5 Best Baby Shower Head 2022 [For A Gentle Flow]

Bathing a baby is a difficult task when you don’t have the experience to take care of the child. Along with parents, some children also have problems because they are afraid of water.As your baby grows, you’ll need something that makes the transition from bath to shower easy and fun.In such a case, you can choose a baby shower head.

Parents will no longer worry about the issue that toddlers or little ones always cry in the shower if they have at least a showerhead in their bathing area.A baby shower head can be available in elephant shape or turtle, frog, Minnie mouse or any other shape.

A significant benefit of having a showerhead, it encourages babies to be independent and bathe themselves.They are designed in such a way to provide an innovative part to bath time. Moreover, they aren’t heavy on the wallet so that anyone can easily buy them.

Make your own controlled and gentle stream of water for the baby’s shower with the right shower head.That will be a great and safe way not only for the baby as well for every mother. After a lot of research, we have come up with the top five showerheads that will suit your need and preference. Let’s quickly take a deep dive into them.

Advantages of Baby Shower Head

Before going to check out the top five picks, understand why it is necessary and is it important?

As a parent, it is your responsibility to think about every bathing essential for your baby. One such bathing tool for the toddler or little one is the baby showerhead. When bathing the baby, almost every new parent is scared about using any tools.

Every area from baby’s face to eyes to ears, or face is delicate and sensitive which can be affected by any soap.Even the strong flow of water can affect children. Therefore, it is good to have a showerhead. There are many benefits of using a showerhead for babies. A few of them are as follow:

Practical Benefits of Baby Shower Head

  • The baby shower head is one of the significant bathing essentials for babies. The showerheads are important to promote how to bathe independently by themselves.
  • A baby shower head promotes hygiene and keeps your baby clean.
  • Apart from body cleaning, they will provide a bonding experience for child and parent.
  • Almost every shower head is powered by compact batteries, thus no accident risk.
  • They enable the parent to hold the baby securely with one hand while the other hand is free to bathe the baby’s entire body.
  • Typically, the showerhead is made of soft and secure material which is completely baby-friendly.
  • There is no additional investment in the installation of the baby heads as they can fit into a standard showerhead.
  • From newborns to toddlers, or infants, a baby shower head is best suited for all. If you have two children, then you can use them for both.

Development benefits of Baby Shower Head

  • From baby’s first bath day, a right shower head with a cute design introduces theme sensory play.
  • Another development benefit of the baby shower head is it encourages graphic focus skills through movement and distinction.
  • The rotational showerhead promotes the hand-eye coordination of the baby.
  • It allows the baby to have a calming bath time experience free of teary eyes.
  • This facilitates the parents to independently prepare the child for a bath.
  • A colourful and shaped shower head helps kids dentify colours and animals. Hence, there is an educational benefit of having a showerhead.

Best Buy Baby Shower Head Reviews

1. Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower Head

The Best Baby Shower Head 2021

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The baby shower from Yookidoo is designed in such a manner to make your baby’s/new-born/toddler fun. If you’re looking for the safest and convenient option, this is going to be a great option. The elegant design baby shower head has a soft design, making it safe for the baby. Even its design looks like that you can use it as a bath toy.

This baby shower is suitable for all types of baths. It allows the parent to freely use hands to operate a full shower for the baby. You can securely hold your new baby without the risk of falling.

 The thing you’ll like the most is its super easy activation that comes with on and off bobs. It will allow pausing or continuing water flow over the baby’s body. In addition, it does not require electricity because it works on a battery; hence there is no risk of any type of accident.

With this cute bath shower head, you can give a soothing bathing experience to your baby free of teary eyes. Because of the gentle flow of water, it can enable you to wash the hair, necks of their baby. Parents have peace of mind when bathing their babies with this convenient and flexible shower head.

The best thing is that it comes in two different colours: Blue and Purple. Choose your favourite one that can match to baby’s bathtub, and give them a toy that’s become an important part of the bath.


  • This baby shower head is a gentle comfort for toddlers, babies, and even young ones.
  • It is purely soft and safe so that you’ll give the best possible bathing experience to your baby.
  • The super cute elephant design attracts the baby’s attention.


