10 Best Baby Toothbrush 2022 [For Brushing Your Child’s Teeth]

Dental hygiene plays a vital role in the overall hygiene of a human being, right? Not only for adults, but health professionals and dentists usually recommend that you should always take care of the dental hygiene of your little one as well. Most dentists say that you should prefer brushing your baby’s teeth, even if there is only one tooth popped out of tiny gums. It’s true that if you do not focus on your baby’s dental hygiene from an early age, it might cause severe dental issues to him/her.

Brushing helps to improve and take care of the baby’s tiny teeth and gums, but it is also a great way to teach your little one about hygiene habits. And in this way, you can ensure that soon the child will be able to do the brushing on his/her own without needing any assistance. However, brushing also takes an essential role for the baby, because milk and breast milk can start decaying teeth if you prefer bottle feeding. It’s because, in this way, the little amount of milk stays some time in the mouth of your baby, which ultimately is like an invitation for bacterias to build-up. But thankfully, brushing your baby’s teeth and rubbing gums after each time you feed, can prevent this kind of problem.

Different Types of Toothbrushes For Baby

It is important to have the right toothbrush to clean your baby’s new teeth and gums. Three types of brushes are available for babies according to their age group. These types are Finger toothbrushes, Manual Toothbrushes and Electric toothbrushes.

Finger Toothbrush

The best time to start using a finger toothbrush is when the baby’s teeth begin to emerge. As the name implies, finger toothbrushes easily fit into an adult’s finger. The right way to use it is to keep the gums clean by flexing your finger. It is specially designed for babies between 0 to 3 years old. Usually, finger toothbrushes have incredibly soft bristles which keep sage baby’s sensitive mouth and gums.

Manual Toothbrush

When the child learns to handle himself and starts doing activities like walking, running, then this is the right time to introduce the child to the manual toothbrush. Traditionally used manual toothbrush is very effective than other types. These toothbrushes have soft bristles and help baby to clean gums and tooth surfaces.

The ergonomic structure along with crisscrossed bristles can eliminate plaque and food remains thoroughly. It has a sturdy handle which gives a better grip on the baby’s small hand. The tongue cleaning pads on the brush allow the baby to keep clean their tongue on every brushing. These brushes are ideal for both adults and children.

Electric Toothbrush

Children must be 3 years old to use an electric toothbrush. Introducing a baby to an electric toothbrush has various benefits.Children often find electric toothbrushes a fun activity that encourages them to brush regularly. These toothbrushes have various advanced features including custom cleaning modes, rechargeable options, multiple brush settings, etc. They deep dive in between the baby’s teeth and gently clean them.

But the main problem occurs in front of many parents when it comes to buying the right type of baby toothbrush. The main reason behind it is the varieties and types of toothbrushes that are present for babies. And in case if you are feeling confused and unable to make a solid decision, then don’t worry this post will help you a lot.

Best Buy Baby Toothbrushes Reviews

Here we have decided to list an in-depth list of ten best rated baby toothbrushes of 2022 that will help you a lot if you don’t know which options are best for your baby’s dental health.

1. RADIUS Toddler Toothbrush Totz Brush

RADIUS Toddler Toothbrush Totz Brush

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First up, we are here with the safest and beautiful looking toothbrush pack for toddlers. If your toddler is older than 18 months, you can feel free to use it for your toddlers and teach them about dental hygiene. So, on the first spot of this list, we have decided to start this post with the RADIUS Toddler Toothbrush Totz Brush. It is also quite a famous pack of toothbrushes in the market for babies, and you can get a good idea about its popularity by taking a look at the ratings it got on online stores.

Let’s first discuss the design that it comes with, so the manufacturers have provided the head of brush in the design that seems perfect for smaller gums and teeth. And because of the soft and little length of bristles, this toothbrush won’t feel too hard in the mouth. Other than this, the RADIUS company claims that they have used the BPA Free material to construct these toothbrushes. It ultimately indicates that these toothbrushes by RADIUS manufacturers are completely safe to use for your baby.

