10 Best Baby Hair Brushes 2022 [For Gentle Hair Brushing]

It is very important to invest in a baby hairbrush. This is because regular brushes can be exceptionally harsh on their scalp. If you choose to use them, your baby will feel a lot of discomforts, which is never a good thing. Baby hair brushes are created using the softest bristles so that you become capable of managing their hair without scratching their scalp. They also have a smaller size, which works well for the scalps of babies. This is important because the proportion of a baby’s head is smaller than that of adults.

Other than that, baby hair brushes also help prevent skin conditions like cradle cap in children. We have also seen that most of the deals of baby hair brushes also include items like baby hair massagers and combs. With those items grooming, your baby’s hair will be easier. However, if the hairbrush’s quality is good, it will be enough to do the entire grooming process without the need for those additional items. But if you find the process difficult, you can go with the ones that come with combs.

Best Buy Baby Hair Brushes Reviews

A baby hairbrush comes in different shapes and designs. So your choice of the design of such brushes will surely depend on your preference. If you are confused with which hairbrush you should go with, you can try the ten options we have lined up for you in the detailed list below. We have reviewed all these baby hairbrushes separately. Other than that, you will also find separate sections of what we liked and didn’t like in a particular deal. Let us dive in all the details now –

1. Disney Baby Minnie Wide Tooth Comb and Hair Brush

Disney Baby Minnie Wide Tooth Comb and Hair Brush

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With an overall pink design, this hairbrush set is something that, as a parent, you would want to buy for your baby girl. The best this is that other than having a pink design, its look is inspired by the Disney character known as Minnie. That surely makes the brush look much more unique and adorable. Other than that, let us not forget that you are also getting a comb in the deal. This comb has wide teeth so that you never make your baby feel any discomfort whatsoever.

You will always be getting an easy-grip over the comb. This way, you will get better control when you are setting your baby’s hair. As your baby grows up, he/she will learn to use the comb on her own. After all, when they start taking care of themselves, it becomes much better for you as a parent. So, do not hesitate to hand them the brush and try it all. The comb will help in detangling the hair no matter how thick or think it is. Additionally, the brush will help in smoothening the hair at the end.

What we liked:

  • The design of both pieces is designed from Disney’s Minnie Mouse.
  • Both the comb and the brush weigh very little.
  • The price is something that we find very less, yet the quality of the items is high.

What we didn’t like:

  • You do not get color options in this hair comb and brush.

2. Safety 1st Easy Grip Comb and Brush

Safety 1st Easy Grip Comb and Brush

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When you get an amazing hairbrush with the most amazing quality, and yet the price is less, everything seems superb. Like the hairbrush set that we previously mentioned, you will get a comb and hairbrush in this deal as well. Both the items are intricately crafted to be used on a baby’s scalp. Using them both regularly will help you a lot. The entire grooming process of your baby and toddlers will become easy for you. Additionally, the hairbrush and the comb are also perfectly sized so that you could handle them better.

The handle of the brush is chunky and easy to grip. Holding it will be easier for you as well as your child when he/she grows up. The bristles on this brush are extra soft and will never hurt your baby or scratch his/her scalp. The bristles are exceptionally dense as well. They do not fall off, no matter how often you use the product. The comb and well as the hairbrush can be used on wet as well as dry hair. Moreover, the type of hair also does not matter. All you have to do is use both the items in a gentle way.

What we liked:

  • The handle of the hairbrush is chunky for better handling.
  • The price of this set is even lesser than the one we mentioned before this.
  • You can use the product on all types of hair, and it also does not matter whether the hair is wet or dry.

What we didn’t like:

  • The color of the comb and the brush may vary.

3. Molylove Baby Hair Brush

Molylove Baby Hair Brush

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Molylove is known all over the USA to offer the best baby products for a very long time now. Hence, we are here to mention the details of their hairbrush today. Even though you do not get an additional item in the deal, we have to tell you that this hairbrush will do everything. It will detangle your baby’s hair, prevent all sorts of knots, and give a smoother and softer look to their scalp’s hair. It will also brush off any dust that might settle on the scalp.

We hugely appreciate that the handle of the baby hairbrush is made using wood. We all know how much harmful materials like plastic cause to the environment. Additionally, when these plastic products are dumped in the ocean, they also harm sea life. So, being accountable for your purchase, and choosing things and products that are known to be highly sustainable is good. You must do your part and not think about what others will pick. You do not have to pay a huge sum of money for this brush as well. So, that is an even better thing.