  • The hose of the shower is too small.

2. Skip Hop Baby Bath Showerhead

Skip Hop Baby Bath Showerhead

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Skip Hop is one of the most globally recognized brands and a best-seller for babies, parents, and kids. This handheld sprayer helps rinse off shampoo and soap from the baby’s body and keeps foam out of the toddler’s eyes.

The bath shower head by Skip Hop is super simple to use and come in handy when it comes to the baby’s safety. It comes with a six-foot hose along with a hanging hook, so that you can remove it when not in use, and clean it without hassle.

Another notable thing about showerheads is they can be attached to any existing showerhead within a few minutes. There are no extra efforts and time that you can spend on its installation. This hand controlled water sprayer enables and steady spray which is great for toddlers and newborns.

Furthermore, it comes with a simple switch that is equipped between the showerhead and handheld. This ergonomic and friendly designed bath showerhead keeps water out of the baby’s ears and eyes. Moreover, it is equipped with a sturdy handle which enables you to hold it with one handy and baby in the other.

Skip Hop Baby showerhead is best suited for toddlers and newborns. Come to build quality and material, it is made of acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene which is durable and best for long-lasting usage.

The star-fish structure in blue colours catches the attention of your little ones makes them happy and has a fun bathing experience for them. Not only that, it completes the bathing essentials of your baby. Including this shower head in baby bathing essentials gives you ease to clean the baby thoroughly.


  • The build quality is extremely strong and durable.
  • It can adjust into the existing showerhead for the baby bath.
  • The pipe hose is perfect and gives soothing water flow to the baby.


  • The showerhead hose is made of plastic which does not work for a long period.

3. SUNWUKING Baby Bath Shower Head

SUNWUKING Baby Bath Shower Head

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The adorable cute elephant design of this shower head will make your baby’s bath time more joyful and interesting. The showerhead is as incredibly flawless as paddling pool toys or swimming pool toys. If you want to make each bathing time loveable and memorable, there is no better option than this shower head which is presented by SUNWUKING.

It has so many features that you will be tempted to buy it. First of all, its design is super cute. In addition, it offers a realistic lotus sprinkler to your baby with its cloud nozzle design. This will be great fun for the baby. They just need to tap the elephant’s belly to start the gentle water flow.

Instead of choosing bored and old designs, you can consider this showerhead. However, it provides 360° angle adjustment with two water outlet methods. Plus, the showerhead is safe for use whenever come into contact with water, as its battery area is waterproof & sealed. Apart from that, the suction cup can be immersed on curved and flat surfaces.

  If looking for a Christmas or birthday gift for a baby, there is no better gift than this baby shower head. If talking about material, it is made of durable plastic which is safe and sturdy enough.

It is one of the most excellent options for a baby shower. For using a showerhead, you need 2 AAA batteries on each side of the battery compartment. But, you have to purchase it separately as they do not come with the product.


  • It is equipped with four powerful suction cups which ensure stability.
  • The cute nozzle design allows you to have a slighter water flow.
  • It is the safer and sturdy bath shower head.


  • It is an expensive bath shower head as compared to others.

4. KAIYING Children’s Handheld Shower Head

SUNWUKING Baby Bath Shower Head

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KAIYING bath sprayer with a unique & cute animal design makes the bath experience fun. It is a great gift for both boys and girls whether they are preschool kids, toddlers or little ones. With this cute design, your baby will surely love bathing. Plus, it encourages babies to enhance animal identification abilities and active play.

This Baby Bath Essential is less and more a baby toy that is made of food-grade ABS and non-toxic plastic material which is secure for baby use. It is best suited for a 12 or more year old child. However, the showerhead has a perfect size so that your baby can easily hold it.

This unisex, colourful and playful shower head is a great tool for you to interact with your baby. If you want a wonderful play and family time with your baby, choosing a KAIYING shower head would be a perfect choice. Let baby leave with this shower head for having a great bath time.

Apart from all these benefits, it encourages babies to bathe by themselves safely.  It is equipped with strong suction which enables a shower wand to mount to install in the shower or tub. Most probably, this type of shower is perfect for glass, fibreglass or metallic surfaces, and glossy-tiled walls and porcelain tubs. Furthermore, it keeps your baby’s delicate skin intact safe to play.