What we liked

  • The thick handle design makes it super easy for your toddler to hold it in his/her hand, and it won’t slip even after getting thoroughly wet.
  • Because of the BPA free material and excellent build quality, this toothbrush option becomes the safest and robust one to use.
  • At this price point, you are getting three different colors of toothbrushes out of the box, which is another reason why this deal seems excellent.

What we didn’t like

  • None so far

2. Brilliant Baby Toothbrush by Baby Buddy

Brilliant Baby Toothbrush

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There are very few brands that are present that offering the 360-degree type of toothbrushes. But the strange thing is that the 360-degree bristle enabled toothbrushes can be a great option to use for full mouth cleaning while brushing. So, after keeping this in mind, we have decided to put this Brilliant Baby Toothbrush By Baby Buddy. The standard brushes only offer 1000 or maybe a bit more bristles, but here in this particular toothbrush by Brilliant Baby, you are getting more than 20,000 bristles in one toothbrush head. The other thing that we liked the most about these bristles is that these are not the standard bristles; instead, the manufacturers have provided the ultra-fine bristles for the soft and gentle bushing.

As per the manufacturing company’s claim, you can use this specific brush option for babies between 4 to 24 months. They recommend this brush for less than six months of babies because the bristles are too soft and gentle on gums, that’s why it is completely safe to use. The overall build quality is also impressive because you are getting the excellent quality of plastic material in the handle part, which can offer a good lifespan.

What we liked

  • The rounded design of this toothbrush helps eliminate the bacterial build-ups from your baby’s mouth by providing complete oral cleaning.
  • The handle section is pretty impressive but simple in design; however, it helps your baby to grab a firm grip on this toothbrush.
  • Varieties in the color option of this toothbrush make it super easy for you to choose the right one per your baby’s color preferences.

What we didn’t like

  • None so far

3. SmileFrida the Finger Toothbrush by Fridababy

SmileFrida the Finger Toothbrush

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Now it is time to introduce another type of toothbrush for babies who can’t use a typical toothbrush. So, on the third spot of this list, we are here with the SmileFrida The FInger Toothbrush By FridaBaby. You got it right; this toothbrush is a type of finger toothbrush that you can set up on your fingertip to brush your little one’s teeth. As per the FridaBaby, this toothbrush is perfect for three months of older babies. If you were looking for a finger toothbrush for your baby, you could end your research because it is the most reliable and safe use of toothbrushes.

The thing to remember is that it is a complete silicone material built toothbrush, which means you don’t even need to worry about the softness. On both sides, there are some tiny or micro bristles present on this toothbrush. Another great thing that we liked the most is that the bristles present on an angle which ultimately helps to provide better oral cleaning.

What we liked

  • This toothbrush option is very soft on the new and tiny teeth, even on the newly popped teeth.
  • Because of the silicone material, you can expect the best possible softness without any damage to oral cleaning.
  • It is a great toothbrush to use for less than six months of babies, that’s why the manufacturers claim that you can use it for three months or older babies.

What we didn’t like

  • None so far

4. Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush

Dr. Browns Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush

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If you don’t want to spend more than ten bucks for a baby toothbrush, then for sure, you should give a try to this particular kit. On the fourth spot of this list, we have decided to include the Dr. Brown’s Infant-To-Toddler Toothbrush. But do you know what the plus point of this baby toothbrush is? Actually, the manufacturers are also offering the natural baby toothpaste with this toothbrush out of the box. In our view, this is the main reason why this baby toothbrush got a fantastic response on all the online stores.

The brush head has a decent amount of soft bristles, and thankfully here you are getting the micro bristles that are very gentle and soft on the teeth. Another factor that helps in better cleaning is the overall flexibility of a toothbrush, and that’s why the Dr. Brown manufacturers have tried to make this baby toothbrush flexible; thus it becomes the safe but best toothbrush for babies oral care. The design approach is unique because the bottom part of this toothbrush looks very attractive with the additional touch-ups.

What we liked

  • This toothbrush comes with the baby toothpaste, which is fluoride-free and safe to use for your baby’s dental hygiene.
  • Soft, and micro bristles are the biggest reason why the toothbrush is impressively gentle on the teeth while cleaning them.
  • The unique design will help your baby grab it in his/her hand perfectly, and the attractiveness of this toothbrush will excite him/her a bit.