What we liked:

  • You can use this brush as a gift for a newborn baby.
  • The goat hair used in the product’s bristles is all tested very well and is not allergic at all.
  • The brush is also proven to soothe babies and make them feel less anxious when used on their scalp.

What we didn’t like:

  • You are only going to get the hairbrush in the deal without any additional items.

4. Natemia Wooden Hair Brush for Toddlers and Newborns

Natemia Wooden Hair Brush

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What can be better than the fact that you can use this hairbrush on newborns and toddlers? After all, this means that you can keep the brush for years at your home without worrying about discarding it once your newborn grows up. As your babies grow and become a toddler, you must think of teaching him/her how to use the brush. This will help in teaching them how they can take care of themselves when you are busy.

The bristles of the brush are fine as they are made using goat’s hair. Other than being fine, these bristles are attached to the brush’s body in such a way that they never start breaking off. For a smooth finish in hair, this is the best hairbrush that you can get. The high price of the product is the only thing that concerned us. However, the quality is amazing, and we are quite impressed by it. If you do not like the brush, you can also return it to the seller and get a full refund.

What we liked:

  • The quality of the handle and bristles of this hairbrush is high.
  • Its handle is shaped in such a way that you will be able to hold it better.
  • The goat hair used in the brush is also highly qualitative and exceptionally fine.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of this hairbrush will come out to be high, as you also do not get extra items in the deal.

5. KeaBabies Hair Brush Set with Comb

KeaBabies Hair Brush

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A comb works better than a hairbrush in detangling hair. So, if you can get a set that comes with both hairbrush and hair comb, it will be easier for you to manage your toddler’s hair. This is why we are mentioning the KeaBabies hair brush set on number five. Other than toddlers, you can also use it on infants and kids. Hence, you can use the set for a very long time. As it is made from wood, it will last longer.

You can also make this set your family’s hairbrush set and pass it on to the younger generation. That is how durable and qualitative it is. The brush with tough bristles works well in relaxing children. When you use it on their scalp gently, they start feeling relaxed. It is also a proven fact that these brushes also help in relieving the symptoms of anxiety. Only woods like the wood of bamboo, beach, etc. are used in the product. Such woods are known very well for their huge quality and life.

What we liked:

  • The brushes in the set can also be hung on hooks.
  • The comb is small and works well on the heads of kids.
  • This is a set that will help you groom your baby and kids in the best way.

What we didn’t like:

  • We like everything about this set; however, again, like many sets, its price is more than average.

6. Green Sprouts Baby Hair Comb and Hair Brush

Green Sprouts Baby Hair Comb and Hair Brush

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Two hair grooming items are always better than one. Hence we have picked the Green Sprouts set for you now. You will get a hair comb and a hairbrush that together are priced at a very affordable rate in the set. Most sets come with a hairbrush with tough bristles that help in massaging the scalp of babies. However, you do not need it when it comes to managing and grooming your kid’s hair. You just need the brush and the comb, and you will be able to create the best looks.

For an added comfort, the bristles are made extra soft. They will not make your baby fussy because he/she will not even feel that you are moving the brush on the scalp. That is how amazing the hairbrush in this set works. The wood used in making the body of the comb and the brush is renewable. Like most of the baby hairbrushes, you will get to enjoy the goat hair bristles. You should clean the comb and the brush occasionally to make your experience even better and more hygiene.

What we liked:

  • The hair comb in the deal works very well in detangling hair.
  • The ratings of this set are very positive and high on various sites.
  • Its price is also not high, as you will also get the comb with the brush.
  • It is suitable to be used on kids aged between 1 month – 8 years.

What we didn’t like:

  • You cannot soak the items in the water while cleaning them.

7. OCCObaby 3-piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush

OCCObaby 3-piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush

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We always ask our readers to invest in wooden brushes because they are more friendly to the environment than any other material used in making brushes. You will get three things in the deal, out of which two are hairbrushes while one is a comb. You will like using the massage brush in the set as it helps stimulate the scalp of babies and also increase blood circulation. This, in turn, makes the hair follicles active, and your baby will feel relaxed. It will also make the hair grow faster than normal.