  • There is no assembly tool required to fix this showerhead.
  • It promotes sensory development; enhances the hand-eye coordination and motor skills of the baby.
  • It is constructed of safe and child-friendly material.


  • You may have issues controlling the water pressure.

5. CUTE STONE Bath Toys Bathtub Toys

CUTE STONE Bath Toys Bathtub Toys

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If you want to make baby bath time complete with a cute set-up then you can consider this bathing shower. The brand CUTE STONE does not only offer shower head but also provide bathtub toys such as elephants, turtle, horses, lions, penguin.

Toys include chickens, owls can create noises after being pressed, and elephants & horses can sprinkle water while penguins and turtles can swim in the water with their feet and arms.

The main head shower comes with a suction cup that can be easily installed on the tile, or above the tub. You just need to press the sunshine button for slight water flow. However, it’ll automatically spread water and light up.

The cute design and structure of the head shower will surely be liked by your kid; also it can be controlled with ease so that they can change the direction of the water shower head. It is a great bathing tool to keep the baby motivated.

It is perfectly designed to keep the baby distracted and encourage bathing themselves. Not only that, it enhances the baby’s mental and physical ability and thinking skills. The complete package makes baby bathing interesting and joyful.

All toys are completely safe as they are made of non-toxic, BPA free, Led Free and Phthalate free material, so you haven’t worried about baby’s health and safety. Plus, there is a benefit of having a product like this, it serves dual purposes. Like used as a showerhead or as a toy. It is the best resource for fun Christmas, holidays and birthdays. Your toddler will surely like it even love all the toys and showerhead.


  • In the package, you’ll get various cute and attractive bath toys.
  • All toys are safe and friendly for baby usage.


  • Not found.

How to Shower Your Toddler?

It is hard to bring a baby into the shower especially the first time. But with a baby shower head, you can easily introduce him to maintain hygiene and cleanliness from head to toe. To keep the baby clean, it is enough to give bathe 2 to 3 times a week.But you need to wash the baby’s genitals and face regularly.

Always use baby soap instead of regular soaps until he/she grows up.  Using chemical soap can make your baby’s skin harsh or dry out. You can gently use non-soap cleaners if required. Parents can give their babies lukewarm and shorter bathe if they have dehydrated skin.

Things to keep in mind when showering your toddler

Taking a bath can be entertaining for the baby if everything is alright but it can get worse when an accident occurs.There is a high risk of drowning the child when leave alone in a bathtub. Some of the few safety tips have to follow to prevent an accident. Let’s take a look:

  • Make sure you are within reach of the bathroom when leaving the baby for the shower.
  • Keep all essential stuff nearby you before or after every baby shower. This stuff includes cotton wool, a clean nappy, towel, washcloth, and clean clothes. This means you can connect with your child during bath time.
  • Fill the tub with the water to the height of your baby’s belly button when they are seated.
  • Before putting your child, inspect the water temperature. The bath temperature should be 37 °C to 38 °C for the children. This temperature is not too warm or not too hot for a baby bath.
  • Tightly close the hot water tap, if installed separately in the bathing area. Otherwise, it will burn anyone, even your child.
  • When you’re not using the bathroom, close the door.
  • Put a non-slip mat on the shower floor, if your baby is bathing with you. This will prevent slipping and unwanted accidents.
  • Buy a set of cute and colourful bathing toys to make bath time fun.

How To Choose The Best Baby Shower Head

Best Baby Shower Head

Baby showerheads might not have the same extensive range of design options as the traditional ones, but you can still find an excellent variety to choose from. A good shower head for a baby provides a gentle flow to the bath and they use micro-water droplet technology to make the water flow smooth. Babies can have a great time using a quality baby shower, but when it comes to the purchase time, it is sometimes hard to land on a single product. Thus, here is a list of critical aspects that one shouldn’t miss at all –

Decide the Baby Show Head Types

Even in the limited variety, you can still find six unique types based on their mounting and usability types. Each kind of baby shower head provides a specific advantage over the other ones. It is crucial to know that what is your baby age and what type of experience you want to offer your little buddy. Following are the six types –

Rain Shower Heads

These types of showerheads are perfect for low flow spray to have a gentle bath for your baby. The relaxing rainfall feeling makes it perfect for babies and it can make their bathing time enchanting.