What we didn’t like

  • Some users complained that it is not a very long-lasting type of baby toothbrush.

5. Colgate Kids Toothbrush

Colgate Kids Toothbrush

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Colgate is one of the oldest competitors in oral health care products, and that’s why they are providing the best products for kids and babies. On the fifth spot of this list, we have decided to introduce the Colgate Kids Toothbrush to all the parents reading this post. The considerable thing to keep in mind about this toothbrush option is that you don’t even need to spend a whole lot of money to buy this pack. Yes, here you are getting a total of four kids toothbrushes out of the box, but the full pack only costs your below ten bucks.

At first, these toothbrushes look very similar to the standard brushes in terms of design. But at the bottom of each brush, you will find a suction base that helps it stick this toothbrush on any plain surface. Talking about the other things, the color combination of each toothbrush is just impressive, and a bit funky, and we are sure that your kids are going to love these toothbrushes. The thumb grip and round handle allow your kids to hold this toothbrush firmly while bushing, that’s why it seems a good option to introduce to your kids to teach oral cleaning habits.

What we liked

  • A total of four toothbrushes present inside this pack; it seems a great deal because you are getting the complete pack below ten bucks.
  • The decent quality of bristles ensures to provide a decent type of cleaning, and surely these toothbrushes can easily prevent bacterial build-ups in the mouth.
  • With the attractive color combinations, the thumb grip, this toothbrush for kids becomes a reliable and funky option.

What we didn’t like

  • The bristles of this Colgate kid toothbrushes are not that soft, that’s why it can sometimes cause the bleeding issue.

6. AllSett Heath Baby Toothbrush Pack

AllSett Heath Baby Toothbrush Pack

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Next, we have a training toothbrush option on the sixth spot of this list, but this time we have given a chance to the AllSett Heath Baby Toothbrush Pack. Yes, you got it right, it is a pack of baby toothbrushes where you will get multiple toothbrushes out of the box. Well, talking about this one, so there are a total of six baby toothbrushes present inside the box, and thankful this overall pack won’t cost you way higher than other toothbrushes of this list. Each of the toothbrushes of this pack comes with a similar design, but the only difference present based on the color combination.

Moving forward to the build quality section, so the manufacturers have used the food-grade plastic material to make these toothbrushes. In simple words, these baby toothbrushes are completely safe to use, and you don’t even need to worry about any contamination issues. But we liked the versatility factor of this toothbrush option the most; it’s because you can use the bottom part of each toothbrush as a teeth massager for your baby.

What we liked

  • The dotted handle design allows your baby to hold this toothbrush without any gripping issues easily.
  • Excellent build quality is another primary reason why this baby toothbrush pack is so popular in the market.
  • At the price point of fewer than ten bucks, you are getting a total of six identical toothbrushes out of the box, that’s why it is a good deal for strict budget parents.

What we didn’t like

  • There is no rubber grip present on the handle, so it might sometimes slip when it gets wet.

7. Dr. Brown’s Giraffe Baby Toothbrush

Dr. Browns Giraffe Baby Toothbrush

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Dr. Brown is the most popular and reliable toothbrush maker in the market, especially for babies, toddlers, and kids. If you are reading this post from the beginning, you may know that we have previously added a good toothbrush for babies from this same brand. And now, we are again on the seventh spot of this list with Dr. Brown’s Giraffe Baby Toothbrush. Currently, this particular toothbrush option is the best seller on most of the online shopping stores. In our opinion, the biggest reason behind its popularity is its price and quality ratio.

This Giraffe style baby toothbrush costs you very little; even if you have five bucks of budget, you can also buy it for your little one. Moving forward to the quality section, so this baby toothbrush comes with the very soft type of bristles. And, surely, these bristles will help clean your baby’s teeth gently and without damaging gums. Even the manufacturers suggest that you can use this toothbrush for the first teeth of your baby.

What we liked

  • The giraffe design of this baby toothbrush looks more like a toy than a toothbrush, so your baby can play with it while brushing.
  • The bristles are very soft and thin, so you can expect that this toothbrush will be a gentle and safe option for your baby’s oral cleaning.
  • We’d like the price point of this baby toothbrush because the quality that you are getting is just impressive at this price point.

