10 Best Hair Ties for Babies 2022 [For Thick and Thin Hair]

Morning hair can be very disappointing, which doesn’t just happen to fully grown teenagers or adults. Even your baby may experience morning hair, and they can make the baby cranky. After waking up, your baby may end up walking with the weird-looking hairstyle. Wouldn’t it be nice if she could sleep with well-tied ponies and wake up with neat hair? It will surely make her look very cute. Even though the gentle brushing may help, but you might still want to avoid letting your baby sleep without the hair ties. The problem is that the baby can get sweaty because of the hair. Loose hair may even attract a lot of dirt, even when the baby is sleeping. You might not realize it, but the baby needs a nice hair tie as much as you do.

As your baby grows, the hair would also grow longer. This will increase the need to have hair ties. While the baby is playing or while you are taking the baby out, the hair ties are a must, and they would make your baby look even cuter. Fortunately, you do not have to use your oversized hair ties for the baby. There are specially designed hair ties that are available for the baby. Some of those are available in cute colors, while others have a designer look to them. Moreover, the hair ties designed for the babies are a lot softer, and they can ensure that the babies don’t feel itchy because of the long hair. While playing, you can be assured that you will not have to wash the hair after returning from the playground.

Another problem is that you can’t get a haircut for your daughter until at least she is 18 months old. It will not be safe for the baby to be near the scissor. So, you can buy some excellent hair ties for your baby. As we mentioned, it would be inappropriate to use the adult hair ties for your daughter as they will not hold the hair. You can buy the ones which are designed only for the babies. They can be used till your baby turns 4-5 years old, and hence, they are a worthy purchase. You can check out some of the best options available for the baby in the section below.

Best Buy Baby Hair Ties Reviews

If your baby is looking for a snack, and if you are in a hurry, you would not have to go through the whole marketplace to find your baby’s right hair tie. You can simply scroll through the best ten options that are available in 2022. All of them have been tested for safety, and they are going to meet your requirements. Have a look at these hair ties below –

1. Youxuan Kids Elastics Colored Hair Bands

Youxuan Kids Elastics Colored Hair Bands

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The baby can’t use the regular rubber bands as they are very big. Here is a pack of rubber bands that can be used for babies. These are small ones, and they are available in multiple colors. The best thing is that this pack has 1000 hair bands. You will find all types of colors in these hair bands, and it adds to the utility. The available color options are Jelly Color, Clear, Black, Deep Color, and Spring Color. You can choose the pack, depending on your preferences.

The bands are eco-friendly, and there is no need to wash them after the usage. You can also choose between the large or the small size. Even after stretching a lot, these bands would not break, and hence they reduce the risk of injury.

What we liked

  • Multiple color options are available in the pack.
  • The pack contains 1000 pieces, and the average cost of the band is $0.01 per band.
  • These bands do not break easily, and hence do not worry about the injury.
  • The bands don’t stick to hair, and you do not experience hair breakage.
  • The bands are versatile, and they can be used for multiple purposes.

What we didn’t like

  • Nothing that we could notice.

2. TecUnite 200 Pieces Multicolor Tiny Baby Girls Hair Ties

TecUnite 200 Pieces Multicolor Tiny Baby Girls Hair Ties

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If you are looking for plain and simple hair ties, then this will be the best product that you can buy. This pack has 200 hair ties, and they are available in different colors. The package is available at an affordable price, and they have a diameter of 2.5 cm. These hair ties are super stretchable, but at the same time, they are also very soft. You get about 20 different colors in this pack.

Since they are flexible, they are perfect for tiny baby girls. There is one more size option available in these bands, and this one is having a diameter of 5 cm. You can choose the size of the hair ties depending on the volume of your baby’s here. With so many color options, you will find something to match with every dress. Overall, this is the best purchase that you can make.

What we liked

  • It is a pack of 200 hair ties, so no more worries about losing the band.
  • There are 20 colors available in the pack.
  • It is available at a very affordable price.
  • You can even use these ties to tie the pack of snacks.

What we didn’t like

  • Nothing as such.

3. J-MEE Baby Hair Ties for Kids Toddlers

J-MEE Baby Hair Ties for Kids Toddlers

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At number 3, we have hair ties from J-Mee. This brand is quite popular, and the credit goes to the fantastic quality. You will not experience hair tangles or damaged hair if you are using these bands. They are soft on the hair, and hence the hairs do not break either. The elastic stretches easily. These bands are available in 10 different colors, and each color has ten different pieces as well.