Other than that, you can use the tiny comb to prevent all sorts of knots in your baby’s hair. You can then use the hairbrush with smooth bristles to give their hair a better and more natural finish. As all the three pieces come in a gift box, you can also use the set as a gift for a loved one. The bristles on the softer brush and non-static and will gently help comb your baby’s hair in the best ways. Each item in the deal is made using beach wood. You can also clean them all with water after you have used them all numerous times.

What we liked:

  • There are three items in this deal.
  • The massage brush will help relax your babies a lot.
  • You can also clean the comb and brush with water.
  • They are all made up of wood hence more eco-friendly.

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of the set is a little higher than the others.

8. Chibello 4 piece Wooden Baby Comb and Hair Brush

Chibello 4 piece Wooden Baby Comb and Hair Brush

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The pieces of this hairbrush set are like the ones that are in the one mentioned on number seven. However, in this set by Chibello you will get an extra item known as the soft silicone massager. The silicone used in making it is free of silicone, so it is also safe for massaging the scalp of newborns gently. You can also try using it while washing the hair of your newborn. This way, you will be able to remove a lot of grease and dirt quite easily.

Other than that, we would also say that the wooden comb is premium. It removes knots from hair locks pretty well, and you can also use it in the hair of toddlers if you wish to. It will never cause hair-tearing, which is known to feel very painful to babies. The bristle massage and massage brush are both of exceptional quality. They are going to last many years. Like the comb, the brushes are also made of a wooden body. As we have mentioned before, quite a few times, wooden items are always better for the environment.

What we liked:

  • The silicone massager in the set can also be used to wash your baby’s scalp.
  • You can use this hairbrush set as a gift in baby showers.
  • The whole set only weighs 8.1 ounces. The pieces are created using beach wood.

What we didn’t like:

  • If you don’t stick to buy it from a reputed seller, you might get damaged products.

9. Ullabelle 4 Piece Wooden Baby Hair Comb and Brush with Silicone Massager

Ullabelle 4 Piece Wooden Baby Hair Comb

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To prevent cradle cap on your baby’s scalp, you need to invest in some good hair brushes and hair combs. Besides preventing such skin conditions, these items also help you groom and get your baby’s ready in the most adorable ways. You can use the brush with soft bristles to make their hair smooth. Apart from that, you can use the comb to remove any kind of knots that they might have on their hair. You can use them at any time of the day, to be honest.

However, in this deal, what we like the most is that you can buy the accessories from two colors. These colors are blue and pink. This way, you can choose the hairbrush set according to the baby of your gender. Isn’t that impressive? The bristles of the hairbrush are made using goat hair and are very soft in touch. Additionally, the massaging comb will help increase blood circulation on their scalp to make your babies feel more relaxed. If you use the products consistently, your baby will never suffer from a cradle cap.

What we liked:

  • There are four baby hair grooming pieces in this set.
  • The soft bristles of the hairbrush are made using goat hair.
  • The brushes will surely help in preventing the cradle cap.
  • You can choose the items from two colors that are blue and pink.

What we didn’t like

  • The color of your choice will only apply to the silicone massager and the gift box.

10. Little Tinkers Wooden Baby Comb and Brush Set

Little Tinkers Wooden Baby Comb and Brush Set

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With a comb with wooden bristles in the set, you will be able to massage your baby’s scalp in the best ways possible. As you may know already, such bristles with round tips help hugely in activating hair follicles. They also work very well in making your baby feel soothed and relaxed after having a long and playful day. The round tips never scratch their scalps and are known to stimulate soothing sensation all around. However, you have to always make sure that you gently use this brush as a baby’s scalp is very soft and tender.

Like other deals, in this deal, also, you are going to get a comb and a hairbrush. The comb is used to smooth out the hair to prevent all sorts of knots. After that process is finished, you can move on to brush out that hair and give your baby the best hair that will suit their outfit. The best thing about these brushes and comb is that they can also be used on the hair of toddles. This way, you will able to groom them better and make them look the best. This will make your kids understand the importance of grooming from a young age.

Things we liked:

  • The silicone brush will help a lot in washing your baby’s scalp and body.
  • The comb and brushes are made using high quality and strong Beachwood.
  • You will not find any rough or sharp spots on any item.
  • The set will last for a long time and can also be used on a toddler’s hair.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The yellow color of the silicone brush makes it look different from the other pieces of the set.