What we didn’t like

  • None so far

8. Baby Toothbrush By Eccomum

Baby Toothbrush

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The softness of the bristle takes a vital role in the baby toothbrushes because, in this way, you can ensure that a particular toothbrush won’t hurt your baby’s tiny gums. If you are looking for this type of toothbrush then have a look at this one, on the eighth spot of this list, we are here with the Baby Toothbrush By Eccomum. The first and most prominent highlight of this toothbrush pack is that the manufacturers have used the pure food grade of silicone material to construct. That’s why the bristles’ softness goes on to the next level of this toothbrush’s bristles.

As per the Eccomum manufacturer’s claim, you can use these toothbrushes as an ordinary toothbrush and a teeth massager. There are a total of two toothbrushes that comes out of the box, and each of them has a similar but elegant design. There are two different design enhancements present in these toothbrushes; the first one is the disc present in between the handle part. It actually can ensure that your baby doesn’t put the toothbrush deeper in the mouth. The second enhancement is the suction cup on the bottom side, which can help stick the brush on a plain surface.

What we liked

  • All the materials are completely free from BPA and other harmful contamination substances; that’s why it is completely safe to use for your baby.
  • The incredibly soft bristles can ensure to provide better dental cleaning without damaging the teeth or gums.
  • Anti-fall and anti-choking are the design enhancements that are making these toothbrushes safer for your baby.

What we didn’t like

  • None so far

9. Papablic BabyHandy Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Papablic BabyHandy Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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If you are specifically looking for the electric toothbrush for your baby, then there are very few and reliable options present in the market. But we have picked the best electric baby toothbrush out of dozens listed options on the online stores, and on the ninth spot, we are here with the Papablic BabyHandy Sonic Electric Toothbrush. With the help of this electric toothbrush, you can make the brushing process super easy and enjoyable for your baby.

The LED light present in this toothbrush can easily catch your baby’s interest; however, one another factor that makes it more exciting is the little vibration. It is the best electric toothbrush to teach your baby about the dental cleaning habits, and it is possible because of the timer and the alert features of this brush. And because it is the battery-powered toothbrush, that’s why the manufacturers have provided one AAA battery out of the box.

What we liked

  • This electric toothbrush is 75% more effective in removing plaque and bacterial build-ups for mouth than the regular toothbrushes.
  • Tough build quality will allow you to use this toothbrush for your baby for complete brushing training.
  • Two brush heads present, and you can replace them as per the age of your kid.

What we didn’t like

  • The neck part of this electric toothbrush is not as flexible or soft as other options.

10. GRABEASE Double Sided Toothbrush

GRABEASE Double Sided Toothbrush

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Finally, we are on the last spot of this list where we are talking about the multiple varieties of baby toothbrushes, and this time we are glad to introduce the GRABEASE Double SIded Toothbrush For Babies. As its name suggests, this toothbrush comes with two-sided bristles; in simple words, there are two bristle sections present on the brush head.

The design of this toothbrush is super simple, but some sections present what we want to share with you. The disc-like shape is present right below the neck portion of this toothbrush. It ensures that your baby doesn’t put this toothbrush very deep in his/her mouth.

What we liked

  • The handle portion is quite long and rounded from the end, so it will not damage your baby’s gums or teeth if he/she takes this part in the mouth.
  • The overall build quality is quite solid, but there is all around the safe grade of plastic material present.

What we didn’t like

  • The ratio of price point and build quality of this baby toothbrush is not that good.

How To Choose The Right Toothbrush For Kids

Best Baby Toothbrush

Because choosing the right type of toothbrush for babies is a sensitive topic, many parents find themselves confusing. And if you are also facing any confusion while choosing the perfect baby toothbrush, make sure to go through this detailed guide on baby toothbrushes. This buying guide will help you a lot in this situation because here we have listed some essential points before that you shouldn’t ignore while selecting a toothbrush for your baby. And it is a guarantee that after reading this detailed buying guide on the baby toothbrush topic, you will be able to make a solid buying decision.

