Baby Bath Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents and Injury to Your Child

Creating memories with young ones or toddlers is a favorite part of every parent’s life. From feeding them to bathing is part of taking care of them. But sometimes bathing a baby can be stressful because of the fear of drowning and scalding. For avoiding such injuries and accidents,a parent must take some safety precautions before a baby bath. We are coming with some safety tips that can help in avoiding bumps, falls, scalds, slips and other accidents. You must consider all at the time of baby bath:

Important Bathroom Safety Tips for Infants and Toddlers

Infants and toddlers are very delicate, so some special precautions should be taken in their baths. The below-mentioned safety tips can improve bathroom safety:

1. Avoid the Distraction

Baby bath can be done through parents themselves or under the supervision of a nanny. Because of its small height, a baby can drown easily in a very few amount of water. So, make sure if you are leaving your baby alone in the bath area someone must be present there. Infect, you can use baby safety products like bath seats and bath rings at the time of baby bath to prevent accidents. Sometimes you can’t ignore important phone calls and do hurry in a baby bath, avoid such type of distraction. Avoid ringing doorbells and attending guests when you are with you are busy in your baby bath.

2. Bathroom Slips and falls

Baby Bath Safety Tips

Less than 5 years age of the child can fall and slip easily into the bathtub. At this age, a baby can be curious to know about everything. While bathing, they are trying to do mischievous acts. So parents need to take more safety precautions. Before giving a bath to your baby, place a non-slippery bath mat on the bottom of the bathtub. The simplest way to avoid slips and falls is to use a baby bath mat. A baby bath mat has been made keeping in mind the safety of infants or toddlers. To prevent injuries and accidents, you can also put a softer shield over the water nozzle so your baby won’t be hurt if they smash their head against it.

3. The temperature of Water

Baby’s skin is very soft and gentle and so that it can’t tolerate hot water. According to the experts, the 120 degree Fahrenheit temperature of the water is perfect for a baby bath. It reduces the risk of burning or scalding while bathing.Furthermore, you can check the water temperature with your hands or elbow or wrist before putting the baby into the bathtub. Apart from this, you should also consider placing anti-scald devices on faucets to stop the heat water flow.

4. Store Medicine and Toiletry away from baby

A bathroom is a place where you can place essential items and products like shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, towels, cosmetics, etc which can be used daily. Make sure these items are stored in a safe place where your babies can’t be reached easily. Many peoples also keep the medicines in the specific area of bathrooms. Make sure these areas are locked with tight handles or locks.

5. Store Electric Appliances in a Cabinet

Today’s modern bathrooms are designed not only for bathing but also for storing electrical appliances (hairdryer, shaving razor), towels and toiletry items. For using these appliances, the connection of electricity must be required. It may cause electrical injury if the connection of electricity hasn’t installed properly. To avoid such types of injuries, there should be a dedicated place for using electrical appliances. Although, the bathroom can be established with wall sockets and additional safety precautions. However, these safety precautions will be placed under the supervision of a professional or electrician.

6. Teach your baby

After the age of 5, a baby can understand small acts and trying to copy the parent’s habits especially the mother’s habits. At a specific age, you can teach baby in several ways. How can be a sit-in bathtub? Not to touch electrical appliances, the habit of cold water and many other good habits.

7. Use Baby products in the baby bath

Avoid using regular soaps, nourishing creams for your baby. These products have made of harmful chemicals. You can select the baby product by checking its ingredients. In regular bathing, soap is an essential item that you can use. Most babies love to play with water. At this time, they beat hands and feet more, so keep in mind that you bathe them comfortably. Also, keep soap form away from the infant’s eyes.

Final Words:

I hope all these tips might be helpful to prevent falls, slips, injuries and accidents. To avoid unwanted injuries, make sure your bathroom should be locked while you are not around at your baby.

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