5 Best Baby Shower Caps 2022 [For Safe Baby Bathing]

Bathing a baby can be a stressful task for mothers, especially when the baby is very young. No matter how chemical-free baby soaps and shampoos are, there is a chance of burning the baby’s eyes somewhere in it. Some children refuse bath time because they have problems with water entering their eyes.

When it comes to ear and eye protection, there is a solution in the form of a baby shower cap. With the right baby shower cap, you can protect your baby face from foams of soap or shampoo foam. Mothers will have peace of mind and make the baby bathing time enjoyable. Apart from that, this cap is getting used as a shield to protect baby eyes during rain.

Add fun to your baby bathing with a baby shower cap. Using a baby shower cap can help you prevent water and soap from entering your child eyes and ears during bathing. Buying a shower cap will help the baby annoying behaviors for thinking about showering and make the bath time painless.

When choosing a shower cap for your baby, remember that each baby has a different head shape, quirks and personality. It is not necessary if the shower cap fits on your first baby’s head then it will be perfect for the second one too. Therefore, it is important to go through several options. If you are confused about the baby shower cap, take a look at the four options below mentioned.

Why Do You Need a Baby Shower Cap?

Best Baby Shower Cap

Bathing is a not so favorite activity for most babies as they have to deal with water and harsh soap. But it is very important to keep them clean for their good health. This is the reason, there are several cleanliness baby products available in the market; for example, baby toothpaste, baby shampoos, baby oils, baby shampoo, and others.

New mothers are often afraid of how they bathe their children without getting hurt. They are usually afraid of the soaps and shampoos that get into the baby’s sensitive eyes which can cause a lot of pain & itchiness. This is why you need a baby shower cap. A shower cap is essential if you wash your baby’s hair frequently.

Benefits of Using a Baby Shower Cap

There are some of the benefits that your baby & you will get when you start using a shower cap. A few of them are as follow:

  1. When children take bath in water or under the shower, water is always misused. One can save a huge amount of water by using a shower cap.
  2. Having hairs on the baby heat can make bathing more difficult. Since you’ll be annoyed to blow dry them after showering. It takes the same amount of time to dry a baby’s hair as an older child. So, it would be a time consumer. As a solution, a bathing cap can be a great solution that protects the hair from getting wet and keeps them dry.
  3. Entering soap or shampoo foam into the baby’s eye can cause irritation and redness. Thus, it is good to go with a right shaped and sized baby shower cap. With a baby shower cap, you can easily wash the baby’s hair without hurting their eyes and ears. It is one of the most useful bathing accessories that you must have. Your baby will also love it and may feel it is a toy.
  4. Many times it happens that babies feel pain when water touches their face while showering. Most babies get scared and refuse to take bath. But with the help of a baby shower cap, you can restrict water onto your baby’s face. It prevents the soapy foam in their eyes, ears and nose which can be harmful to them.
  5. Putting a shower cap on the baby’s head not only brings comfort to the baby and mother as well. Watching the baby enjoy a bath will be a cute moment for every mother.
  6. When a baby is in the bathtub, there is a high risk of getting in touch with harsh soaps, with a shower cap you can stop it. It works as a face shield to keep them safe from harmful soap or water.
  7. These caps can be used even when going out in the rain.

Best Buy Baby Shower Caps Reviews

Here is the list:

1. HOOYEE Shower Protection Bath Cap

HOOYEE Shower Protection Bath Cap

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HOOYEE is the first bath cap on this list that keeps your children or kid’s eye and ear safe from the water and shampoo. This cap also works as a protective shield and keeps it safe from sunscreen and haircuts. If talk about the material, it is made of environment and baby-friendly EVA resin material, making it durable & resistant to age.

The sump and convenient design of the shower cap can be effectively and steadily separating water. This protective bath cap is ergonomic and simple at the same time. It offers 0.3 cm thickness elasticity which doesn’t cause any marks on the baby’s head. Let your baby fall in love with a shower cap.

It serves its best purposes, it can perfectly fit the baby head. There are lots of features available in this baby cap. One significant feature is four-button designs which enable parents to adjust the cap according to the baby’s head.

Moreover, it serves multiple objectives, since it can be great for baby shading & haircut and baby bathing. The adjustable size of the cap is 30 to 53 cm. This cap is an ideal option for 0 to 6 years old babies.