Different Type

If you have been through a research kind of stuff before going forward and looking for the best baby toothbrush options, then you know that there are many types of toothbrushes present for babies. The most common type of brush is the normal built with soft bristles, but some other options are also present like finger toothbrush, electric toothbrush, double-sided, 360-degree bristles of toothbrushes, etc. The choice is you, but keep in mind that all the types of toothbrushes are for different ages of babies, like the finger toothbrush is perfect for a three month or older baby. And this is how you should first ensure that the recommended age of using an appropriate toothbrush for babies.

Material Type And Quality

There are not many variations present in terms of the materials if we talk about baby toothbrushes. If you are buying a toothbrush for a less than six-month-old baby, then go with a silicone built toothbrush for better results. Otherwise, the food-grade of plastic material can be the right choice for other types of baby toothbrushes. But one thing that you should always keep an eye on is the contamination issue, look for a material that comes with BPA-free and other contamination chemical substance-free features.

Bristles Thickness And Softness

No doubt that the bristles in a toothbrush are the most important parts, and because you are looking for a baby toothbrush, so it ultimately becomes essential for you to choose a toothbrush that must have soft bristles. In our opinion, you should choose a baby toothbrush option with micro bristles, because those are the finest and thinnest bristles that come for baby toothbrushes.


There is no double that the price point of all the products decided in the end that you are going with that product or not; the same applies in the case of baby toothbrushes. If you don’t have a high budget to spend on a single baby toothbrush, then for sure this post was all about you. We are saying this because here on this post, we have added a list, and the main focus of this list was about the price point. We have added many options that come under a decent budget, and some are offering multiple baby toothbrushes on a highly affordable price point. So, the final suggestion is to go through each of the options of this list to find the best baby toothbrush that perfectly fits your budget.

Baby Toothbrush Frequently Asked Questions

There is nothing such a that, you could give the baby a baby toothbrush as soon as their hands are developed and they could imitate what you teach them. First, you need to give a toothbrush and ask them to brush it. If he/she successfully could do it, let them get familiar with using it. Remember, no toothpaste until the baby could understand what to do. Most commonly, babies tend to swallow everything, so if you apply toothpaste, he/she could simply swallow it. Therefore, first, let them use the toothbrush without paste and then slowly introduce the toothpaste and what to do while brushing with toothpaste.

Yes, it is okay if you clean the baby’s tooth using a baby toothbrush. However, there are things you need to keep in mind. Do not put a lot of pressure on the teeth, the gums are too sensitive and smooth, they could tear. You should also be careful to notice the mood changes, if the kid starts to get more reckless while brushing, stop it. Do not try to force it, you should try to brush your baby’s tooth only if he/she is okay with it.

Why? Why are you in a hurry? It is just the first teeth, as far as we know, there is no need to hurry. Wait until at least 4 or 5 teeth poke out of the gum. Remember, a baby’s gum is very sensitive and soft, if you try to brush it, it could tear and start to bleed. A toddler might find such tears and bleed very painful and irritating. Therefore, do not try to rush things, you need to first watch the baby carefully, and start brushing only after 4 or 5 teeth pokes out.

Do not be foolish, there is no need to clean the baby’s mouth using a toothbrush before the teeth poke out. To clean the baby’s mouth, you could use a damp cloth and then wipe the gums gently. Remember, keep soaking the cloth each time. Using a toothbrush and toothpaste before the teeth poke out could be dangerous and it is foolishness.

Different babies act differently. Some babies like the feeling of brushing teeth, some do not like it. However, I guess, your baby belongs to the second group. To make her open her mouth, you could consider using some toys. Among all the things, brushing a baby’s teeth is one of the hardest. There are so many things to be careful about.

Final Note

Are you feeling tired of spending your precious time finding the right baby toothbrush on the internet? If yes is your answer, we want to let you know that this post on baby toothbrushes was all about you.

As your read earlier, first teeth play a vital role in the health & development of your baby’s permanent teeth. However, they are temporary but keep them safe and hygienic; parents need to give their children the right toothbrush. Various aspects have been taken into consideration when choosing a toothbrush for a baby.

For instance – The small-headed brush fits snugly into the baby’s mouth. Brush having soft bristles won’t harm and irritate your baby’s subtle gums. If you are looking for ideal teeth according to your child’s age, first know which type of brush is suitable for him.

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