How to Choose The Best Baby Hair Brush

Best Baby Hair Brushes

Check for the following few things when you think of buying a baby hairbrush –

1. Bristles Type

The bristles of a baby hairbrush matter the most. This is because you may already know how soft a baby’s scalp is. You are supposed to use the softest things on their body, and this includes their scalp as well. If the quality of the bristles on the brush is not good, you are going to have a hard time making them stop crying from all the discomfort that they might feel. Therefore, always go for softer bristles. You can go for material like goat hair, which is usually used to make the bristles of these brushes. It is very soft and does not ever scratch your baby’s scalp at all.

2. The material of the Body of the Hair Brush

generally, people go for brushes that have a body made using wood. However, for some people, such hair brushes can be quite costly. For such people going with brushes made using ABS plastic will be a better deal. However, you have to make sure that such materials are free from BPA. But again, if you can afford hair brushes with a wooden body, that will be much better as such hair brushes are also safe for the environment and are not to be exceptionally sustainable.

3. Additional Accessories

In most of the deals of hairbrushes for babies, you are also going to get additional items such as a comb and a brush with wooden bristles mostly used for massaging the scalp. Such deals are quite fantastic, but you will have to look for their quality also. After all, it is about your baby’s body. Here you should not take any chances. Go only with the most qualitative brushes and combs, and you will see how they last years without breaking or needing a lot of care while you use and handle them.

4. Size

The size of the brushes that you buy for your baby’s hair should also be considered. A baby’s head does not have a large proportion, so the brushes that you put your money on must also be correctly sized so that you could brush their hair in a better way. The size of the brush can be easily checked from its details. Other than that, you might also see how some hairbrush sets also come with a silicone hair massager. Try checking this massager’s dimensions too while you are at it.

5. Price

The price of any product does not matter when you are buying it use it for your baby. However, some of the hairbrushes that you come along will surely be priced exceptionally high for no reason at all. To know the average price of these brushes, you should try looking for them in different places and websites on the internet. Once you get the hang of the average price point, you will surely be able to get your hands on the best baby hair brushes. However, this does not mean that you must ignore the quality. An aspect like quality must always be your topmost priority.

Baby Hair Brushes Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, once the baby’s hair grows it should be combed carefully. Remember, unlike teenagers and adults, their scalp would be very sensitive, if you are careless you could hurt him/her. As far as we know, most of the experts recommend not bathing the baby’s head frequently, instead, comb the hair with soft brushes to stimulate the cells and scalp.

No, never, do not brush a new born baby’s hair with a baby hair brush. Instead, you could use your hand. Remember, no matter which brand or type of baby hair brush you are using, never use it on a new born baby. Wait for at least 1-month before you use a baby hair brush.

A baby hair brush could be used as you like. But, it is best that you limit the use of hair brush to a minimum so that it does not interrupt the basic development of hair and scalp. However, in general, the best thing to do is to comb a baby’s hair after bathing him/her and in the morning every day.

No, never do such a thing. Do you know that there are diverse health consequences if you apply any sort of cream, oil, or spray on your baby’s head. Yes, there is and most of the experts would recommend it. Always remember this fact, unless the baby is at least 5 or 6-months old, do not even apply oil on his/her head.

Yes, if you comb the baby’s hair in the same and same style daily, you could train your baby’s hair. While some experts do not accept this as a fact, there are some who mention this to be true. In fact, even for adults, if you keep on following the same procedure and style, then you could train your hair. This is true, the same thing could be done with a baby’s hair too.

There are different types of baby hair brushes available on the market today. Some of them come made of hard plastic and some of them are brushes with soft bristle. When it comes to adults any type of bristle could be chosen. But, for a baby, always consider purchasing a hair brush with the softest bristles. Yes, there is a diverse range of hair brushes with soft bristles.

Bottom Line:

After you are done selecting a hairbrush for your baby, you can check how utilitarian it is by reading its reviews on the internet. There will be many parents before you who would have invested in the same hairbrush that you want to have right now. We have seen how people take reviews of consumers more than the description of a particular product. You will make the right choice at all times if it is your habit to read reviews.

We hope that you love the baby hairbrush that you pick, and we would be really happy if you make a choice from our list.

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