Are Crib Mobiles Good For Babies? Advantages & Disadvantages

Babies require a safe and soothing environment to sleep. It gives them a peaceful sleep without the need of getting up at night. The decrease in night cry episodes also helps the mother to complete her sleep. Result? You and your baby wake up fresh to start a new day. To ensure that your baby experiences a sound sleep, you need to have the right setup and accessories on the crib. It has a huge impact on the sleeping pattern of the baby. Decorative items such as crib mobiles are always a debate topic of concern.

Many parents believe that these can potentially harm babies. Yet others haven’t experienced anything like that. It arises a question in the minds of every new parent, whether they should go for a crib mobile or not? What is the use of crib mobile other than decoration? If you are stuck between a confusing decision, we are here to your rescue. It is the dream of every mother to decorate her baby’s nursery with aesthetic wallpaper, play mats, cribs, toys, and crib mobiles.

However, then comes a question in your mind – are the baby crib mobile safe? We are going to discuss both the positives and negatives of a crib mobile. You are free to judge the product after reading the article. To know more about this topic, read the points mentioned below:

Advantages of a baby crib mobile

a) Develops motor skills: One can help their baby to enhance the motor skill with the help of a crib mobile. When your baby lies in the crib, he/she directly visualizes the hanging mobile. All the features, such as color, texture, rotation, swinging, and tunes, coming from the mobile develop their interest in the mobile. When he/she grows up, they will try to reach it. Thus, it helps in the development of apprehension, auditory, and hand to eye coordination.

b) Enhances visual stimuli: Nowadays, the hanging crib mobiles come in different shapes, colors, and toys. Babies are more attracted to colorful things. The color and texture of different toys attached to the mobile helps them to distinguish them from their surrounding. The constant gaze keeps them wondering about the objects and increases their visual stimuli.

c) Sleep pattern: Gone are those golden periods when mothers used to sing lullabies to their babies. People are switching to more reliable ways these days. Different musical crib mobiles are available on the market. These play tunes that helps to enhance your baby’s sleep. Therefore, it gives a sound sleep to your child.

d) Grasp reflex: When the baby grows, his/her reflexes also change with time. The grasping reflex helps the baby to learn to hold things. As the baby grows, he will reach to the toys hanging down the mobile and try to grasp them. It enhances their motor reflexes.

e) Keeps the baby entertained: When babies are left alone, they cry & cry louder. They consistently want a source of entertainment. Therefore, the mobile cribs are fascinating objects to keep your child entertained. You can play various sounds in it that will keep your baby happy and playful.

Disadvantages of a baby crib mobile:

a) Choking hazards: Loose attachments in the mobile cribs make it more prone to readily detach. Babies tend to put every little thing in their mouth. When toddlers start reaching the toys in the mobile, they try to grasp and pull it towards them. The loose toys will get detach. A baby can put it inside their mouth. Also, the minute attachment can get into baby’s mouth when they are asleep.

b) Hurt your child: As we have already mentioned, it is necessary to properly install the mobile crib. If the fixation is not done correctly, it can fall inside the baby crib. If, unfortunately, your little one is sleeping inside the crib, it has the potential to cause injury to your baby. Therefore, we recommend going for a lightweight crib mobile that cannot hurt the child too much.

How to ensure safety?

a) Length of strings: One of the most essential properties of the crib mobile to determine before purchasing it is the length of the strings. If, in any case, the string length exceeds seven inches, you shouldn’t go for it. It can strangulate your baby and cause asphyxia. The pediatricians do not recommend using the crib mobiles that come with long strings.

b) Installation: Make sure to go through the manufacturer’s manual before installation of the crib. Follow all the points mentioned in it to enhance the safety of your baby. Also, one more thing to keep in mind is the distance of the mobile from the crib. It should be somewhat around 14-16 inches from the mattress of the crib. It will keep the mobile away from the reach of the baby. At the same time, your little one can enjoy it too!

c) Age of your baby: The primary purpose of the mobiles is to enhance the baby’s sleep and keep them entertained. However, when babies grow up to reach the mobile, they can pull it to hurt themselves. To avoid this situation, remove the mobile when your baby starts grasping it. Try giving them baby rattles instead!


We hope that you have read all the points related to the crib mobile. Deciding what’s good and bad for your baby is your final call. However, you should always keep your baby under your supervision until he/she grows. That was all about the mobile crib. Thanks for reading. Happy shopping!

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