that the warmth and the moisture that is the wipes, together can be a perfect place for the bacteria to start growing. So, all you need to do is just make sure that the warmer is always clean and also kept in a clean location. It is the surroundings that can cause bacteria and not the warmer. You need not have to worry about it.

The cold wipes are not always safe on the baby’s skin and so you need to make sure that you warming them up slightly. A wipe warmer can be very helpful when you are using it in the right way. You should never use it higher than the temperature that is suggested. When you are using the product in the right way, they are not at all harmful for you.

When looking for any kind of product, there are two options. You will be able to find them at a store near you and also at the online stores. When you check at the store near you, you will have limited options only. But if you can check online, then there several different options and so you will be able to pick one that meets your requirements easily. They are available in different sizes and shapes as per your requirements.

Bottom Line

Till now, we tried dealing and discussing all the details of the best baby warmers that we could find for you. We have spent a long and considerable amount of time learning about each one of them. As you read about them, you will see how we have also tried to focus on the things that we did not like about each baby wipes warmer. With that, we have also discussed all the special features of these baby wipe warmers that set them apart from all the local ones that you see in general in the stores near you. A baby wipes warmer these days is surely a must!

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