Many parents find 1-inch hair ties to be smaller, but these bands have a diameter of 1.25 inches. The slightly larger size makes them easy to use, especially if your kid has thicker hair. The elastic returns back to its shape almost instantly, and they do not break. You can also buy a black, neutral color or multi-color pack in this offering. Overall, it is a brand that you can trust.

What we liked

  • These ties do not tangle or damage the hair.
  • The ties are soft, and they do not lose their elasticity.
  • The diameter of the hair ties is 1.25 inches.
  • These bands are available in 10 different colors.

What we didn’t like

  • This option is slightly expensive when we look at the per-unit price.

4. Miuance Multi Candy Color Baby Girl’s Kids Hair Ties

Miuance Multi Candy Color Baby

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Rubber bands are often the most common choice for parents. They are cheap, easy to use, and they are readily available. If you are looking for something similar, then check out this offering from Miuance. This pack contains 1000 small or 600 big rubber bands. You can choose the size at the time of purchase. According to us, there are many color options available, but it would be best to buy the multi-color pack. You can make perfect ponytails with the help of these hair ties.

The small size works best for toddlers with thin hair, whereas the big size fits the best for toddlers with thick hair. You can make a choice, and you can choose the colors as well. The material is soft and washable. So, if you feel the need to reuse them, you can wash them. Lastly, these rubber bands can also be used for other purposes like tying a pack of snacks.

What we liked

  • The pack contains 1000 rubber bands, and they are easy to use.
  • It is available at an affordable price point.
  • You have many color options.
  • These rubber bands are disposable, so you do not have to worry about losing them.

What we didn’t like

  • Nothing as such.

5. Nspring 100PCS Baby Hair Ties

Nspring 100PCS Baby Hair Ties

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Until now, we have talked about the thin hair ties only. If you would like to buy something thicker, then you can consider this option from Nspring. These hair ties for baby are available in 12 assorted colors, and you will find something to match your baby’s clothes. The diameter of the band is 1 inch, and the thickness of the band is 6.4 mm. This configuration makes the hair ties very durable. They are easily stretchable, and they do not break even after extensive use.

You can even wash them if they get soiled. The pack contains 100 pieces, and hence you will not be worried about losing them. The bands do not snag or pull the baby’s hair, which is why it becomes the number 1 choice for a lot of parents. If you are not happy with the offering, the brand will offer a 100% refund.

What we liked

  • These bands are 0.64 cm thick and it is very durable.
  • You get 12 assorted colors in the pack.
  • The brand offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • It has high elasticity, and these bands are also washable.

What we didn’t like

  • Nothing as such

6. WillingTee Mix Colors Girl’s Elastic Hair Ties

WillingTee Mix Colors Girl Hair Ties

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Everyone loves designer bands are we are sure that you also find them very cute. If you had been looking for some adorable bands, you must check out this listing from Wiling Tee. It is one of the most innovative brands available on the market. These hair ties can be segregated in 5 different colors, but each color has 8 to 10 different designs. They are the cutest option that you will find online. In total, 100 pieces consist of 50 unique pairs.

It is slightly more expensive than the other options, but it is very well under everyone’s affordability range. You are paying a premium for the design, but it is worth it. We do not have any complaints about the quality as well. You can buy this offering from Willing Tee with your eyes closed.

What we liked

  • You will never be bored as this pack has 50 different designs.
  • The quality of the hair ties is impressive.
  • The material is very durable, and it also has high elasticity.
  • The size of the band is 3 mm, with a diameter of 30 mm.
  • It offers the maximum options in terms of design.

What we didn’t like

  • These bands are slightly expensive.

7. WillingTee Multicolor Baby Girls Hair Ties

WillingTee Multicolor Baby Girls Hair Ties

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Here is the second option from Willing Tee. The brand is very reliable, but if you found the previous product to be slightly expensive, you can check it out. It is available at an affordable price, and it is a pack of 200 hair ties. The unit price comes out to be around $0.04 per hair tie. In the package, there are 20 bright colors, and each color has ten pieces. The size of these hair ties is small, and hence they can be used for girls with thin hair.

The thickness of these bands is just 2 mm, so they don’t feel bulky. The thickness is just enough to offer you excellent quality bands, which will not break. Since you can use them again, you can even wash them with cold water. You will rarely experience any slippage or quality issues.

What we liked

  • The pack contains ten pieces, each of 20 bright colors.
  • The option is quite affordable.
  • Willing Tee is one of the best brands for baby accessories.
  • The elastic is safe, and the material is toxin-free.
  • You can even use these ties to band something.

What we didn’t like

  • Nothing that we didn’t like about these hair ties.