This brand offer shower caps in four different colours. These colours are: Blue, Blue 1, Pink and Pink 1. You can pick any one of them that suits your baby’s needs. Another notable aspect, it got maximum star ratings and reviews from users.


  • The EVA material used in the shower caps is completely safe and comfortable for the baby’s head.
  • It is best suited for the 0-6 age group of the baby.
  • The blue and pink colour is perfect for both baby girl & baby boy.


  • The shower cap is so fragile and slippery.

2. OLEWELL Baby Shower Bathing Hat

HOOYEE Shower Protection Bath Cap

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OLEWEEL present a flower-shaped bathing hat that prevents water and shampoo from entering the eyes and ears. Make your baby bathing joyful and easier with this bathing hat. The ergonomic design of the hat restrict the flow of water and keep the baby’s eyes or mouth safe. It helps reduce your baby’s risk of water phobia, dry droning and ear infections.

Come to the material or built quality, it is manufactured using good quality silicone material which is safe and light. Hence, it ensures durability, sturdiness, and most important ideal for baby girls, boys, toddlers and kids as well.

Like other shower caps, it does not have an adjustable button. It is equipped with a flexible strap that allows the parent to adjust according to their baby’s head. The thing you’ll like the most about it is doesn’t absorb water and can be cleaned easily. You just use water to wash it off.

If you’re looking for a comfortable bathing hat for your baby, this would be an excellent option. However, it is a versatile cap that is perfect for cutting, styling and hair trimming as well. In addition, the bright and cute colours of a hat will love by your toddler. With this comfortable and flexible showering cap, let the baby have a fun experience.

If your baby’s age is around 1 to 12 years, you can choose a big size, or the baby’s age is between 0 to 8 years, you can consider a small size shower cap. Apart from size options, the brand offers different and adorable colours of caps. The four options are Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink.


  • The product has maximum positive ratings and reviews.
  • It comes with 23 adjustable fasteners.
  • It is made of safe quality material.


  • The product is a bit expensive.

3. FEBSNOW Store Baby Shower Cap Bathing

FEBSNOW Store Baby Shower Cap Bathing

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In this list, the next top-notch product offered by FEBSNOW Store. This bathing protection soft cap for kids and toddlers keeps the shampoo & water out of their ears, face and eyes.

In addition, it protects your kid from haircuts and sunscreen. The baby shower cap screen keeps the baby away from the risk of ear infections, water phobia, and other problems.

This lightweight bathing cap is built up EVA foam which is durable and soft enough. Moreover, it is suitable for boys, girls, babies, and toddlers. If you want a combo of three shower caps for your baby, this is going to be a perfect choice.

Blue, pink and yellow is bright colours that will be loved by your baby. Another notable thing that you’ll like the most is the safety of the shower cap. Hence, it is completely safe and a perfect fit for the baby’s head.

This light, elastic and thickened shower cap bathing is very easy to clean. Just with soapy water, you can clean the cap thoroughly. Whether your child is too young or older, it can suitable for a head boundary as it can fit 0 to 6 years old. However, it comes with four adjustable fasteners so that you’ll be able to adjust the cap on your head suitably.

The brand offers innovative bathing essentials with an ear protection design that adds ear protection function. It can protect the kid’s ears and eyes from water during haircuts or baths. Make your kid bath time enjoyable with this baby shower cap. The cap is a great value for money.


  • The pack of three shower caps is cute yet very attractive.
  • This shower cap is an ideal option for everyday life, haircut and outdoor use.
  • It is a suitable choice for 45 to 55 cm head circumferences.


  • It can put pressure on the baby’s head.

4. Walnut Tree Infant Love Baby Bath Head Cap

Walnut Tree Infant Love Baby Bath Head Cap

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Looking for a baby head cap that makes baby’s bath time smile, fun and memorable? If yes, then that would be a great one. Also, it will make bath time safe as well. Keep your baby away from ear infections, secondary drowning, etc. with a walnut tree infant love baby head cap. You can trust this ergonomically designed cap because it is approved by a US paediatrician which gives you peace of mind.

The head cap from Walnut tree is designed for a suitable fit featuring both an adjustable custom fit visor and an express slide fit cat for babies and toddlers. Baby with walnut tree bath cap is going to be giggles, splashes and fun time.

