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Hello Everyone..!

My name is Mary James, and I am working as a New Born Baby Nurse at Private Home, New York City from past 6 years. I am also a mother of two babies, and I learn a lot as my children are growing up. Each day is a new experience, and at the same time, I also remember the struggle that I went through during the first pregnancy. There were a lot of unknowns, and it was a problem. There are many parents like me who struggle after having their first baby. I learned a lot with time, and I thought of helping new parents with my learning’s and my experience. This is the time when I started my blog https://www.babystuffslist.com.

On this blog, I started by documenting the products that I am using. There are several different baby products I had to try to find the perfect one. This list of products includes something as simple as a bottle and something hi-tech like a bottle sterilizer. After using these products, I reviewed them for you, and I have shared all those reviews with you via my website. A lot of information has been added to the products that I have used. As per the feedback received, I also added more products after researching about them. There are many unknowns when you have your first baby, and we are going to help you explore these unknowns associated with your first baby. I will help you in making these special moments even more special.

The website has information about baby products, but it also has a lot of information about the products that moms need. This information can not only help the mothers in comfortably feeding the baby. Apart from the products, I have also listed information about toys that are safe for the baby. These are the three main sections on this website. I have added another part to this website recently, and in this section, I have added tips about the products that the parents would usually need. The products that I have listed will also help you monitor the baby when you are not around.

All this information can quickly help you in a safe and healthy upbringing of the baby. If you are looking for a specific product about the baby, then you can also use the search function on the top menu bar. If you are still not able to find the product that you are looking for, you can let us know, and I will add the reviews and suggestions about the baby product that you are looking for. I am also expanding the content available on the website, and your feedback is going to help me enhance your experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the different sections of the website and share the site with your friends and family who are expecting a baby in the coming time.I am sure that the content on my website will help them choose reliable products for babies and their mothers.

Thank You

Mary James