8. Belle Beau Baby Girls Bow Elastic Ties

Belle Beau Baby Girls Bow Elastic Ties

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Are you looking for something, designer? Do you want an option that can be worn even in parties? Well, at number 8, we present you with the hair ties that come in the shape of a bow. These bands are available in different color combinations, and they look great. In total, there are 20 pieces in the pack with ten different color options. You also have a chance to choose various other colors in the pack.

If you are not happy with the bow design, then you can even buy the design that has a flower on it. All of these elastic ties are handmade, and they crave attention. If you are using these hair ties for your baby, you will need to keep her in the supervision as the small design is a choking hazard. Overall, these hair ties are cute, and your daughter is going to love these options.

What we liked

  • These hair ties are available in a bow and flower design.
  • It is a perfect fit as the diameter of the band is 1 inch.
  • There is a rich color option available for you.
  • The material is soft, and these ties are handmade.

What we didn’t like

  • They can be a choking hazard.

9. Zcoins Baby Hair Ties for Thin Hair

Zcoins Baby Hair Ties

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The next hair ties for babies on our list are from Zcoins. This pack contains 100 ties, and they are also available in a different color. The size of these hair ties is small, and they have a diameter of 2.5 cm when they are un-stretched. These bands do not have any metal parts, and this factor makes it very safe. The size is also perfect for tying the toddler’s hair. They are mild on the baby’s hair, and it would not stretch the hairs at all.

In total, there are ten different colors in the pack, and each color has ten pieces. These bands can also be washed when required. Since you get multiple bands of the same color, you would not be worried about losing them. If your baby has thin hair, then you can certainly consider this option. With the right size and many color options, it becomes one of the most preferred choices for the parents. Check out the product page to get more details about these hair ties for baby.

What we liked

  • The pack contains ten different colors.
  • There are 100 bands in the pack, and they are affordable.
  • The size of the band is 2.5 cm.
  • The bands can be washed in cold water.

What we didn’t like

  • Nothing that we could notice.

10. VINOBOW 40Piece 2″ Baby Hair Ties

VINOBOW 40Piece Hair Ties

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The bows always look cute, and here is one such product available in the shape of a bow. This pack has 40 pieces, and it has 20 color options. You get two pieces of each color. The bow’s total length is 5 cm, but the diameter of the tie is 3 cm. The width of the bow is 2.5 cm. It is easy to tie, and it looks very fashionable. The elastic doesn’t lose its elasticity, and you can use this with formal and casual dresses.

You would need to monitor the baby after using this hair tie, as this has a choking hazard. Apart from this point, there is nothing else to be worried about. The symmetrical bows look great, and you can undoubtedly gift this to your baby. The elastic is soft, and it would not pull or tangle the baby’s hair.

What we liked

  • These hair ties are available in 20 color options, and each color has one pair.
  • This product is available at an affordable price point.
  • The hair ties are washable.
  • They are one of the prettiest looking hair ties.

What we didn’t like

  • Some people do not like the quality of these hair ties from Vinobow.

The Possible Dangers of Hair Ties to Babies

When your baby’s hair starts growing, every parent wants to tie it up with some beautiful hair ties or hair bows. It is just impossible to resist that feeling. But did you know that they can be dangerous too? Yes, here are some possible dangers of hair ties to babies.

Damaged hair: One of the most common dangers that you will face is, the hair ties will damage the delicate hair of your babies. Usually, the hair ties are tough and hair will get pulled in those areas. Due to this pressure, there are chances that hair will stop growing in those areas.

Choking risk: There are also chances of choking when the hair ties are loose. Many parents try to keep the ties loose to avoid hair damage. But babies will put almost everything and anything into their mouths. So, there are choking risks for the babies.

Swallowing: The objects attached to the hair ties will come out very easily. There are chances that the baby swallows these accessories. The objects can have sharp edges and that can be very dangerous for the babies. If babies swallow the hair ties, by mistake, then you need to get in touch with the doctor immediately.

How To Choose The Best Hair Ties for Babies

Best Hair Ties for Babies

It is easy to purchase a hair tie for yourself, but the real challenge comes with buying something for the baby. We understand the challenge because we have also been through something similar while choosing stuff for your children. To help you make a choice easy, we have listed some of the points that can help you understand what you should buy. So, go ahead, and check out these points below.


Start the purchase by choosing the material. You will find several options available in hair ties for babies. The common ones include rubber, polyester, and even cotton. A lot of parents prefer rubber or cotton. The ones made of cotton are soft, and they are effortless to wash. The fabric ones have many advantages over the rubber ones; however, the hair ties made of rubber are cheap, and you would not have to worry about losing those.


The main reason why you should not use the adult hair ties for the baby is that it offers a lot less grip. So, while buying hair ties for baby, you must ensure that it provides optimal grip. It should not be very right, but it should hold the hair without any issues. The rubber ones are the best when it comes to grip.