Another notable thing about the brand, it features on the Radio Invasion FM, Modern Living and Brain Craig Show Podcast due to popularity. When it comes to baby accessories, choosing the safest option is the correct choice, and this shower visors meet all safety standards. The brand ensures babies safety guaranty and comfort.

Protecting the baby from shampoo or soap soaked burning eyes can be possible with this shower cap, as well as, it makes the bath time fun and protective. These caps are being offered in two popular colours: Blue and Pink. The blue colour is ideal for baby boy and pink for baby girl.

It is a multi-purpose visor accessory that is perfect for sun shading and haircuts as well. For quick trim, you can use it to cover the baby’s head. Moreover, the cleaning of the cap is also very easy. Overall, the cap is ideal in terms of sturdiness, durability and functionality.


  • The baby shower hat is soft, snug and easy to adjust to the baby head.
  • The snug form fit of the cap doesn’t harm the baby’s head.
  • This cap is the paediatrician’s choice.


  • Baby hairs get stuck into the cap design.

5. BONPEIPEI Baby Shower Shampoo Cap

Walnut Tree Infant Love Baby Bath Head Cap

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The shampoo cap from BONPEIPEI is going to be perfect for that parent who wants a high-quality and elegant shampoo cap for their toddler’s or baby. The cap is equipped with four adjustable fasteners which enable parents to adjust according to the baby’s head. It can easily fit on 11-18 inches head circumferences.

It is one of the suitable options for children, kids, infants, toddlers whether girls or boys. This flexible shampoos cap is made of non-toxic high-quality EVA foam material which is popular for its flexibility, softness, lightweight features and durability. Just because of the flexible material, you can stretch it a little to help the cap fit on safely. Moreover, it is heat-resistant material.

Make your baby’s shampoo time funny and joyful with this ergonomically designed bath visor. You can keep the baby’s eyes and ears away from harsh soaps and shampoo chemicals after using this shower cap. It plays a vital role in the protection of a baby’s face during bathing.

Your child will be able to play with water and have a fun experience after having such types of caps. Infect with a shower cap, you can leave your child underwater without any fear. If you think about cap cleaning, then don’t worry because this convenient cap can rinse with water every use.

It is one of the most suitable options for versatile use like showering, hair cutting, etc. It comes with a cute cartoon design and bright colours that gain the attention of your kid.


  • The pink colour is perfect for baby girl and green colour for baby boy.
  • The built quality is very good and sturdy.
  • There is no sharp point or edges on the cap.


  • Not found.

How to Choose the Baby Shower Cap?

As we already mentioned, a baby shower cap keeps your babies safe and protected while bathing and showering. Shower caps are designed in such a way to protect the baby’s eye from water and shampoo and allow them to breathe normally during bathing.

Apart from being a beneficial baby bathing accessory, it also enthusiast the baby like a toy. They also protect your baby from haircuts and sunscreen. If you’re going to buy a shower cap for your baby, consider certain aspects. These aspects include shape, size, fitting, material, colours and design.

Knowing the buying aspects will help you to determine a perfect option that suits the baby’s needs. Whether you choose a branded shower cap or cap from the less popular shop, check that cap your choose perfectly fits the baby head.Make sure the cap that you’ll be choosing is comfortable and safe enough.In addition, you should consider flexibility which is a leading aspect of a shower cap. Let’s these aspects in-depth:

Types of Baby Shower Caps

Before describing the buying guide, we have mentioned some types of shower caps that are important for you to know. Let’s take a look:

  • NWS Elastic Shower Cap

This type of shower cap for babies is slightly similar to a full headcover. NWS Elastic shower is lightweight and made of thin material. This baby shower cap is used and thrown away as it is a use and throw shower cap.

  • Full Headcover Shower Cap

As the name implies, this baby shower cap is equipped with a complete protective shield. In simple words, the head can be completely covered with this baby shower cap when your baby bath. If you don’t want to shampoo baby’s hair, you’ll put this cap on the top of the cap or baby’s head. It is one of the best baby caps to prevent water or soap enters in the eyes.

  • Plastic Shower Cap for babies

Plastic Shower caps are durable and sturdy enough than other types of caps. But there is one drawback; this can cause a head injury to the child. Some shower caps are made of premium quality plastic which is not hazardous to your baby. While some plastic shower caps have sharp edges and corners which can hurt your baby’s head.

