10 Benefits of Wooden Toys For Your Kids

There are so many toys available for the kids on the market. Often parents get overwhelmed in choosing the best. The primary criteria that any parent would look at are the price and safety. Technology has developed and has upgraded itself to offer cost-effective toys. When it comes to safety, there is where the major dilemma lies. Though plastic toys are readily available, the most reliable option shall be wooden toys.

Experts still suggest that wooden toys are far more effective and beneficial for the kids than any other toys. This article is written to highlight the benefits of using wooden over plastic dolls and toys.

Walk-A-Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy

1. Incredible Improvement in Imagination

This is one of the prime reasons why wooden toys are preferred. Psychologists suggest using wooden toys as it improves your kids’ imagination power. It is highly required for the child to develop imagination as they grow. Wooden toys give that massive support that never a plastic toy can offer. The crucial element of the growth of a kid must be blended with good brainpower. Using a wooden toy shall give that combination of physical as well as mental growth for a child. As the wooden toys do not have any voice command or any other electronic feature that directs the kid to do anything, they create the inquisitiveness in using them the way a kid wants. This can be the best fit for a kid to explore the possibilities of playing with it. It drastically improves, thinking skills as well as emotional abilities in your kid.

Moreover, there are a wide variety of wooden toys, like building blocks or puzzles. These quickly improve their motor as well as numerical abilities. The wooden toys shall improve the ability to use the toy in any which way possible.

2. Wooden Toys are Non-Toxic

This is also a reason to be considered while you buy a plastic toy. The wooden counterparts are excellent when it comes to safety. They are from nature, and no chemicals are added and also processed. They are safe for the environment while the plastic made is entirely toxic. They are made from chemical substances and also use high-pressure conditions to mould it to the way the toy must be made. These are highly toxic.

3. The Colours Can Be dangerous.

Moreover, the colors that plastic toys have are also artificial. They are again chemical compounds that shall wreak havoc the environment. The nature-friendly option is always safe to your kid and the planet. Every time you see your kid playing with the wooden toy, be assured that you are saving the world.

4. Wooden toy has excellent Safety features.

While we just saw how wooden toys could save our planet. We must also know that they are the best in class for their incredible safety features. There are no batteries or power involved in such toys. It is a solid block with minimal artwork, and it does the trick as the plastic toys are majorly function of DC power and have sharp corners and edges that might hurt the baby. Furthermore, wooden toys are traditionally made and used in such a way that they are soft and comfortable to handle.

5. Damages Can Still Damage your Kid

On the other hand, it gives the maximum safety your kid needs. The high-quality wooden toys shall be of great help to keep your kid in sound health as well. Moreover, the possibility of breakage is more in the polymer made toys, and once it breaks, it is more dangerous too. This is never a problem with wooden toys. They are incredibly sturdy and has a very minimal history of breakage also.

6. The lifespan of the wooden toys is more.

Yes, it is. We must agree with this. A plastic toy functioning on a cell shall conk off when it is dried. There is no way such things are happening with wooden toys. Also, plastic toys always have their expiry. It depends on the usage and usually comes with a limited life span.

Moreover, the sturdiness of the plastic toys can never be guaranteed. You may not know when it shall break. Wooden toys solve all these problems. Firstly, they are the sturdiest materials from which the toys must be made. Secondly, they do not have any extra gadgets to be added to make it function. Lastly, they are strong enough to be broken, as well. These features make the toys live long. Have you not seen a wooden toy that is played by your baby was used by when you were five years old? Yes, the toys can live for generations. You will find the antique touch and old memories shall bring happiness among all the family members. No such history with plastic toys. Have you heard anyone saying I used this racing car? No way, the racing car could not even last ten days. There is another essential aspect that you must think about wooden toys. You can share it with the people. You can share it with your siblings’ kids, and it keeps rolling. The legacy of the family shall build. The first fear that we have when we share the plastic toy is, it must not break. Well, we would certainly not share the plastic toys. Neither does it long last nor do we even have the thought of sharing.

7. Less Expensive Wooden Toys

This is one of the factors that you need to look out for. The plastic toys are toxic, dangerous and short living. At the same time, their price is also so high compared to the wooden counterpart. On the other hand, the wooden toys last long, it is durable and also safe to play with too. The price of the wooden toys is far less compared to the chemical compound mixed toys.

Moreover, the extra gadgets you would require to add to the plastic toys come with the cost. The replacement parts, the batteries do not come for free. Looking at all the ways, the wooden toys work out a lot cheaper than the plastic toys. The same concept can be applied to the toys that are made using fiber and wool. All the toys are costly except for the wooden toys these days. And considering the generations it can span, it is the cheapest way to entertain your kid to live happily.

8. Sensorial Touch

This is one of the features that you must bank on. Wooden toys have that tangible effect that no other toys can offer. The kids relate a particular object by feeling it with all the senses. They touch it with hands; they will feel in their cheeks; they may also bite it, also smell it. This connects the toy to your kid invariably than any of the toys in the market. This shall increase and improve the sensorial approach of the kid. Also, the nerves can efficiently respond to any of the reactions. Ideally, it makes them healthy as well. A plastic toy is never seen used that way. It is an entertainment gadget that shall lie in one corner while your kid is int the other. While there are many modern trends and looks getting incorporated into the wooden toys, it is the best buy for your kid.

9. Wooden Toys are less Distracting.

This is an excellent benefit when your kid uses a wooden toy. A plastic made toy shall come with features that shall have bright lights and loud sounds, and This shall not attract a kid after a while. As such, they get distracted by the brightness and noise but not the beauty. This momentary distraction shall again fade away to another feature. There is no appropriate brain activity happening here. At the same time, the wooden toys have their ways to inculcate the brain activity.

Moreover, they are distracting. On the other hand, wooden toys are not noisy, either. Your kid can use them for a very long time and play with that too.

10. Wooden Toys Reduces Anxiety Troubles

This is the last and the most practical benefit that you shall think about. Research has shown that plastic toys increase anxiety levels and create a disordered pattern in the kids. This may show up in their teens and later stage too. Wooden toys have never shown any of the troubles as such. If you are looking at an incredible well being of your kid, then make them play with the wooden toys.

Final Words

It is well understood that wooden toys are highly sustainable and also safe for the environment. More importantly, it can play a vital role in your kid’s growth and development. Also, they are not expensive too. When there are a million benefits available with a wooden toy, why go for an artificial one, also, the nature is very close to your kid and shall make them be happy and safe all the time. It is always good as a parent to evaluate the toys before buying one for your kid.

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