You will come across many sizes of the hair ties for baby. Ensure that you buy the smallest ones or the medium ones. Do not buy the big ones as they will not fit your baby. The best case will be to check the size guide if the brand offers one. The size guide will ensure that the purchase doesn’t go waste.

The number of Hair Ties

The fact is that you will need hair ties for babies in bulk. Go for the bulk packs because you have no idea how many hair ties your baby will lose. The bulk packs would also prove to be cheaper. You can look at the price per piece to get an idea of the overall affordability. You will come across the packs with 100 to 200 hair ties, and those are worth the purchase.


Your baby will surely try and take the hair ties in her mouth. Because of this, you should ensure that the hair tie is safe for the baby. It should not have any toxins, and it should not have any harmful die. The hair tie should also be safe, and it should not get stuck in the baby’s mouth. Safety should be the number one concern for you, so do not take this lightly.

Designs vs. Plain

While buying the hair ties for baby, you have options in terms of the look. You can either buy the hair ties with plain colors or purchase the ones that come with cute accessories. You need to decide on the purpose you decide on this factor. If you are going to use the hair ties while the baby is sleeping, we recommend you buying the plane options. If your baby wears these hair ties while going out, you must purchase the designer ones.


If the hair tie is like a rubber band, then you can easily wash it; however, if it is made of fabric, then ensure that you can clean the hair tie. It will get heavily soiled with time, and you surely do not wish to use the dirty hair ties. It certainly makes a lot of sense to buy the washable hair ties.


You will be buying the bulk package, so we are sure that you would like to have some variety while buying your baby’s hair ties. You can look for the options or the packs that have hair ties in different colors in such a case. It will help you in doing the mix and match with the dress that your baby is wearing. Even if you are buying the designed hair ties for baby, ensure that the pack has different options in it. Ensuring this will add a lot of versatility to your package, and you will not have to struggle with the matching hair ties for every dress.

Hair Ties For Babies Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is true, using hair ties frequently could harm the baby’s hair. There are two types of danger in using a hair tie. One, too much strain to the hair could damage the hair and also pluck the hair, second, to prevent such strain, if you loosen the hair tie, then the baby could pull them off from the hair and swallow it. This is more dangerous. This is why, it is always, best recommended to limit the use of hair ties maximum.

Yes, there is an age criterion that is most commonly overlooked by most people. Remember, you should not try to use a hair tie unless the baby is at least 1-year old. Remember, you could do it before the age, but, it might not be good to do it before the mentioned age. Sometimes, it could disrupt the proper development of the scalp and hair.

No, rubber brands should never be used as an alternative to hair ties. Remember, the majority of hair ties for babies come with fabric or some sort of coating to prevent the hair from breaking while wearing it and removing it. However, rubber hands do not offer such protection or features. Therefore, you mustn’t use a rubber band to tie a baby’s hair.

Yes, there are different ways to use a hair tie. However, it all depends on the type of hair and style you need. Based on the style and type of hair, you should use the hair tie properly. You should Google to find out the different ways you could tie the hair. Remember, the outcome of each method could be different.

Why would you want your baby to wear a hair tie while sleeping? Do not do it, in fact, we recommend wearing a hair tie the least. Do not wear it frequently as it could destroy the integrity of the hair and also trigger hair fall. Apart from this, there is no need to wear a hair tie at night, you should leave the hair open and free at night so that some natural damage repair could happen.

Both of these serve two different purposes. The result of using a hair tie is entirely different from using a hair clip. Remember, both of them could help in controlling and styling the hair, but, the result would be different. Therefore, based on your requirement, it is you who should decide which is the best. If you ask our opinion, to be frank, we would recommend hair clips as they do not put any strain on the hair. But, who could say no to those cute ponytails?

Bottom Line

A lot of parents are concerned about the soft spots in the baby’s head. If you also have some concerns, then let us help you with some valuable insights. The soft spot should fill up by the time your daughter is 18 months old. If you are still stressed about hurting the baby, you can avoid the soft spots, and ensure that you are not putting the rubber band very tightly. If your baby experiences a lot of hair breakage because of the hair tie, you soak the hair tie in any natural oil and then apply it. This trick will also prevent the hairs from tangling.

Another tip before we conclude the page is that you can wash the hair ties after every use. This way, the baby will stay safe from any kind of contamination. If you have any doubts while purchasing the hair ties, you can check out the buying guide. We have provided a lot of information in the buying guide, and it will help you make a choice easy. So, go ahead, and make your favorite purchase. Let us know in the comment section which hair tie you finally purchase and how your experience is.

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