Adjustable Shower Heads

The ability to adjust the showerhead helps with the bathing of a baby. When you are using an adjustable shower head, you can find that it is easy to change the direction.

Handheld Shower Heads

The perfect type of shower head for a baby is a handheld showerhead. Handheld showerheads are connected through a hose that offers the perfect mobility during adequate wash.

Fixed Shower Heads

These showerheads are hard to use when it comes to babies. You can’t make your baby sit in the continuous flow and the spray rate is high which might feel uncomfortable to the babies.

Low Flow Shower Heads

A reliable type of shower head which are quite similar to the fixed shower heads is a low flow rate showerhead. These are best due to the sprinkling water technology for a gentle flow.

Dual Shower Heads

These showerheads have a fixed shower head along with a handheld shower head. When you are using this type of product, you can get both types of benefits. However, these are slightly expensive as compared to the other options.

You can compare all of them and watch some videos online to understand the work. However, taking the right decision is difficult just based on the types, that’s why you should also look forward to other factors mentioned below.

Spray Style and Patterns

Showerheads come in a wide range and there are options for spray types along with the pattern of the shower. To decide the adequate option for your baby, you can look after the style and pattern –

Rain Style Shower

Babies love showerheads that offer a rainy style. The water flow rate is high and these shower heads are also very common in every home. These are also the most affordable type of showerheads that will suit the job perfectly.

Full Style Shower Heads

Shower heads have several holes and when you are using a small shower head then the water supplies through all holes. On a large shower head like full style, there are two or more pressure options to offer better pressure.

Massage Style Shower Heads

With many pressure options in the showerhead, you can adjust the settings and manage pressure to massage specific body parts while bathing. It is an easy way to relax your baby by using a different style of pressure.

Jet Style Shower Heads

Jet shower heads are not meant for babes and you can find difficulties with pressure. The water flow rate is immense, which can be difficult for your baby’s skin to bear.

Pause Style Shower Heads

With the on/off water pattern along with gentle medium pressure provide an excellent bathing experience to your baby. Kids love these styles of showerheads and you can connect hose using a handheld showerhead to get extra advantage from the same.

After choosing between these types, there are some simple aspects, but they will play a critical role in the decision-making process.

Mount Type

Choosing between two different types is easy as you have to know that what type of bathroom you have. You can buy both types because this will be offering your baby a rich experience while bathing.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted baby shower heads are getting popular in recent years due to their functionality to give a proper bath. Your kid can stand in front and rotate to get rid of the soap.

Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling mounted baby shower heads are not that great for kids, but if you want to install them, then choosing both types will be a perfect choice. The bathing experience gets richer by this method.

Once you have decided the types of mount, start looking after the additional features that you want in the product.


Well, there are limited finishing options, but if you are selective with the theme, colour options and finishing, then you have to choose between three options. There are stainless steel mirror finished baby showerheads getting immense popularity. Stainless Steel doesn’t oxidate in the presence of humidity or water, which can ensure excellent durability.

At the same time, you can find much more affordable options like plastic made showerheads for babies. These are cheaper, but the design and look are good enough to impress you. Most people buy these types of shower heads due to the short term requirement. On the other hand, this type is particularly poor with durability.

Brand and Budget

There are a few brands that are dedicating time to the manufacturing of baby showerheads and choosing a reputed brand is a perfect choice. However, you must look after the budget before finalizing that which product with suit your need the most. Meanwhile, comparing the brands based on their reviews and durability factor will help you finalize the best baby shower head in a specific price category.

Final Words

Many people believe that investing in a shower head is wasteful, but is it safe to let the water flow through a standard shower? Maybe not, as it does not offer heavy water flow like standard showerheads that can be hurt a baby’s eyes, ears and even head. Plus, they prevent any unwanted soap or water from getting in the eyes & ears of your child. Go and buy at least one baby head shower for your little one.

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