  • Eva Foam Shower Cap

For a baby’s sensitive and delicate head, Eva foam Shower Cap is an outstanding option. These types of caps are soft and flexible, which is the safest option for the baby. Also, it can save water and shampoo from getting on the eyes and ears. Among all types, this is going to be the best one.

Aspects to Consider to keep in mind when buying a shower cap for baby

Some of the major aspects are as follow:

  • Choose a Cap offering an appropriate fitting

Cap fitting is a leading aspect that you should take into consideration while buying a shower cap for your toddler. Whether a cap comes with adjustable settings or is made of elastic material, you should check the fit of the cap. Otherwise, a cap with a loose fit can cause trouble during showering.

  • Baby Cap should be water-resistant

The main objective of having a baby shower cap is to keep the baby’s eye and ear safe from water and shampoo. So if the cap is not able to stop the water, then there is no point in taking it. The cap should be such that it can be fitted at the head of the child and a drop of water is out of reach of the child’s face. Therefore, it is good to go with a cap that fits properly on the baby’s head and ensure that your baby head doesn’t get into touch with water.

  • Pick the right Material

Baby shower caps are constructed from varieties of materials like plastic, Eva Foam, Elastic, and so on. Using a cap that is made of plastic can be dangerous for a baby’s head. On the other hand, waterproof Eva Foam is very soft and won’t create any marks on the baby’s head. So, always choose a cap that is baby-friendly and environment friendly too. Make sure the cap, whatever it may be, does not have any ribs or wear that could cause harm to the child. Also, check the build quality is safe for the baby’s gentle skin.

  • Consider the Colors and Designs

Baby shower caps are available for both baby girls and baby boys in the market. Different designs, colors and patterns are used to build baby shower caps. Some baby shower caps have animal, flower, doll, smiley face, etc. prints. It solely depends on your baby’s choice and needs. Coming to colors, a shower cap is being offered in vibrant and elegant colors. And babies have loved to wear a shower cap that seems attractive. If you have a baby boy, you can pick colours like red, blue or black or if you have a baby girl, you can consider colors like pink, sea green, yellow, etc.

  • Baby’s Age

Baby’s age is another important aspect that you need to keep in mind when buying a shower cap. Shower caps are usually available according to the baby’s age. To pick the right size of a shower cap, you need to ensure that it would be suitable for the baby’s age.Each baby shower package has an age mention so that you can know whether the baby will fit on the head or not.

  • Additional features

Some modern baby shower caps feature adjustable options to make them suitable for the different age groups of children. Investing in such shower cap also serve multiple purposes. As they can be used during haircuts or go out in rain.

  • Brand Value

Every brand has its value. You will have noticed that baby shower caps are expensive and cheaper too. Depending on which material is used to construct caps, they are either affordable or over-budgeted.Decide how many bugs you have to pay on it? After that, concluded.

  • Reviews and Ratings

Before going to buy a bathing essential, make sure that it will be enough durable or sturdy. For being ensuring about durability, you can check the reviews and ratings given by the current users.

These are some basic factors that you’ll help you to determine the right shower cap for your little one.

How to Make a Baby Shower Hat?

Making a baby shower hat at home is a great way to showcase your creativity. With DIY steps, you can make cute and safe shower caps on your own. Some tips to prepare a shower hat are as follow:

What items do you require to make a DIY shower hat?

  • Round Disposable Plate
  • Tap
  • Scissor
  • Ribbon to tie

After collecting above mentioned items and tools, you need to start making shower hats. Cut the ribbon equally using sharp scissors. Cut the ribbon equally. Tape the ribbon to the outer side of the round disposable plate. The ribbon will help you wear the cap to the baby. To decorate the cap, you can use various decorative items as per your baby choice. It is a simple way to make a safe and comfortable shower hat.

Final Words

Baby bathing can be difficult for new parents. It can be easier with a baby shower cap. It protects your toddler’s or baby eyes and ears from water and shampoo. Moreover, it can prevent clogging breathing and enables washing baby’s hair perfectly. Make the bathing time a fun experience for your kids after picking above mentioned top five options. These are best in terms of safety, functionality and durability.

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